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Islamist Hate Clerics And Suicide Bombers From Holland

June 8, 2015


On June 4, 2015, Jason Walters wrote on Facebook: "I just got word that my brother Jermaine had died in a bombardment." Jermaine Walters is the brother of convicted Hofstadgroup member Jason Walters. (American father, Dutch mother.) The Hofstadgroup was a terrorist organization in the Netherlands. It was in prison that Jason gradually began to distance himself from the group. Jermaine himself was never sentenced to jail. Defense lawyers argued that he was a moderate Muslim. I never believed this. In September 2005 he said he would not be against blowing up the Dutch parliament with a bomb.

At the end of August 2014, Jermaine, his wife Meryam and their three young children left the city of Amersfoort and traveled to Raqqa, the so-called capital of Syria's most dangerous terror group ISIS. There, he was known as Abu Luqman Al-Muhajir. He repeatedly issued threats against his brother Jason because the latter broke completely with his former Hofstadgroup friends.

Before he joined ISIS in Syria, Jermaine Walters was the chairman of a foundation for the promotion of Arab language and culture in Huizen, a former Christian fishing village not very far from Amersfoort. The founder of this foundation was Abu Hafs, an antisemitic hate cleric from the media city of Hilversum. Glorifying jihadists who die as martyrs, Abu Hafs said: "We love death, and they love life." Those who love life are the non-Muslims, the atheists, the Christians and the Jews. He also justifies "sex slavery."

The glorification of death is typical of radical Muslims, hate clerics and suicide bombers. It does not make any difference whether they belong to Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra or ISIS. And this diabolical death cult is not something new. In his study The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness social psychologist Erich Fromm wrote back in 1973: "They want to destroy everything and everybody, often even themselves; their enemy is life itself."

There are several so-called "jihad cities" in the Netherlands and Belgium. Cities from where a relatively high number of jihadists left for Syria or Iraq. One of those jihad cities in Holland is Zoetermeer, once a nice agricultural village surrounded by green meadows. But things changed when radical Muslims began to manifest themselves. The most notorious local hate cleric was a Dutch-Moroccan man named Mohamed Talbi (Abu Bashir). He recruited militant Muslims in the local Al-Qibla mosque. By April 2013, at least four radical Muslims from his mosque had joined the jihadists in Syria. One of them was 20-year-old Dutch-Moroccan Mourad M. from the nearby city of Delft. He died in Syria in March 2013. His brother also joined the jihadists in Syria. Mohamed Talbi did not stay in Zoetermeer. He traveled to Syria in October 2013.

More and more mosques in the Netherlands invite antisemitic hate clerics. There are so many of them now that the Dutch Security Service is unable to monitor all these militants. Many hate clerics are from the Middle East, some are from neighboring Belgium or from England where the situation is even worse than in the Netherlands.

Tariq (Tarik) Chadlioui (Tariq ibn Ali), a Moroccan hate cleric from Belgium, was active in Sharia4Belgium. Many Sharia4Belgium followers joined ISIS or Al-Nusra in Syria. A Belgian court ruled in February 2015 that the outlawed Sharia4Belgium group was a dangerous terrorist organization. Sharia4Belgium's leader Fouad Belkacem was sentenced to 12 years in jail. Hate clerics in Belgium, Britain, Yemen and Lebanon recruited Sharia4Belgium members for the jihad.

Tariq (Tarik) Chadlioui frequently preaches in mosques in the Netherlands. He offered financial assistance when Muslims wanted to build a huge mosque in the Dutch city of Gouda. At the end of May 2015 Chadlioui was invited by the Omar ibn Al-Khattab mosque in Almere. Chadlaoui is believed to have ties to jihadists in Syria. Also invited to Almere was Saudi hate cleric Esam Alowed. He could not be stopped by the authorities because Germany had previously given him a Schengen Visa.

Another hate cleric is Hatham Al-Haddad. He is a British Islamist of Palestinian origin. He, too, visited the Netherlands a number of times. He believes that "the Jews are the enemies of Allah, they are descendants of apes and pigs."

Saudi hate cleric Aaidh ibn Abdullah Al-Qami, who is highly popular in his own country, was invited by a salafist organization in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. His Schengen Visa was cancelled just in time, so he could not travel to the Netherlands. This is how he wants to deal with Christians: "Throats must be slit and skulls must be shattered. This is the path to victory." There were also attempts by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a front organization of Hamas, to invite this hate cleric to the United States in December 2012, but U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials blocked him from entering the country, because he was on the United States no fly list.

Another notorious Saudi hate cleric, Saad Ateeq Al-Ateeq, was invited by a mosque in the southern Dutch city of Helmond in May 2015. In February 2015 he prayed: "Allah, destroy all the Jews and whoever made them Jews, and destroy the Christians and Alawites and the Shiites." After critical articles in the Dutch media the invitation was withdrawn.

Foreign jihadists and suicide bombers

Islamist hate clerics in Europe, the United States and Canada play an important role in recruiting young Muslims for the jihad. Last year, there was a 70 percent increase in the number of foreign jihadists fighting in the ranks of Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and Iraq. There are now over 25,000 jihadists from 67 countries. Spanish Security Minister Francisco Martínez Vázques recently warned "that many of those jihadists will return to their home countries with clear instructions to stage terror attacks."

There are now at least six Dutch jihadists who died as suicide bombers in Syria, Iraq and Somalia. One of them was 19-year-old Sultan Berzel, a Dutch-Turkish teenager from the southern city of Maastricht. He died in a suicide attack on a Baghdad police station on November 12, 2014. He was recruited by ISIS. Another Dutch suicide bomber was Lofti S., a Dutch-Moroccan ISIS follower from Amsterdam. He died in a suicide attack in Fallujah, Iraq, on February 4, 2015. Lofti S. also participated in an ISIS-demonstration in The Hague in July 2014 where demonstrators shouted slogans such as "kill the Jews."

Two Dutch-Somali terrorists committed suicide attacks on the Central Hotel in the Somali capital of Mogadishu on February 20, 2015. They were Ismael Musa Ahmed Guled, a man, and Lula Ahmed Dahir, a woman. Both were former Somali immigrants/asylum seekers in Holland who had Dutch passports. Lula Dashir had five children. Lula returned to Somalia early 2014. Both terrorists had been recruited by the Somali terror group Al-Shabab.

Another Dutch-Somali terrorist is Bashir Abu Muaadh (Taymulla Al-Somali). He joined ISIS in Syria and plays and important role as a jihad propagandist. In an ISIS video message he praised the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya in February 2015. He also calls on followers of Al-Shabab, a dangerous Somali terrorist organization, to join ISIS.

Between early January and the end of May 2015, some 90,000 asylum-seekers from the Muslim world and Africa crossed the Mediterrannean Sea. On the Greek island of Kos, not far away from Turkey, hundreds of Muslim asylum seekers arrive every day in small rubber boats. Millions of others are ready to pay criminal migrant traffickers to bring them to Europe, too. The real number of asylum seekers must be multiplied – because of the right to family reunification – and we are talking about large families here. Syrian refugees in Holland and Germany are already demanding that family members who are still in Italy or Turkey will also be allowed to travel to Holland or Germany with a view to being accepted a asylum seekers. "Holland and Germany are very nice countries," they say.

I agree with Dutch columnist Syb Wynia who in the leading Dutch business weekly Elsevier warns against the disruptive consequences of mass immigration – especially when the bulk of those immigrants are poorly educated and do not share our cultural values or speak our language. "Mass immigration, especially from poor and instable countries, means importing poverty and insecurity," Wynia writes.

The integration of other Muslim minorities, notably of Turks, Moroccans and Somalis, is still very problematic and too many of them are involved in crime or the jihad.

Many anti semites among the migrants from the Muslim world

It should further be pointed out that mass immigration from Africa and the islamic world inevitably leads to importing the conflicts and the hatred from the countries of origin. In his speech from the throne on September 16, 2014, Dutch King Willem Alexander referred to what was happening in Northern Iraq, Syria and Gaza, saying the situation over there leads to tensions, feelings of powerlessnes and insecurity in the Netherlands. "Hatred must not spill over into our streets," the king warned.

Many asylum seekers from the Middle East, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Africa, Mali, Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria are anti semites.

Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs lives in a multicultural neighborhood of Amersfoort, an old town in the center of the Netherlands. Back in 2010 a stone was thrown through his window. And three bricks were hurled through a window of his home in July 2014 – just one week after hostilities between Israel and Hamas had erupted once again in Gaza. The perpetrators have never been found, but a tall fence and security cameras now protect Rabbi Jacob's home.

"Twenty or forty years ago it never happened that people call me dirty Jew or something like that, but today it's normal, it happens frequently," the rabbi told me earlier this year. "It's not safe for me to go in a train anymore, in the evening at least."

And in France, Belgium, Germany, England and Scandinavia antisemitism is also on the rise. Most perpetrators of antisemitic attacks are Muslims. In an article on antisemitism in France, The Jerusalem Post writes: "For the past 14 years there has been only unilateral aggression with most violence coming from one distinct direction: Muslims."

In his book The Devil that Never Dies – The Rise and Threat of Global Antisemitism, Daniel Jonah Goldhagen issues the following warning: "The global and multiple flows of peoples have been accelerating, similar to the flows of money. The simple fact, not sufficiently paid attention to, is that an immense reservoir of antisemites – among the peoples of Arab and Islamic countries, and now Arab and Islamic immigrants and their descendants living abroad – is itself streaming around the world to populate it with deeply devout anti semites. This does not mean that all Arabs or all Muslims, either living in the countries of their ancestry or now in non-predominantly Arabic or Islamic countries are antisemitic, but an enormous number of them are, and they are a substantial population on the move."

Very high birth rates, poverty and wars in Africa and the Muslim world exacerbate the problem.

International law

There are limits in international law to the obligations of a state to take in countless numbers of asylum seekers, when, for example, the security of state and society are being threatened by the criminal activity of migrant traffickers. In his study The Refugee in International Law, Guy S. Goodwin writes: "Nevertheless, it must be admitted that the prospect of a massive influx of refugees and asylum seekers exposes the limits of the State's obligation not to return or refuse admission to refugees."

There is also an increasing number of war criminals, former child soldiers, rapists of women and terrorists who are now applying for asylum in Europe. Their applications must be rejected in accordance with Article 1 of the 1951 Refugee Convention.

Article 3 of the UN Declaration on Territorial Asylum acknowledges the national security exception and authorizes further exeptions "in order to safeguard the population, as in the case of a mass influx of persons."

Emerson Vermaat, a law graduate from Leiden University, is a journalist and writer in the Netherlands. He is author of a Dutch study on ISIS: "De Haat Mag Niet Overslaan Naar Onze Straten – De Terreurdreiging door Islamitische Staat" (Soesterberg, the Netherlands: Aspekt Publishers, May 2015).


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