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Where Is The Nigerian Response? Chadian Forces Engage Boko Haram

January 31, 2015

January 31, 2015 - San Francisco, CA - On Thursday, elements of Chad's armed forces clashed with Boko Haram terrorists who had dug themselves into the village of Malumfatori, Nigeria.

Reports especially of a military nature - coming out of the country are always suspect, especially if the government is the source, but it seems clear that at least one Chadian jet fighter bombed hardened Boko Haram positions leaving numerous dead and wounded in its wake. There has been no indication that the town has been re-taken as we go to press.

Boko Haram [the name translates as "Western education is forbidden,"] has carried on a bloody and protracted war mainly in Northern Nigeria to forcibly convert or kill non-Muslims and/or Muslims which the group considers takfir. Abubakar Shekau, the group's fanatical leader has stated that his goal is no less than to create an African caliphate, modeled on that of ISIS which will [and is in some areas] operating under his brutal implementation of the Shari'a.

With almost zero resistance provided by the feckless government of Goodluck Jonathan Boko Haram has continually expanded both the territory in which it operates and the size and audacity of its attacks. The group's most recent raid decimated the town of Baga, killing approximately 2,000 in a process which essentially left the town as a heap of rubble.

Boko Haram if nothing else is ambitious in its relentless, atrocity laden war and so for the second time in a week it's attacked Maiduguri, a key city of 2 million. As has been the pattern, at the first sign of the terrorists the Nigerian "security forces" deserted their posts, many dropping the weapons they had and provided no resistance.

Despite Nigeria's tremendous oil wealth [which has been seriously impacted by the drop in the price of crude] it's clear that Jonathan is sending his men into battle often without sufficient weapons and ammunition. This has led to demonstrations by the soldiers' wives, understandably objecting to their men being sent into battle absent the necessary equipment.

Fortunately an ad-hoc civil defense militia made up of the citizens of Maiduguri, successfully repelled the assault using only improvised weapons and hunting rifles, thus proving that Boko isn't invincible and can be defeated, assuming there is the will.

As been the case world-wide, the Obama administration pretends that the Islamic terrorism which is taking place on a grand scale doesn't exist. How it explains the rapidly increasing civilian body count is unclear, perhaps a chain-reaction series of incidents involving "man made disasters" that has nothing it insists to do with Islamic ideology?

To its credit, the Jonathan government has been requesting assistance from the United States for years, but in the make-believe world in which Team O operates, the administration is claiming that it's reluctant to provide Nigeria with any material aid because of "concerns" that the government will indiscriminately turn it against the population.

Given the absence of historical evidence that might suggest such a possibility combined with Jonathan's refusal to fight under any circumstances, the claim is specious on its face. The administration has reportedly provided some technical assistance to a Chad based listening post. How that will negatively impact Boko Haram's jihad remains to be seen.

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