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Domestic ISIS Threat Worsens, Gang Warfare In Waco: Team Obama Moves To Castrate Police

May 19, 2015

May 19, 2015 San Francisco, CA With the domestic threat of violence posed by ISIS, outlaw biker gangs and a near war going on at America's southern border increasing exponentially, Team O is responding by attempting to castrate U.S. law enforcement.

As if multiple "investigations" against local police in Ferguson, Baltimore and a host of other American cities weren't enough [this includes the police forces in some large U.S. cities such as Oakland, CA which is already under federal receivership] to give LE second thoughts when it comes to maintaining public order in the face of ethnically charged race baited - civil disturbances weren't enough, there is more.

Today Barack Hussein Obama announced that his administration would, without any apparent statutory authority, terminate the transfer of military surplus vehicles and other hardware to police departments around the nation.

"President Obama has banned the sale of some kinds of military equipment to local law enforcement agencies, following widespread criticism of a paramilitary-like response to riots in a St. Louis suburb last August. In doing so, Obama put his stamp on the recommendations of a multi-agency federal working group that endorsed a ban on sales of some military equipment and providing more training, supervision and oversight of others." [source, Obama Bans Some Military Sales to Police , USA Today]

The irony of this move should be obvious to even the most casual observer, since it was DOJ enforced over-restraint by the Ferguson and Baltimore police departments which allowed the recent mass inner city violence within these localities.

Confronted by brick throwing mobs of looters and arsonists, cops were ordered to stand down and to remove the most basic protective riot gear thus reducing what are supposed to be the first line in maintaining public order to the status of vulnerable observers with targets painted on their backs.

This news source is way past trying to see such actions as simple unintended over reactions by the feds.

It's clear now that the Obama administration, primarily using the corrupt DOJ as its storm trooper enforcers, is moving to make it impossible to prevent further mass casualty violence that he as President of the United States and his Marxist allies, are actively stoking.

Taking the administration's aphorism of "never letting a good crisis go to waste," to its logical end, this president seems set on a pathway engineered to create the conditions under which martial law can be invoked.

The signs are unmistakable and planned "military exercises" such as the [illegal] upcoming "Jade Helm Spec-Ops Field Deployment" are entirely consistent with such a plan.

With people such as frequent guest at this WH - Al Sharpton having been elevated by Team O to the rank of "Instigator in Chief" he and his ilk are encouraged to travel the country stirring up racial hatred which could easily cause the type of scenario described above.

Having been trounced in the last election cycle, Obama is acting unilaterally to create the conditions which will allow the type of physical repression American citizens usually associate only with the type of totalitarian regimes which run most of the World's Third World shitholes.

Sorry folks, look around and see what is taking place while Congress stands by, apparently struck deaf, dumb and blind.

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