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Jew Hatred On Display In France, PM Attacked Over Use Of "Islamo-Facist" In Characterizing Current Jihad Targeting Jews

February 17, 2015


February 16, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls has told the truth, the recent terror attacks throughout Europe are inextricably tied to Islam.

On Monday, Valls, "…slammed the attacks in Denmark by Islamist terrorist Omar Abdel Hamid Hussein on Saturday, in which two people were murdered, as being an act of "Islamo-fascism." [source, Ari Yeshar, French PM Slams 'Islamo-Fascism,' is 'Under Jewish Influence , Arutz Sheva]

Though many on the Continent are aware that the murderous terror attacks of the last month are traceable to Islamist ideology, few citizens, let alone government officials dare mention it in public. Linking jihadist Islam with Fascism is so out of the ordinary in Europe that Mr. Valls deserves special credit for stating his case in terminology which the left certainly understands.

Not only is factual discussion of the threat posed by normative Islam actively suppressed by progressive/Marxist, speaking "truth to Islam" is criminally punishable in all too many European countries.

It is Valls' statement of moral clarity, we assume, which is stoking the lefts outrage over the matter.

Unfortunately PM Valls' viewpoint is not widely shared. Case in point; former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas in attempting to refute Valls' depiction of a jihadist Islam raised the ugly specter of Jew-hatred by suggesting that Valls' thinking on the matter was influenced by his Jewish wife.

With this level of anti-Semitism common among the French ruling class, it's no wonder that Jews are fleeing the country for safer, more tolerant climes, such as Israel.

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