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Double Terror Attack In Copenhagen: Two Dead At Least Three Wounded In Related Incidents

February 16, 2015

February 15, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – The alleged suspect in yesterday's twin terror shootings, was killed this morning in Copenhagen by LE personnel

In the first attack, an Arabic looking man opened fire - with what is believed to be a machine gun - on a small group of free speech supporters who were meeting at a Copenhagen coffee shop to show solidarity with embattled cartoonist Lars Vilks. Vilks became notorious within jihadist circles after he published images caricaturing Mohammed.

At the time, the police described the perp as, "Male, 25-30 years old, around 185cm tall, athletic build with an Arabic appearance but with lighter skin than normal and with black, slick hair. He was wearing a black or dark blue ski coat with matching pants and presumably gloves. He had covered the bottom part of his face all the way up to the eyes with a guerrilla scarf in yellow/orange and red. He had a black machine gun/machine rifle. Witnesses described it as 90-100cm long, completely black and plastic-looking."

At 7:30 PM Danish time, PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt released the following comment, "Denmark was today hit by a cold-blooded act of terror. Everything points toward the shooting in Østerbro being a political assassination attempt and thus an act of terror." Police are out in full force across the country. We are using all of our resources. The authorities' first priority here and now is to catch the perpetrators. The shooting is an action that fills me with deep anger. We will do everything to find the guilty parties and bring them before a court. We have some tough days ahead of us in which our solidarity will be tested. But in Denmark, we will never yield to violence."

A few hours later, it's believed that the same gunman shot and killed a man who was standing guard at a bat mitzvah ceremony at a local synagogue.

As has come to be the expected the response to the Islamic jihad which is taking place across Europe, official and unofficial spokesmen are once again proving themselves to be delusional fools, uttering government approved talking points rather than connecting the shootings to their source, Muslims acting in a manner consistent with normative Islam.

These politicians and decision makers refuse, typically wringing their hands while spouting absurd platitudes in an effort to avoid drawing the obvious conclusion, that the quickly spiraling out-of-control global jihad is a mainstream movement, not the work of so called lone wolves.

As reported by VOA News, Danish Police Kill Suspected Gunman In Copenhagen Attacks, "…Anne Giudicelli, founder of Paris analysis group Terr(o)risc, said these measures only address part of the problem. ‘There is another answer to provide that is more political and cultural ... (whether) Islam (is) compatible with European democracy and so on…I feel that is not the right debate,' Giudicelli said. ‘The debate is: How we can produce such people who are our children? And how it comes that they want to kill people who are their own citizens?' she asked."

Actually the answer to Giudicelli's quandary is really quite simple; it's only Muslims who are doing the killing and they invariably sacralize their actions by citing Qur'anic scripture and/or the Hadiths.

If Europe ever decides to face the reality of the religious war in which they are involved, we might suggest as a starting point: the death penalty for terrorists, the end of "no go" zones, mass deportations of Muslim who refuse to assimilate, the bulldozing of problematic mosques/masjids/Islamic centers and massive 24 x7 surveillance of all of those which remain.

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