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Team O Desperation - Dog Wagging Obama

October 8, 2013

October 8, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – – One of the sure signs a democrat president is in trouble [a Gallup measured 41% job approval rating for Obama] is when things around the world start spontaneously combusting, exploding or when American military might materializes and then dematerializes in less than 24 hrs.

Such is the case with Mr. Obama's little spec ops weekend fling, which were comprised of two separate actions:

1. Early Saturday morning U.S. Army special operators conducted a successful snatch and grab operation in Libya, nabbing the long sought after jihadist master-mind Abu Anas al-Libi. Al-Libi has been wanted for his involvement in the October 7.1998 twin terror bombings of U.S. embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya.

"…One operation took place early Saturday in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, when members of the elite U.S. Army Delta Force captured Abu Anas al Libi, an al Qaeda operative wanted for his role in the deadly 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa…" [source, Barbara Starr. Evan Perez and Greg Botelho, U.S. forces strike in Libya, Somalia, capture al Qaeda operative , CNN]

Al-Libi, despite his presence on the FBI's Most Wanted list [ Conspiracy to Kill United States Nationals, to Murder, to Destroy Buildings and Property of the United States, and to Destroy the National Defense Utilities of the United States , source, Federal Bureau of Investigation] was living freely in Tripoli for well over a year completely unmolested. It was common knowledge among intel types that he was there. Below from a CNN exclusive published September 27, 2012.

"…Abu Anas al Libi, 48, has been seen in the capital, Tripoli, the sources say, and there is concern that he may have been tasked with establishing an al Qaeda network in Libya. It's unclear whether Libya's government is aware of his presence, or whether it has been approached by Western governments seeking al Libi's arrest…" [source, Tim Lister and Paul Cruickshank , EXCLUSIVE: Senior al Qaeda figure 'living in Libyan capital' , CNN]

We find it very curious that this thug was apprehended at this point in time in the Obama administration, when O's approval rating just happens to be at their nadir.

Additionally, the last sentence in the above quoted ppg is a little too precious. Let's get this straight, the reporters at CNN think it's actually possible that they would somehow know about al-Libi's presence in Tripoli, but the entire length and breadth of the U.S. national security apparatus would be clueless?

That seems more than a little hard to swallow, since this administration routinely data mines the electronic communications of every American citizen, we assume that people like al-Libi are even more intensely monitored.

On to Obama's second weekend adventure, we journey over 4,000 m south of Tripoli to the home of al-Shabaab, Somalia on Africa's east coast.

2. At about the same time as the fun and games were taking place in Libya, American spec ops forces attacked an al-Shabaab stronghold in the seacoast city of Barawe, Somalia.

Al-Shabaab, is the Somali based Islamic terrorist group which conducted a brutal attack against the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya last week. The assault was remarkable only in that the Western press was finally forced to – in a de minimus way – confront the blood chilling atrocities [please refer to William Mayer, What The Media Refuses To Print - "Jihadist Ritual Murder and Mutilation at the Mall" ] ]committed during the attacks. It should go without saying but we must note that such medieval cruelty is a central component of the Islamic jihad against the "unbelievers."

The specifics of this raid are still a little unclear since African sources offer conflicting views regarding its effectiveness The inertia of the story however, appears to be that at some point during the firefight between the U.S. special operators and the terrorists, U.S. forces were forced to prematurely break off the engagement, unsure of the fate of, Sheikh Muktar Abdirahman Godane, the leader of al-Shabaab who was their target.

"…a Navy SEAL team targeted a senior member of the al-Shabab militant group during a raid on a house in the Somali coastal town of Barawe, the New York Times reported on Saturday, citing unnamed American officials. The target of the predawn raid was believed to have been killed, one of the unnamed US officials told the Times. But the SEAL team was forced to withdraw before it could confirm the militant's death, the official added…" [source, Africa: U.S Special Forces Raid Islamist Militants in Libya, Somalia]

However the same news source, reported in another piece that the raid in Somalia was somewhat less successful:

"…The spokesman of Al Shabab military operation Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Mus'ab said the group has [foiled a] heavy attack by white soldiers in the town of Barawe, killing one foreign officer. "The mujahidin repulsed their attack and in Allah's wishes they have and we chased them until they reached the coast." he said…" [source, Somalia: Al Shabab Rebel Group Says It Has Foiled "White Soldiers" Assault in Barawe Town ]

So we have two military actions being undertaken in a single 24 hour period by President Obama when he has been sitting on his hands for over a year regarding the apprehension or elimination of the known perps involved in the Benghazi tragedy and stonewalling Congressional efforts to get to the bottom of the matter.

Though both of these actions were more than justifiable – and the Libyan operation long overdue - the timing of their execution must necessarily lead one to the belief that nothing is beyond this president when it comes to domestic politics and the massaging of his public image.

The Somali action aside for the moment, al-Libi should already be at GITMO being water boarded every other hour non-stop until he revealed everything he knew about terrorist operations around the world.

In a sane world that would be followed by justice being administered at the end of a rope.

But with this bunch that never happens. As result, al-Libi is in U.S. custody where harsh interrogation will never even be considered, this will be followed by some form of criminal trial allowing this evil individual to live out the rest of his life in some super-max prison never having been forced to reveal the depth of his knowledge regarding al-Qaeda operations.

Any thinking American who doesn't realize that taking the security of America this cavalierly puts us on the glide path to a an incipient death spiral, simply isn't paying attention.


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