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MuslimTerrorist Who Murdered Israeli Soldier Claims He Was Offered Millions To Kill - Tomer Hazan Put Up Fight

October 27, 2013

Soldier 'Put Up Fight, was Strangled with Belt'

Terrorist who murdered co-worker 1st Sgt. Tomer Hazan says he was offered millions for the deed. By Gil Ronen First Publish: 10/27/2013, 7:30 PM

The lawyer representing Nadal Amar, the terrorist who abducted and murdered First Sergeant Tomer Hazan last month, has provided details of the murder. According to a report on Channel 10, the lawyer said that Hazan fought his abductors, but they managed to handcuff him and then strangled him to death with his own trouser belt.

Amar reportedly said that one of the terrorist organizations had promised him 5 million shekels for carrying out the murder.

The lawyer, Muhammad Abed, also told the Maan news agency that his client has been tortured by his jailors.

"He has undergone unbelievable torture, of types not even seen in the movies. All the known methods of torture are a walk in the park compared to what he has suffered," claimed the lawyer.

The story about Amar being offered money for the abduction is a new twist in the reports about the abduction. Until now, it was reported that the motive for the murder was the terrorist's plan to trade the body of his victim for the freedom of his brother, a Fatah terrorist who has been in jail in Israel for the last ten years.

Amar and his victim worked together in a restaurant in Bat Yam. Amar convinced Hazan to accompany him to his home in Samaria, and then murdered him in an open field and hid his body in a water hole.

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