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Iran's Proxy Army Attacks Israel, Celebration In Beirut

January 30, 2015

January 28, 2015 - San Francisco, CA - – After the noon hour today, a Hezbollah unit rocketed an IDF military convoy, killing two and wounding 7.

"The IDF has confirmed that during today's attack, Hezbollah militants fired 5 anti-tank missiles at the patrolling force near Mt. Dov. One soldier and one officer were killed…Seven additional IDF soldiers were injured, two of them moderately. The injured soldiers were evacuated to a hospital." [source, Two Soldiers Killed In Hezbollah Attack, IDF Blog]

The Iranian backed army quickly claimed responsibility for the ambush which took place in Northern Israel's Golan Heights. In a second incident, the jihadists launched a mortar attack against Israeli military positions near Mt. Hermon. So far no casualties have been reported.

An IDF spokesman announced that in retaliation, Hezbollah strongholds in Lebanon were then hit in a combined operation featuring artillery, air strikes and ground forces. [see, Live Updates, Two Soldiers Killed In Hezbollah Attack, IDF Blog]

Hezbollah supporters in Beirut and other terrorist strongholds celebrated the carnage by passing out sweets and enjoying sumptuous meals, "People were celebrating with baklava and fireworks…" [source, Isabel Kershner and Anne Barnar, Hezbollah Attack Kills Israeli Soldiers Near Lebanon, Raising Fears of Escalation, New York Times]

"I am not at all afraid; Hezbollah's actions are blessed", a southern Lebanon resident stated. "Israel should suffer losses, just like we have". Other residents also supported Hezbollah's action, calling to keep revenging last week's airstrike in Syria, in which Hezbollah officials were killed…" [source, Yael Kline, Beirut Celebrates Deaths Of IDF Soldiers, Jerusalem Online]
Given Israel's measured response today it's unclear as we go to press whether the violence will escalate into more general warfare, but PM Netanyahu has warned the group to note what happened to HAMAS in Gaza after a long series of unprovoked rocket attacks by the group against civilian targets.

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