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Israeli Government Reverses Course - Returns Bodies Of Har Nof Murderers To Families Who Celebrated Their Atrocities

December 25, 2014

MIM: This reversal of the refusal to return the murderers bodies to their families for burial instead of wrapping them in pigskin will only encourage more violence by terrorists who want to be heralded as "martyrs". Those in the government and law enforcement behind this decision have blood on their hands. Israel Returns Bodies of Har Nof Murderers
Ghassan and Uday Abu al Jamal silently buried overnight in Jerusalem, reversing precedent-setting deterrent. Uzi Baruch and Tova Dvorin

Israel has silently returned the bodies of the terrorists responsible for the Har Nof massacre last month, Radio Israel reports Thursday morning.

Ghassan and Uday Abu al Jamal, who carried out the massacre on a synagogue during morning prayers, killing four rabbis and one Druze policemen, were silently buried overnight Wednesday/Thursday in an Arab neighborhood cemetery in Jerusalem.

Until now, the refusal to return the bodies had marked first time that the Israeli government had withheld bodies of the terrorists as a deterrent against future attacks. Terrorists normally are given funerals with their families in attendance, albeit usually with diminished fanfare and under tight security.

The two terrorists held Israeli residency and the privileges entailed by it, and reportedly one of them worked in a grocery store next to the synagogue they attacked.

The Abu Jamal family responded to the attack by celebrating and passing out candy, with a cousin of the terrorists saying "we responded with shouts of joy when we received the news about their deaths."

He called the attack "a normal thing that can be expected from every man who has courage and a feeling of belonging to his people and to Islam."

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This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at