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Massive Suicide Bombing In Tel Aviv Thwarted - Terrorist Was To Be Disquised As 'Pregnant Jewish Woman' Use 'Health Entry' Permit

December 15, 2014

MIM: "Better But Deader" the terrorists planned to exploit the compassion of Israelis and apply for a health permit to get treatment for the woman bomber wanabee in Israel in order to launch her deadly attack. Muslim terrorists have exploited the Red Crescent using ambulances to transport weapons and suicide bombers.

One appalling example of jihadis taking advantage of Jewish compassion is the case of a "Palestinian" woman who was being treated for burns in an Israeli hospital and was caught entering Israel strapped with bombs intending to blow up the doctors and nurses who had been treating her.

"...Wafa, 21, a resident of Jabaliya, aroused the suspicion of the soldiers at the crossing and during her security check, and when she realized they had discovered the explosive belt on her body, she attempted unsuccessfully to detonate it.

Wafa stated in her questioning that she had been dispatched as a suicide bomber by the Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade infrastructure based in the northern Gaza Strip. Wafa was to use her personal medical authorization documents, allowing her to cross through into Israel to receive medical treatment. Wafa stated that she had been directed to carry out the suicide attack in a crowded Israeli hospital.

Wafa had been admitted to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva between December 2004 and January 2005 for treatment of massive burns she received as a result of a gas-tank explosion.

Wafa was given permission to enter Israel Monday, June 20, for admission to the hospital for medical treatment. The terrorist infrastructure attempted to take advantage of her medical condition in order to carry out a major suicide bombing attack inside Israel.

There have been several attempts by terrorist organizations to dispatch terrorists to Israel from the Gaza Strip by exploiting those in need of medical treatment:

* Hamed A-Karim Hamed Abu Lihiya, born in 1981 and a resident of the Jabaliya refugee camp, was arrested on December 20, 2004 by security forces. He was suspected of operating as part of the Hamas terror organization and had been smuggled into Israel to carry out a suicide bombing attack. Abu Lihiya confessed in his questioning that he had been smuggled through the Erez security crossing into Israel as a "sleeper" agent of the Hamas terror organization four months before, in August 2004. Abu Lihiya was brought through the Erez crossing using forged documents claiming that he was a cancer patient in need of medical treatment from an Israeli hospital. Lihiya was to join an additional terrorist, after which the two would receive weaponry and carry out the attack with the help of terrorist aides inside of Israel..."


Massive Suicide Bombing in Tel Aviv Thwarted

"According to the Shin Bet investigation, Sha'aban was planning to get an entry permit to sovereign Israeli territory for medical reasons and use it to launch her attack on Israeli civilians."

Massive Suicide Bombing in Tel Aviv Thwarted
Shin Bet reveals Arab terror cell planned to disguise Arab woman as pregnant Jewish woman to set off a bomb in the heart of Tel Aviv. Ari Yashar

Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) revealed on Monday that during October and November security forces arrested several Arab terrorists who were planning a suicide bomb attack in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Those arrested include Yasmin Sha'aban, an Arab woman from Jenin in Samaria, along with four residents of Tulkarm area just over the 1949 Armistice line in Samaria to the east of Netanya.

The five were in touch with a terrorist operative from Gaza who gave them instructions on how to assemble explosives and carry out the attack.

"According to the plot that was hatched, Sha'aban was the designated suicide bomber. She was supposed to carry out the attack with an explosives belt hidden in her cloths while disguised as a pregnant Jewish woman," the Shin Bet said.

According to the Shin Bet investigation, Sha'aban was planning to get an entry permit to sovereign Israeli territory for medical reasons and use it to launch her attack on Israeli civilians.

After arresting the five, security forces seized an improvised M-16 semi-automatic rifle, a hunting rifle, ammunition and explosives. The five confessed to planning the suicide bombing as well as other attacks.

Further detailing the revealed attack plan, Shin Bet noted the terrorists intended to illegally live in an apartment in sovereign Israeli territory to plan the attack. When the attack was to launched, Sha'aban intended to dress up as a pregnant Jewish woman armed with a bomb belt under her clothes and head for Tel Aviv.

In addition to the suicide attack, the terrorists planned to plant a bomb on a bus carrying soldiers, and to kidnap an IDF soldier.

According to the investigation Hamas and Islamic Jihad planned to claim joint responsibility for the attack, indicating their involvement in the planning.

Sha'aban and another suspect have been charged with terrorism at the Samaria District Court.

Shin Bet noted that the arrests illustrate "the high motivation that exists among terror operatives to carry out attacks, with an emphasis on the period after Operation Pillar of Defense." Likewise, it gives further evidence at the active attempts by terrorist organizations in Gaza to expand their activities to Judea and Samaria.!

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