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The Khalid Sheik Mohammed Spectacle

January 16, 2014

January 15, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – - Item, the Huffington post has published the first of a three part "manifesto" from admitted 9/11 mastermind [and the guy who decapitated reporter Daniel Pearl] Khalid Sheik Mohamed. That in and of itself is not surprising in the least since HuffPost's anti-American reputation precedes it by a considerable distance.

What concerns us however is the more insidious, less easily dismissed phenomenon of the West's inability or unwillingness to defend itself against a group of crazed Muslim fanatics who seek to build an Islamic caliphate across the world through a never-ending campaign of violent jihad.

These are the kind of slugs which very much need to be assisted in assuming room temperature, with great prejudice.

Questions arise…can this country long survive much longer as a Constitutional republic?

More to the point, does it deserve to?

Under what twisted construction of the law should an admitted mass killing terrorist be allowed to have laptop computers, internet access and seemingly an unregulated ability to communicate his poison to the outside world.

We wonder why these beasts are allowed to have their precious Qur'ans, prayer mats, special halal meals, nice comfortable beds, televisions, the best in medical care and the rest of the accoutrements of modernity, all of which serve to provide them with a lifestyle significantly better than what they had when they were out on their own living in the shitholes of the Muslim world, forced to slink from safe house to safe house in order to avoid the ever present threat of drone attacks while they wage Islamic "holy war."

What is the wisdom of treating these people as if they are American citizens, with high priced attorneys standing in line to defend them, some of which used to rub shoulders with Eric Holder when he was back at Covington & Burling?

Why treat a proven enemy with such soft-headed compassion?

The GITMO mess is in microcosmic representation of the state of Western Civilization, a tremulous remnant of a once great idea.

That my friends will never return until people like KSM are tried by military tribunal, found guilty and immediately taken outside and machine gunned.

Let the vermin dispose of the remains.

Until we are ready to get real, kill our enemies, including reducing Iran's nuke program to a glass parking lot, support the few remaining democracies, Israel being preeminent among them and once again take pride in the accomplishments of the West, nothing, outside an act of God, will halt the death-spiral.

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This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at