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Seleka Jihadists Targeting Defenseless Christians In Central African Republic

December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - - 1,600 French soldiers have been dispatched to the Central African Republic [CAR] - until 1960 a French colonial holding - in an attempt to halt the brutal jihad against Christians led by the Muslim terrorist group Seleka, which is now running the country.

The Central African Republic is overwhelmingly Christian, approximately 50%. Though Muslims constitute only 15% of the population they seem to be making up for their lack of numbers with sheer aggression.

The French military presence was deployed to assist an all African force, MISCA, which has so far been unable to quell the increasing carnage. Already at least two French soldiers have been killed in the conflict [source, Laura Smith-Spark, Nima Elbagir, French soldiers killed in Central African Republic unrest, CNN]

On March 24, 2013 Seleka overthrew the government led by Francois Bozizé who was forced to flee the country. The current president is Michael Djotodia who had reneged on a promise to disarm the terrorist rebels, a force he had only recently led - strongly suggesting outside assistance. Estimates vary but it is believed that as many as 15-20,000 jihadists are still operating under the Seleka banner.

This group is not your typical undisciplined African rag-tag military force. It possesses heavy weapons [mortars and machine guns] and is using large force, modern military tactics. It's believed that both fighters and weapons have been pouring into the CAR from Sudan and Chad both Muslim majority countries.

Marking the arrival of the French military, thousands of Muslims flooded the streets of the capital Bangui in protest, perhaps fearing the loss of their Muslim led minority government.

"...Months of killing, raping and pillaging had caused growing international concern of a major humanitarian crisis and prompted Christians to form vigilante groups. The French intervention has been largely welcomed by the Christian majority but many Muslims argue operations against the remnants of Seleka have left them exposed to reprisals..." [source, Muhammad Iqbal, Muslims protest French operations in Central Africa , Pakistan Business Reporter]

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power visited this failed state last week pretending to be oblivious to the religious nature of the violence...jihad no longer being part of the official WH lexicon.

As the Canada Free Press reports:

"...armed Seleka members...have continued to engage in...summary executions, rape, and torture...Power appears to be assigning equal blame to both sides. When a Christian young man told the ambassador that he was considering joining a Christian militia after losing cousins to Muslim fighters...Power showed no understanding of the young man's fears. Instead...she looked up from her note taking and asked: "Does that mean killing people because they are Muslim?" Her callous remark reflects the moral relativism of the Obama administration, which fails to connect the jihadist dots along a line stretching from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Libya and other parts of the Middle East region to Nigeria, Mali and now the Central African Republic..." [source, Joseph A. Klein, Samantha Power Downplays Jihadist Threat During Visit To Central African Republic, Canada Free Press]

Indeed, this administration's entire approach to dealing with the global Islamic threat is a calculated pose, a refusal to publicly acknowledge what is going on, especially now with much of Africa engaged in defending itself against Muslims eager to subjugate the continent to the 10th century dictates of the Shari'a.

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This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at