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Breitbart Leaked FBI Report Warning Of ISIS Targetting Law Enforcement Hours Before Hachet Attack By Muslim On NYPD Officers

October 26, 2014

HOUSTON, Texas Zale Thompson, 32, attacked four New York City police officers with an 18.5 inch hatchet on Thursday. Many are speculating whether Thompson has ties to radicalized Muslim groups, as his Facebook page features an image of Islamic prayers behind a heavily-armed Muslim warrior. The attack came mere hours after Breitbart Texas leaked a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report warning of homegrown ISIS attacks against law enforcement.

The New York City hatchet attack left one police officer in critical condition, and another in stable condition. During the attack, officers opened fire on Thompson, killing him.

At this time, authorities do not know what prompted the attack it appeared to be unprovoked.

While authorities have not yet confirmed links between Thomspon and extremist jihadi groups at this time, his Facebook page will likely question what role his Muslim beliefs may have played in the attack.

The event comes on the heel's of Breitbart Texas' release of the leaked FBI document titled, "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and Its Supporters Encouraging Attacks Against Law Enforcement and Government Personnel."

The document claims that its purpose is to "provide information on the potential for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) U.S.-based sympathizers to carry out attacks on law enforcement and government personnel." It further states that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security "would like to ensure law enforcement and government personnel are aware that ISIL and its supporters continue to issue threats online."

This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at