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Breaking - FBI Interviews Jihad Spouting Army Recruit Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, Deems Him "Not A Threat"

April 1, 2014

April 1, 2014 San Francisco, CA Fox News in an exclusive, is reporting that a recent Army recruit, Mohammad Abdullah Hassan, has been questioned by the FBI over his expressed desire to conduct a jihad similar to that committed by Ft. Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan, who in 2009 cold bloodedly gunned down 13 of his fellow servicemen.

Unbelievably, after having interviewed the aspiring jihadist, the FBI released him, stating that he didn't represent a danger.

"An Army recruit who triggered a military and law enforcement alert is not considered an immediate threat by the FBI - even though the agency said he told friends he planned a "Ft. Hood-inspired jihad" against fellow soldiers" and warned it was "imminent." [source, Jana Winter, EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Army recruit whose 'Ft. Hood-inspired jihad' prompted alert not a threat: FBI , Fox News]

The actions of the FBI here are completely inexcusable, we are at a loss as to what lengths an individual has to go before this administration considers him a clear and present danger.

Perhaps, Holder and his criminal DOJ are simply holding off a bit, waiting for the expected announcement by President Obama that if he had a son in the military he would look just like Mohammad Abdullah Hassan?

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