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Mother 3 Year Old Terror Victim Adelle Biton Testifies At Trial Of Muslim Stone Throwers: "My Girl Living While Dead"

February 13, 2014

Mother of Infant Terror Victim Gives Heart-Rending Testimony
Heart-wrenching testimony in trial of stone throwers suspected of critically injuring 3-year-old Adelle, who still remains unconscious. Ari Yashar

Adva Biton appeared in a military court on Thursday, bearing testimony against the suspects thought to have thrown the rock that critically wounded her three-year-old daughter Adelle last March. Adelle has yet to regain consciousness.

Speaking at the court in Megiddo, Adva testified that although her daughter miraculously survived the direct-hit from the rock on her head while riding in the family car, she has not been able to make a full recovery from the horrific attack.

"I have a girl but she doesn't communicate, as far as I'm concerned it's as if she's living while dead," said the stricken mother, according to Channel 2.

"My girls live in trauma every day," noted Adva about Adelle's two young sisters Avigail and Naama. "Today I have an unconscious daughter. All the joys of life for a three-year-old child have disappeared. I meet people who have lost their loved ones and am not sure what's better."

Shortly after the rock attack, five suspects were arrested from the Arab village of Hares near Ariel in Samaria. The five admitted in investigation to having thrown stones at cars driving on the highway near their village.

Adva, who has been aided by the One Family Fund which supports terror victims, spends every hour of the day at her infant daughter's bedside at the Loewenstein Hospital for Rehabilitation in Raanana, and in the evening returns to her home in the Samaria community of Yakir to be with her other daughters.

When Adva returns home, her husband Rafael replaces her at Adelle's bedside. "My husband hasn't been home for ten months," noted Adva. "Our lives are in ruins."

The Biton family is finally preparing to try and start rebuilding their lives, as Adelle is set to return home soon. A fundraising campaign was launched on Sunday in Raanana to raise funds for the family; they need roughly $100,000 to renovate their home to accommodate Adelle's needs and to hire a caregiver.

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