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HAMAS - Methods, Tactics And Strategy Of A Terror Campaign

July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – – Hamas is one of the Western legacy media's favored children and the degree to which it pimps for the group is really pretty remarkable.

There's very little outright criticism of HAMAS by the press and what does exist is winnowed through a weird sieve in which conflation rules. There is little the group can do where some enterprising and creative journo can't gin-up some kind of equivalency or "contextualize" the matter with reference to a similar "atrocity" committed by the Israelis.

Some headlines, culled at random:

UN "News" Center – "As civilian casualties rise in Gaza, UN Rights Council agrees probe into alleged ‘war crimes'"

WashPost – "When Israel raised the heat on Gaza before, civilian casualties soared"

ABC News – "Casualty Numbers Raise Questions About Gaza War"

CNN – "Is Hamas using human shields in Gaza? The answer is complicated."

WashPost Blog – "The lopsided death tolls in Israel-Palestinian conflicts"

What's really happening on the ground:

1. IDF destroys HAMAS tunnel:

2. IDF reroutes missile to save potential civilian casualties:

3. HAMAS firing missile at Israeli civilians from Muslim cemetery:

Click on link for videos:

These videos demonstrate what "fighting in the name of Allah" actually entails, the use of women and children as human shield and when the inevitable collateral damage occurs, using them as props around which the latest anti-Israel screed is woven.

The media coverage of this war has been, as we have seen in all past conflicts involving the Jewish state, a calculated effort to whitewash HAMAS while charging that it's a "war crime" for Israel to defend itself - a clear tilt in favor of the jihadists.

Why does this unfair coverage always happen?

The truth in this case serves as an indictment of the American and European press which is at the center of an agit-prop campaign on behalf of one of the most bloodthirsty terrorist groups on the planet. By and large, the coverage of the war in Gaza is driven by anti-Semitism, Jew hatred, hatred of Zionists, self-loathing Jewish authors [and publishers] and the left's unholy alliance with Islamic jihad which makes it a protected class.

It's futile to expect better from these folks, but it's very helpful to, every so often, step back and contrast the media's concocted narratives against empirical reality.

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This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at