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CAIR falsely claims bias in dress code issue :Muslim walks off job in apt office where she lives and was hired over uniform rules

CAIR portrays job dispute as example of anti Muslim discrimination - libels rental company with bogus claims of bias
June 24, 2005



June 24, 2005

MIM:Danine Hammond smirks and CAIR's Ahmed Bedier scowls as she addresses a press conference accusing the owners of the apartment complex where Danine Hammond lives of bias. Hammond applied for a job in the apartment office and walked off on the first day after she was told wearing a headscarf is against company policy. It is inconceiveable that she did not know when she took the job that uniforms were required, as it was a friend of hers who worked there who urged her to apply!. The fact that Danine Hammond is a tenant at the complex proves that the company does not discriminate against Muslims as CAIR claims. On the contrary, not only was Hammond resident in the building,she was also hired for work when she applied in her headscarf. It is obvious that the company assumed that she as a tenant knew that uniforms were required ans it was they who must have been 'shocked' when she refused to comply with their rules against head coverings. In essence, CAIR has turned a workplace dress code case into another issue of Islam vs America. The reality is that the case is about company rules and dress codes and has nothing to do with religion, since anyone who would have turned up in a headcovering of any sort on their first day of work would have been asked to remove their headgear or leave .

She is now shaking down the apartment company for wages for not working and claiming damages as well. CAIR and the Saudis are funding the lawsuit in order to intimidate companies to allow any and all Islamic practices in the workplaces no matter how excessive and disruptive to business, such as breaks for praying 5 times a day and ritual washing in company bathrooms before praying which takes 15 minutes each time!

It is an obscene travesty that CAIR and their partners the ACLU are the first to claim that Muslims are being unfairly targetted while they hold press conferences about instances of alleged bias which damage a company's business and accuse them of racism and discrimination .Note that the company has issued no response (it was reported that the managers are away on business) and CAIR has continued to use the media to malign and smear the company's reputation and stealing revenue by putting off customers by the negative publicity. Miami Trust Management should realise they are the victims of a shakedown an file a countersuit against Hammond and CAIR for libel and malicious mischief by making unsubstantiated claims against their business, and using Saudi funding from terrorist entities to finance their activities.

Behind her is Ahmed Bedier spokesman for CAIR. Bedier is the CAIR front man for discrimination lawsuits .

Her words come straight out of the CAIR playbook which always include the word "shock" and the mention that the "no one ever called her". This "no one ever called" is a routine ploy used by CAIR to imply that the person who tells a Muslim certain practices are against company policy" is obligated to explain the simple fact that the company has a uniform which does not include headcoverings for anyone anywhere. In other words "What part of we don't allow head coverings and have dress guidelines for our employees don't you understand".

My reaction at that time and still continues to be shock," said Hammond, 27, who is now self-employed as a clothing designer. "It's so unfair that such things can happen in this day and age."

When she refused to remove her head scarf and asked Sierra to check with a supervisor about accommodating her religious customs, Sierra told Hammond to go home, according to the lawsuit.

"I was in shock," Hammond said. "I went home bawling my eyes out." No one ever called her, the suit said.,0,6015525.story

"...I'm kind of nervous and shaking. It's not just because of the cameras. It has totally affected me, and it's hurt me so much. It's just hard. It's really hard to go out in public without trying to coordinate myself to fit other people's standards," Hammond said..."

MIM: Nudists must feel the same way about "having to coordinate themselves with other peoples standards" when they have to wear clothes outside. Life is so hard when one is a Muslim in America . One shocking atrocity after the other according to CAIR .If CAIR is so concerned about how hard it is for Danine Hammond to go out in public in the US let it would be cheaper then a lawsuit to buy her airline ticket to an an Islamic country where she would not have to try to 'coordinate herself to other people's standards' since she would be killed if she went outside without a headscarf .

MIM:If anyone had any doubt that that the latest CAIR shakedown in Orlando was scripted and is being stage managed by CAIR the photo above speaks for itself. Hammond was urged to apply for the job by a women who worked at there. In addition she herself lived in the complex and was certainly aware that the company had a uniform policy and that she would be expected to follow the rules as an employee. She knew that if she showing foir work in a hijab was contrary to company dress guidelines and pretends she is shocked and is told it is against the rules to wear headcovering.

The company should be suing her for breach of contract, since when she agreed to take the job she knew that the requirements involved wearing a company uniform.

Danine's claims that she left the job "in shock" and "bawling her eyes out"is straight out of the CAIR press conference script which she used when she announced that she was suing the apartment company for religious discrimination. It should be noted that the apartments are on Goldenrod Road where the Islamic Society of Central Florida(one of the largest Islamic centers in the area) and the Muslim Academy of Central Florida ( the elementary school) are located.

It is obvious that having a Muslim office manager would mean that if any Muslims sent by CAIR went to apply for appartments at this location who were refused this would be duly reported to them by Hammond and result in further intimidation and lawsuits by CAIR.

The former principle of the MACF was Yasmin Qadri, who used to be the educational director of CAIR . There are also several Muslim business addresses and 'charities' which give their address as Goldenrod Road which is the same road as the mosque and school.The press conference which CAIR always hold in front of the targetted business for maximum intimidation effect, is a classic shakedown tactic intended to damage a company by tainting them as discriminatory and scaring off potential clients due to the controversy. The charges of bias are patently false and malicious since the press lawsuit against the appartment management was being filed by Hammond who not only lived in the complex but was hired after going to the interview in a hijab !

MIM: According to sources Danine Hammond applied for the job wearing a hijab. In light of the fact that she lived in the building and had gotten the job through someone in the office she had to have known that the company had a uniform policy when she took the job . Instead she feigns shock when she was told headcovering isn't permitted. A year after the fact she decides to try to essentially extort money from the company for not working and a CAIR/ Saudi financed and orchestrated lawsuit follows. The statement that she "was in shock" and "went home bawling" is as false as her claim of religous discrimination. No one was telling her she can't practice her religion, and this whole scam bears all the hallmarks of a CAIR 'sheikdown" designed to intimidate employers and Islamise the workplace.

A short review of Hammond's remarks to the press will show that the word shocked is repeatedly used as is the unbelievable claim that she is having severe emotional problems because she took a job which required a uniform and was told to go home when she refused to comply!

(It is also worth noting that the Florida Council of Human Relations which ruled that the case is one of discrimination works hand in glove with CAIR and the ACLU and counts radical Islamists as board members).


See :"CAIR Demands Muslim Women Be Allowed to wear Burqas at Hooters" below.,0,6015525.story

Muslim woman sues real-estate company, alleges discrimination

By Arin Gencer
Sentinel Staff Writer

June 23, 2005

An Orlando Muslim woman is suing a Florida real-estate company for religious discrimination after being told she could not wear a head scarf and long sleeves at work.

Danine Hammond, 27, said the office manager of Chapel Trace Apartments in east Orange County told her she couldn't wear her hijab, a head scarf donned by some Muslim women.

Hammond is suing the Miami-based Housing Trust Management Co., which owns the complex, under Florida's Civil Rights Act and requesting that the company compensate her for lost pay and benefits, punitive and compensatory damages, and legal fees, according to the lawsuit.

"I feel I have the right to work here in the U.S., and I shouldn't have to compromise my religion," Hammond said during a news conference Wednesday at the entrance to the complex, where she lives.

Employees at the complex would not comment. Representatives from the Housing Trust Management Group could not be reached.

The conflict began in April 2004, when Hammond reported for her first day of work as a leasing agent for Chapel Trace, near Goldenrod Road and Valencia College Lane.

"You cannot work here dressed like that," Hammond remembers office manager Olga Sierra telling her. Employees were required to wear a uniform -- a short-sleeved shirt and pants -- and could not wear head scarves, Hammond said she was told.

"She assumed that I would take it off," Hammond said. When she refused to remove her head scarf and asked Sierra to check with a supervisor about accommodating her religious customs, Sierra told Hammond to go home, according to the lawsuit.

"I was in shock," Hammond said. "I went home bawling my eyes out." No one ever called her, the suit said.

Hammond then turned to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil-liberties group. The organization tried contacting the company for months without getting a response, said Ahmed Bedier, director of the organization's Central Florida office.

On Aug. 23, 2004, Hammond filed a discrimination complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Relations. In February, the commission found there were grounds for the complaint, allowing her to pursue further action.

Hammond's is among other recent allegations of workplace discrimination against Muslims:

  • A former Walt Disney World employee sued the theme park in May 2004 for not allowing her to wear a hijab when she worked as a bellhop and salesclerk at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort.

  • In 2003, a Tampa woman filed Equal Employment Opportunity complaints against the state Department of Health, claiming her supervisor treated her differently after she converted to Islam and wore a head scarf.

    Most cases the American-Islamic council deals with rarely reach the lawsuit level, Bedier said.

    Arin Gencer can be reached at 407-420-5471

    or [email protected].

  • Cartoon by Sandy Huffaker

    U.S. News Ire To: State Desk Contact Omar Am Mad, Nihil A.Wad , Ibrahim Pooper, all of the Council of Anti American Islamist Radicals.

    Aktion Alert # 1924

    CAIR demands that Muslim hostesses be allowed to wear burqas at Hooters

    Washington D.C. 5/7/05 The Council of Anti American Islamist Radicals accused Hooters of discrimination for firing a long time Hooters hostess after she converted to Islam and returned to work in a burqa.

    CAIR national director Ibrahim Pooper stated that, "The Muslim convert was threatened with loss of her job unless she removed her burqa and put on a tank top with the Hooters company logo".

    Pooper further stated that "Demanding that the woman chose between Hooters and her burqa is a clear case of anti Muslim bias"."The chaste Muslimah fled Hooters in tears and immediately called CAIR".

    He said that CAIR had demanded that Hooters allow the Muslimah to return to work as a hostess, be given overtime salary,and 3 weeks paid leave for the Haj and Ramadan.

    The extreme urgency of the situation at Hooters prompted CAIR executive director Nihil A. Wad to personally intervene and call a press conference at the scene.

    A.Wad declared that "I was doubly shocked when I saw that the H in the Hooters tank top logo resembled the name of Allah!".

    He then demanded that "all Hooters employees remove their tank tops immediately".

    Ibrahim Pooper called upon Muslims to "stand up firmly against Hooters to defend Islam".

    "Hooters must apologise to Muslims for defaming the name of Allah with their tank tops".

    CAIR president Omar Am Mad demanded that "Hooters stop serving alchohol ,which violates Muslims civil rights by preventing them from using the airline or entering the premises".

    He also insisted that Hooters hostesses undergo sensitivity training provided by CAIR in order to learn how best to serve the needs of Muslims.

    CAIR called for Hooters Air to be banned from flying over Mecca.

    AKTION REQUESTED: Call ,fax, and email BOEING to demand that they cease selling planes to Hooters Air unless they stop arousing Muslims worldwide.

    Remind company executives that Boeing does, or hopes to do, billions of dollars worth of business with the Muslim world.

    As always, be POLITE. (Hostile comments can and will be used to further defame Muslims and Islam.)

    CAIR -The Council of Anti American Islamic Radicals is America's largest Muslim uncivil libertines group. Its mission is to empower American Muslims, encourage dhimmitude, and build coalitions that promote shari'a and infidels understanding of Islam.

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