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Somalis Who Were Welcomed To America Produce "Little Mogadishus" And Terrorists

September 23, 2013

America's "Little Mogadishus" Produced 3 of the Kenya Al Qaeda Terrorists

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 22, 2013 @ 10:49 pm In The Point

America has taken in large numbers of Somalis producing Little Mogadishus in unexpected places. These Little Mogadishus invariably become sinkholes of crime, welfare and terrorism.

Now we're told that three of the Kenya Westgate mall terrorists were from the United States.

"We received permission to disclose the names of our mujahideen inside #Westgate," their latest account tweeted.

They proceeded to tweet the names one by one, including Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22, "native" of St. Paul, Minn., Abdifatah Osman Keenadiid, 24, of Minneapolis, and Gen Mustafe Noorudiin, 27, of Kansas City, Mo.

Al-Shabaab had already released a video of Somali Muslim terrorists from the Little Mogadishus.

Three Minneapolis men who went to fight, and later die, with a Somali Islamist militia were the subject of a propaganda recruitment video released by the organization Thursday.

Titled "The Path to Paradise: From the Twin Cities to the Land of Two Migrations," the nearly 40-minute post allegedly details the travels of Dahir Gure, Muhammad Al-Amriki and Mohamud Hassan to Somalia over 2007 and 2008.

In one segment, Al-Amriki, born Troy Kastigar, likened his experiences to being at an amusement park.

"If you guys only knew how much fun we have over here, this is the real Disneyland," he said. "You need to come here and join us, and take pleasure in this fun."

Eventually, he and Hassan are pictured next to each other, shrouded and dead.

I imagine there will be another video coming out soon. Meanwhile we ought to start reconsidering Somali migration to America.

Ibrahim Al-Maqdasi: "We want to inform Bush and our rivals about our real intentions. We will establish Islamic rule from Alaska and Chile to South Africa, and from Japan to Russia. Beware, we are coming."

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