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All Suicide Bombers Go Straight To Hell

October 6, 2014


"A powerful explosion ripped through the U.S. Embassy compound in Beirut Monday, setting off a fire and causing an undetermined number of casualties," Lebanese police were quoted as saying by Associated Press on April 18, 1983. A car bomb had exploded and apart from the suicide driver 63 people had been killed. It was a Hezbollah operation. On October 23, 1983, another car bomb exploded at the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut. The death toll of this suicide attack was 241 U.S. troops. This, too, was a Hezbollah operation. Hezbollah was, and still is, Iran's proxy in Lebanon.

These were first the major suicide bombing operations organized by Hezbollah and Iran. After 1983 suicide bombing attacks would proliferate, especially among militant Muslims. Palestinian Islamic Jihad or PIJ was founded in 1981, Hamas six years later, in 1987. Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood. Its aim is to kill all the Jews in Israel and to establish a "caliphate" on "liberated" territory. Hamas and Islamic Jihad were responsible for an increasing number of suicide attacks since October 1994. Between October 2000 and October 2003 there were even one or two Hamas/PIJ suicide bombings every month. This is why Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon decided to build a wall to protect Israeli citizens from further attacks. After the wall had been finished, suicide bombings in Israel decreased rapidly.

Al-Qaeda was founded by Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in the late 1980s. Bin Laden's chief mentor was a Palestinian radical named Abdullah Azzam. Bin Laden favored suicide attacks against American targets. He wanted to internationalize his "holy war" or jihad. The first Al-Qaeda suicide bombing occurred in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in November 1995 where the U.S. military base was targeted. In August 1998 truck bombs exploded at the U.S. Embassies in Kenia and Tanzania. On September 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda operatives hijacked planes which were then deliberately crashed into New York's WTC towers and the Pentagon in Washington. Nearly 3000 people died. The 9/11 operation was led by Mohammed Atta, an Egyptian who had studied architecture in Hamburg, Germany. Atta and his fellow hijackers believed that they would die as "martyrs" for a holy cause and that, consequently, they would go straight to paradise. An initial plan to attack a nuclear reactor had been abandoned.

After June 2000 suicide attacks proliferated. They were carried out in the United States, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Kashmir, China, Somalia, Kenia, Tunesia, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Britain, France, Italy, Sweden and many other countries.

By September 2014 about 800 citizens from Russia had joined the jihadists in Syria. Russia is an important target for Muslim terrorists. In July 2010 a terrorist cell was broken up that was preparing female suicide bombers for attacks on major Russian cities, the "International Herald Tribune" reported. "Officials said the six women who had been arrested had already written ‘farewell letters' as they were being prepared for deployment. Two men were also arrested, including one said to have played a role in the attacks by two female suicide bombers on subway stations in Moscow in March, which killed 40 people."

In her excellent book "The Path to Paradise" Anat Berko quotes the mother of a Palestinian suicide bomber, a so-called "shaheed," who says: "Everything is allowed in paradise. Everything that is forbidden in this world is allowed in paradise." She was not the only one to say so.

I still remember my visit to the West Bank and Gaza back in 1996. As a TV reporter I had to make a newsreport on "The Making of a Suicide Bomber." I saw photos of Palestinian suicide bombers who had killed Israeli citizens and who were glorified as "martyrs" by their family members. People told me that these martyrs would be well rewarded in paradise: 72 virgins would welcome each martyr. This is an outright lie, of course.

Suicide bombings are called "martyrdom operations." "A martydom operation is a one way ticket to paradise," says Anjem Choudary, a notorious British militant Muslim who recruited many Muslims for the jihad.

Suicide bombers do not go to their imagined "paradise", but straight to hell instead. They are psychopathic and fanatical little Hitlers bent on death and destruction, despicable worshippers of evil inspired by a satanic ideology.

The "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria" (ISIS/ISIL) or "Islamic State "(IS) lured more than 3000 young militant Muslims from Europe by promising heavenly rewards should they die as martyrs. After the United States, France, Belgium, Holland and Britain decided to bomb IS targets, even more silly Muslim youngsters from Europe travel to Syria. Turkey does not stop them. Two to three French Muslims are leaving France every day to join the ranks of IS. Among them are also French converts to Islam. These fanatics do not hesitate to commit very serious war crimes.

"The vast majority of jihadists who travel to Syria expect to die there, they long in fact for martyrdom," says Montassar Al De'emeh, who was born in Jordan to Palestinian parents and is doing reseach for two Belgian universities. So far, this pro-Palestinian academic has shown remakable understanding for the jihadists. A major trial against Belgian jihadists started in Antwerp at the end of September 2014.

Muslim clerics fail to criticize the despicable cult of suicide bombing

The war crimes committed by IS were critized in a recent "Open Letter to Al-Baghdadi," the IS-leader and self-proclained "caliph." This letter was signed by 120 prominent Muslim clerics. However, the letter fails to criticize the despicable cult of suicide bombing and the stupid promises that suicide bombers will go to paradise. Some of the prominent Muslim clerics who signed this letter are not at all opposed to suicide bombings.

The Muslim clerics do warn against "oversimplifying Sharia matters" and "the killing of innocents." Here the letter should have added: "Suicide bombings are forbidden in Islam, so are misleading promises that suicide bombers will go to paradise."

The letter continues: "It is forbidden to kill journalists and aid workers." "It is forbidden in Islam to harm or mistreat Christians or any People from the Scripture." (Yazidis, for example). "It is forbidden in Islam to declare a caliphate without a consensus from all Muslims." "It is forbidden in Islam to disfigure the dead." "Not only have you (i.e. Al-Baghdadi and his ilk) mutilated corpses, you have stuck the decapitated heads of your victims on spikes and rods and kicked their severed heads around like balls and broadcast it to the world during the World Cup." "You jeered at corpses and severed heads and broadcast these acts from the military bases you over ran in Syria. You have provided ample ammunition for all those who want to call Islam barbaric with your broadcasting of barbaric acts which you pretend are for the sake of Islam." "You have made children engage in war and killing. Some are taking up arms and others are playing with the severed heads of your victims."

"Malignant aggression, necrophilia and the passion to destroy"

Suicide bombers also mutilate human bodies – their own body as well as the bodies of other victims. ISIL/IS is responsible for a lot of suicide attacks. Suicide bombs became part of their military tactic. This is precisely what social psychologist Erich Fromm describes in his brilliant book "The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness." He is writing about "malignant aggression: necrophilia" and "the passion to destroy." "In Hitler and thousands of members of the Nazi and Stalinist secret police, guards in concentration camps, members of the execution commandos the passion to destroy is the dominant motivation." "Von Henting writes very sensitively that the aim of necrophilous destructiveness is the passion ‘to tear apart living structures' (lebendige Zusammenhänge). This desire to tear apart what is alive finds its clearest expression in a craving to dismember bodies."

In another book, "Escape from Freedom," Fromm describes how people can be attracted "to what is harmful in life." This was the case with the Nazis and the Fascists, for example. "A Fascist is driven by the desire to subordinate himself to a higher power and at the same time to overpower other people…" The ideals of the Fascists "are definitely directed against life." (Fromm wrote his still topical book in 1941.)

Carl Gustav Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, made a highly interesting observation in 1945 when he wrote: "The sight of evil kindles evil in the soul." Jung was referring to the evil done by Hitler, Himmler, the Gestapo (Nazi secret police) and the SS. The favorite color of Himmler's SS or "Schutzstaffeln" was black, their diabolical symbol was the death's head; the SS also ran death camps such as Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Today's Muslim terrorists are copycatting Nazi atrocities. The murderous "Einsatzgruppen" (mobile killing units) of the SS carried out mass executions in the occupied parts of the Soviet Union, the victims often had to dig their own graves and were then killed with a shot in the neck or with machine guns . ISIS/IS, too, carried and still carries out similar mass executions. Their favorate color is also black. The more mass murders ISIS commits, the more silly admirers want to join their ranks. These ruthless killings are filmed and then distributed on the web, and lots of people, also in America, Europe and Australia, seem to enjoy what Jung called "the sight of evil."

Iran and Turkey cannot be trusted

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently referred to militant Islam as a "malignancy that is growing between East and West." This is a correct observation from a man who knows the Middle East quite well. Netanyahu also pointed out that Iran cannot be trusted. "Why (do they want to) have centrifuges?" Netanyahu asks. If you want to build a nuclear bomb you need centrifuges to enrich uranium. This is how the Pakistanis and the North Koreans got their nuclear bombs.

Matthew Kroenig, an expert on international affairs from Georgetown University and a Special Advisor in the Office of the Secretary of Defense from 2010-2011, just published an alarming book on Iran's nuclear intentions. The West should not make "a deal with the devil," he warns. "We (the United States) are the only country capable of stopping Iran from building nuclear weapons." "If we do not take care of this problem, no one else will." He believes it is still possible to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities. If America waits too long, the Iranians will cheat the rest of the world. They have done so before.

"The spread of nuclear weapons poses a grave threat to international peace and security," Kroenig writes. "If the United States believes that it is imperative to prevent nuclear war and stop additional countries from acquiring the world's deadliest weapons, then it must be willing in principle, to use force to achieve that objective." "We and our allies should also be prepared with missile defenses to counter Iran's missile salvos."

Turkey must never be allowed to become a member of the European Union. The current Islamist Turkish government is siding with the anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood. Moreover, Turkey's borders with Iran, Iraq and Syria are very porous indeed. Turkey is a real paradise for migrant traffickers, drug smugglers, pimps (serial woman beater Saban Baran, for example) and terrorists. The police are too corrupt to really cope with these huge problems. There is a vast ISIS-network in Turkey and about 1000 Turkish jihadists are now fighting in the ranks of ISIS in Syria. Their number is rapidly growing. The Turks did not prevent thousands of European jihadists from entering Syria via Turkey and they still do not stop them. Should Turkey intervene militarily in Syria, ISIS will retaliate by carrying out suicide bomb attacks in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Alanya.

Do-gooders and naive multicultural idealists

Migrant trafficking and mass immigation from Africa and the Muslim world pose a very serious threat to Westen security. With the help of well-paid criminal migrant traffickers about 100,000 migrants entered Italy in the first nine months of 2014. Millions of others are waiting in North Africa, Egypt and Turkey. Intelligence and security services from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Britain are warning that many terrorists are also abusing the asylum channel. In Spain, for example, several dangerous ISIS networks have been dismantled by Spanish counter-terrorism units in the enclave of Melilla, a migrant trafficking hotbed. (I know the names of those who have been arrested.)

Migrant traffickers in Africa, Turkey, the Middle East and Asia know quite well that it is virtually impossible to deport illegal non-Western immigrants to their home countries. There are endless and very costly legal proceedings and liberal politicians, so-called "evangelicals" (Joel Voordewind in Holland, for example) and clergymen, prefer to break the law, when an asylum seeker's legal options have been exhausted. Fred Teeven, the Dutch Deputy Minister of Justice, recently pointed out that asylum seekers whose legal options have been exhausted are no longer entitled to state-sponsored accomodation, they must return to their home countries. Teeven even had to overrule the mayor of the city of Utrecht who continued to provide accomodation to a Somali asylum seeker who was no longer legally entitled to it. The mayor of Amsterdam is also violating the law as he continues to provide accomodation to illegal immigrants. In doing so these mayors encourage additional illegal immigrants to come to Holland. They are sending a loud and clear message to the powerful migrant trafficking mafias that mayors in Holland are willing to violate domestic laws aimed at restricting mass immigration.

What these do-gooders and naive multicultural idealists, who think that they are helping society and "the oppressed," do not realize is that mass immigration from non-Western countries results in importing anti-semitism as well as the culture of violence and crime and the conflicts from the home countries. It also results in the gradual but undeniable "islamization" of ever more European cities. Anti-Semitic attacks on Jews are more frequent than ever – all over multicultural Europe, that is. Most of the perpetrators happen to be Muslim immigrants.

Emerson Vermaat is an investigative reporter in the Netherlands. He just published a new and well documented Dutch study on the Nazi "Einsatzgruppen," "Moordenaars achter het Front: De Einsatzgruppen van de SS" (Soesterberg, Netherlands: Aspekt Publishers, September 2014). Website:


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