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Head of Islamic Jihad killed in Jenin -terrorist from Abbas's Fatah apprehended in raid

June 7, 2005 IDF Eliminates Head of Islamic Jihad in Jenin Tuesday, June 7, 2005 / 29 Iyar 5765

The head of the Islamic Jihad in Jenin, Marouh Kamil, who was involved in recruiting terrorists and planning attacks against Israeli targets, was killed early Tuesday by IDF troops.

An IDF soldier was lightly wounded in a gun battle that raged for a few hours early this morning opposite a building which served as the terrorists' hideout.

Acting on precise intelligence information, IDF troops attempted to apprehend the terrorists peacefully, but as they surrounded the building, the terrorists opened fire.

When the gunfire subsided, three terrorists exited the structure with their hands up. After questioning the captive terrorists, it became apparent to the IDF that Kamil was holding out inside. The army decided to blow up the building when Kamil refused to surrender to IDF troops.

Soldiers found Kamil's body, along with an M-16 rifle and a hand grenade in the debris. The body was handed over to local residents in the PA administered town of Kabatiya, who shouted calls for revenge. Another wounded terrorist was taken by Red Crescent ambulance to a PA hospital where he died of his wounds.

Security sources say that Kamil, 28, had been planning terror attacks against Israel for the past two years. Kamil recruited terrorists in the Jenin area, organized them into units, and trained them to carry out attacks. One of his planned attacks was successfully thwarted by Israeli security forces in 2003.

One of the apprehended terrorists was active in Fatah, the dominant party in the PLO and the one that currently controls the Palestinian Authority. PA chief Mahmoud Abbas, one of the founders of Fatah along with Yassir Arafat, heads the PA on behalf of the Fatah party.

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