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Iranian Arms Ship Cache Revealed In Pictures And Video - 40 Rockets, 181 Mortar Shells and 400,000 Bullets

March 10, 2014

Iranian Arms Ship Carried 40 Rockets, 181 Mortar Shells

IDF reveals Klos C's deadly cargo, including rockets, 400,000 bullets for Kalashnikov assault rifles. By Gil Ronen First Publish: 3/9/2014, 7:46 PM

The IDF Spokesman said Sunday that operation "Full Exposure," for intercepting Iranian arms ship Klos C, has ended. The containers aboard the ship, which was intercepted by IDF naval commandos off the coast of Sudan, have all been offloaded and their contents thoroughly examined.

Forces from the Navy, the Combat Engineering Corps and the Munitions Corps took part in offloading and inspecting the containers, following the ship's arrival in Eilat yesterday.

The list of weapons that the ship carried is as follows:

Forty M-302 rockets, with a range of 90 to 160 km.

181 mortar shells, 122 mm caliber.

About 400,000 bullets, 7.62 caliber.

Bullets of the 7.62 mm caliber are usually used in Kalashnikov-type assault rifles.

"These weapons are advanced arms that would have endangered millions of Israeli citizens," said the IDF Spokesman. "The IDF will continue its mission, to prevent the smuggling of weapons intended for various terror organiations under Iranian sponsorship and funding, throughout the Middle East."

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Photos: IDF Spokesman

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