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Hamas And ISIS - Squeaky Wheels

October 30, 2014

By Dr. David Lazerson

Maybe the rest of the world is finally waking up. The bigger maybe is that perhaps it's not too late after all. I'm talking about the rise of Islamic extremism and the violence and terror that accompanies its expression. It matters little whether the group in question is Hamas, or Islamic Jihad, or AlQaeda, or Wahhabi, or Salafi, or ISIS… well you get the picture. There areprobably hundreds of these types of groups, each one competing for the most barbaric and sensationalized behaviors. Shootings and stabbings became boring and so they've opted for public stonings, public crucifixions, and one of their new outrageous favorites – the YouTube publicized beheadings. It's particularly gruesome when the victims are women and children, but these groups seem to thrive on all the attention. For them it's become the famous PR slogan: there's no such thing as bad publicity.

And so they rant and rave and complain about all sorts of things, mainly on how they've been so misunderstood and how all societies, except their own, are evil and need to be destroyed. They've become experts at complaining, demanding, and taking. Witness the billions that have poured into Gaza, all with the hopes that it would be used to build a better place for the Muslims and Arabs living there. Here's another maybe that we know all too well how it went down. Maybe it was going to be used for stuff like housing, road improvement, shopping centers, commerce development, exports, agriculture, health care - all the "little" things that help build and improve a society. But alas, all of these doozies require the one thing that Hamas wasn't all that interested in: work! To build a truly positive and growing society means that someone has to actually put in some elbow grease to make these necessary tasks come to fruition. Well, Hamas took over Gaza, elected by the so-called Palestinians there, and most of the world-wide aid went to purchasing missiles by the thousands, advanced weaponry, and thatwonderful engineering marvel: tunnel building! Tunnels built with the help of bleeding hearts overseas. Tunnels that were designed for massive civilian abductions, kidnappings, poison gas transport and usage, and other lovely forms of terrorism.

Now, after provoking and starting the recent war in Gaza, Hamas now has the nerve to demand world funds for rebuilding. The first question we should all be asking is who are they to make demands? They started the war, they lost big time, and now they have the audacity to call the shots. Time to give them the deaf ear. We don't have to buy into their usual whining game of lies.

The second issue is what exactly does Hamas want to rebuild? The homes of terrorists? Their infamous tunnels? Their hundreds of launch sites all located in civilian areas? Maybe they want more UN structures so they can hide even more weapons. I think the matter is quite simple. Enough free handouts for Hamas. With all the nonsense of what many are calling the "silent intifada," what's very clear is that the Palestinians have way too much free time on their hands. Day after day hundreds of mobs are formed, mostly made up of Palestinian youth. Why aren't they in school? Why aren't they working? Why aren't they doing something constructive with their time and their lives?

Oh, I forgot, the world doesn't expect them to have to earn their daily bread.In a rather subtle form of racism, the world mentality is one that holds Palestinians and Hamas to very low expectations. It's been free handout after handout, including in fact, the very land area of the Gaza strip. Just a few years back Israel gave away this land to the Palestinians. It was one of those land-for-peace ideas that soured mighty quickly. All the Palestinians did was use it for a much closer missile launch site to Israel's mainland. And elect a Hamas government, which still calls for Israel's destruction. Like my grandma used to say, with neighbors like these who needs enemies?

But the point here is that the world keeps feeling this sense of crocodile tears for the Palestinians and makes no impositions on them whatsoever. They keep empowering the class-yard bully. And so the Palestinians do nothing to improve their own lives as the donations pour in. The EU and a host of other supposedly well-meaning countries have created in effect, an entire society kept afloat by welfare. Nobody in Gaza has to do a blithering thing except keep on complaining how they're misunderstood.

The result of all this free ride stuff is that we're treated to daily harassment of Israelis by the so-called Palestinians, who seem to have nothing better to do with their lives than gather all day long to throw stones at passing Israeli vehicles. Some felt there was much more honor in driving a car into a crowd of people and murdering a 3 month old baby. Hamas promptly called the Palestinian driver a "hero."

Stones cause more than property damage. Once air-born with some force, they maim and kill. Israeli soldiers need to be given the green light to shoot on the spot anyone engaging in these violent acts of terror. It matters little whether they're chucking fireworks, Molotov cocktails, or stones. It's all done with the intention to cause harm. The Israeli government's current practice is one of tying the police and army's hands. We've all see the images on the Internet of Israeli soldiers running for their lives away from these punk mobs. This policy is much worse than simply wimping out orwishing the problem away. It gives into the terrorists and thus only encourages more violence and brazenness on their part. If there's one lesson that we've learned in recent years from the various terrorist groups, it's that there's no giving into intimidation with them. Give them a foot and they'll take a mile. Or, to be more to the point, give them a foot and they'll take the head. They see our desire for talks and peace and deals as a sign of weakness. And they make even more absurd demands. Hamas has stated that unless the money starts pouring in, to the tune of well over a billion dollars, they will be "forced" to start a new Gaza war with Israel. The neighborhood bully is also a spoiled brat. Unfortunately, the only language terrorists respect and understand is force. Like Nazism just a few generations ago, the racist and hate-filled philosophy of militant Islam can and must be defeated with resolute commitment and military force.

Make no mistake about this one. Israel is a main target for Islamic terrorists only because it's on the front lines. Israel is a very small country – about the size of NJ, surrounded by a lot of much bigger Muslim and Arabic nations. But if Israel is the "little Satan," then the USA is the ‘big Satan," and all the other non-Islamic countries, including the EU, are "middle size Satans." They're all fair game under the ISIS/Hamas agenda, which strives for Sharia law over the entire planet.

It's high time the world woke up and stopped being a codependent partner to Hamas, and other terrorist groups. It's time to stop giving the loud squeaky wheel the grease. This is one wheel that needs to be taken out of commission.

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