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Obama Administration's Continuing Malfeasance In Libya

September 30, 2013

September 26, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – – According to an exclusive report by Fox News, the Obama administration has allowed hundreds of sophisticated weapons as well as military rolling stock to fall into the hands of Islamic terrorists.
"The recent theft of massive amounts of highly sensitive U.S. military equipment from Libya is far worse than previously thought, Fox News has learned, with raiders swiping hundreds of weapons that are now in the hands of militia groups aligned with terror organizations and the Muslim Brotherhood..." [source, Adam Housley, Theft of US weapons in Libya involved hundreds of guns, sources say, Fox News]
The theft included over a hundred Glock pistols, a similar number of M4 assault rifles, the most advanced night vision equipment currently in U.S. inventory and top-of-the-line Ground Mobility Vehicles [GMVs] - advanced versions of the HumVee used by U.S. operators.

The effect these weapons are having has been immediate with al-Qaeda affiliated groups now boldly operating out in the open during daylight.

Libya's borders have reportedly become non-existent as jihadists can now travel to just about anywhere with no fear of retaliation by Team Obama.

It appears that Fox is the SOLE news source running with this story, though, knowing the nature of the modern journo trade, certainly the legacy MSM must be aware of this development to one degree or another.

They remain silent as they continue to actively conspire with Obama to deny American citizens access to news which is highly relevant to U.S. national security interests in the region.

This state of affairs has become worse than deplorable, never in the history of the United States has the Fourth Estate so openly and cavalierly sought to keep citizens ignorant of an administration's malfeasance.

Obama's disregard for the most basic security precautions in Libya now borders on treasonous. It's as if Barack Hussein Obama is intentionally gifting these weapons – wrapped in a box - to Muslim terrorists.

Mr. Obama's utter failure to secure these weapons, in light of the already horrendous problems we have had in Libya, is in itself an impeachable offense.

It's not only the Benghazi attack, which found Obama with his pants down using his ambassador to run guns to Syrian terrorists and the subsequent cover-up [whatever "investigation" that was underway is now dead in the water].

Every action taken by this craven fool of a president in Libya has been to the detriment of the United States.
In the short space of less than 24 months [Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown on October 13, 2011] this bunch of clowns has:

1. Intentionally overthrown what passes for a U.S. ally in the ME, installing in its place a ruling structure that at best can be called terror friendly.

2. Allowed approximately 20,000 weapons of war, looted from Gaddafi's armories, to fall into the hands of jihadists of every stripe.

3. Failed to provide even cursory security to protect our Benghazi Embassy, resulting in the death of Ambassador Stevens and three U.S. special operators, all of whom were abandoned by the administration, ensuring their death.

4. And now permitted a breach of security so serious as to raise the question as to whether Obama is willfully aiding the mujahideen with the intent of furthering the global jihadist movement.

Bottom line…

Barack Hussein Obama is the most dangerous, anti-American - possibly deranged – president in the history of the United States. This is no longer a case of mere ignorance; no one who has risen to this level in the world of cutthroat U.S. politics could possibly be this clueless.

Sadly, this is being done on purpose for reasons only Obama knows.


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