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Alarming New Study On European Islamic Jew Hatred

May 12, 2015

May 12, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – In a broad review of previously conducted surveys [hat tip to the Investigative Project on Terrorism for originally publishing this, please refer to Günther Jikeli, Antisemitic Attitudes among Muslims in Europe: A Survey Review , ISGAP Senior Research Fellow, Moses Mendelssohn Center for European-Jewish Studies, Potsdam University] the author draws the conclusion that anti-Semitism, and actions related to it are rapidly increasing in Europe and that Muslims figure disproportionately as perpetrators of anti-Jewish violence.

Dr. Jikeli correlates the incidence of this violent tendency within the European Muslim population as being linked to high degrees of "fundamentalism."

"Since the early twenty-first century, Muslims have emerged as a new group of antisemitic perpetrators in Western Europe. Perpetrators of the most extreme cases of violence against European Jews in recent years were Muslims, and they partly justified their actions by their interpretation of Islam."

The degree to which the Continent's Islamic demographic harbors anti-Jewish sentiments is several orders of magnitude greater than it is among non-Muslims.

"[this study]…showed that Muslims in France, Germany, and Spain were twice as likely as non-Muslims to harbor negative views of Jews. The factor was almost seven for Great Britain. The difference is even greater concerning "very unfavorable" views of Jews. In 2006, Muslims were three to ten times more likely to harbor "very unfavorable" views of Jews than did non-Muslims in France, Germany, and Great Britain."

Those who self-identify as being "practicing" Muslims are far more likely to harbor these sociopathic viewpoints, while those who are born into Muslim families but profess no particular religion are the least likely to harbor anti-Jewish sentiments.Though this linkage between high levels of Islamic religiosity and bigotry appears in all European countries which were studied, those within the culture but don't practice the faith are still far more likely to have negative feelings about Jews than do those in the general population.

"Muslims do not form a homogeneous category…Antisemitic attitudes are by far less widespread among interviewees of "Muslim origin" for all items than among both "believing Muslims" and "believing and practicing Muslims." However, they are still significantly higher than among the general population."

"The review of surveys…demonstrates that the level of antisemitic attitudes is significantly higher among Muslims than among non-Muslims… demographic and socio-economic variables - that is, educational level, age, gender, social disadvantage, discrimination, and legal restrictions of Islamic practice—cannot explain the differences between Muslims and non-Muslims. This refutes the widespread assumption that Muslim antisemitism is a reaction to discrimination or suppression."

What strikes us as significant about Jekili's comprehensive review is not that Jew hatred is rising – in general – in Europe or that this phenomenon is particularly strong among Islamic populations. It's that the standard leftist canard linking anti-Semitism [and all difficulties regarding this religious demographic] with social and/or economic "repression" is unsupported by all available data.

The conclusion being that the problem lies within the religion and the culture surrounding it.

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