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The Huma Abedin/Hillary Clinton Conspiracy

August 1, 2013

July 30, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews. org – The deliciously salacious aspects of Anthony Weiner's now not-so-private-life are impossible to avoid, plastered across the spectrum of broadcast news. This emphasis appeals mightily to the prurient interests of MSNBC's drone core demographic far more effectively [not to say entertainingly] than a high speed car chase followed by the requisite crash and burn fireball.

We have touched [sorry] on the topic of Ms. Abedin's fixation with sidling up to the seat [this is getting weird] of power, but wish to expand [uhhh…last time, honest] upon it a bit.

1. Weiner dude is a pathetic person, we pity him, perhaps the best he can expect at this point.

2. Ms. Abedin is very closely linked [through familial ties] to Egypt's terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, It's of note that the group's leader, Mohamed Morsi…victim of a military coup d'état] is now ensconced in a dank cell next to the now comparatively moderate Hosni Mubarak [whom Morsi tossed in the slammer]. The universe does not operate without a sense of ironic humor it seems.

3. Abedin hitched up with Hillary in the mid nineties, has not been seriously vetted despite her serving essentially as an Assistant. Secretary of State. To our knowledge no one has seriously pursued the exact circumstances which these two met and drew so close to each other. Looked at from a skeptical but entirely reasonable perspective, Hillary and Ms. Abedin's relationship is far more authentic a marriage than their legal pairings with, respectively, ex-president Clinton and the Weinerdude.

4. Thus Abedin had extraordinary access to national security information which would have normally called for the full FBI Monty. Having gone through such once, I can attest that these folks are firmly pleasant and very thorough…yes guys I still prefer size 10 ½ classic wingtips, though on occasion I do lust after the Zuckerbergian Silicon Valley high level executive standard of Stefano Bemer footwear. Yes, they remain superbly crafted despite the recent passing of the company's found - his lifework, the custom shoe shop, continues to chug along in the hand-crafted Italian tradition of exquisite leather work.

5. Now of course Hillary is out of power, though from what we understand as recently as yesterday she spent the afternoon baking celestially delightful cookies for the president of the known universe.

Thus of course, U.S. foreign policy [a foreign subject to both] wasn't broached.

6. Ms. Abedin, in standing by her boyman, the estimable Weinerdude is following the Hillary template to a "T." We have no idea if that is happenstance or the stuff of bad paperback spy novels; regardless their mirror-image conduct is as unseemly as it is absurd.

7. A bit about Islam. We believe that it is an inarguably valid proposition that there exist enough scripturally based justification countenancing the intentional telling of mistruths or conducting oneself in a deceitful manner – within the pages of the Qur'an and Hadith

Lends itself to being dogmatically legit, though the extent to whether it reflects a contemporary view of normative Islam is beyond the scope of this writing.

8. Though it may seem axiomatic to many readers, it bears observing that Abedin and Weiner are an odd match to begin with, as generally, devout Muslims conduct their private relationships within the Ummah and intermarriage –especially with one of the Jewish faith – is highly irregular. Though not that uncommon in a truly secular nation, within the world bound by the Shari'a, Abedin would be subjected to relentless denigration in the best of circumstances. In the worst case, Ms. Abedin would be treated harshly, perhaps ritually slaughtered because the brought "dishonor" to the family.

9. So why is Huma putting herself through this media circus by allowing her unquestionably flawed husband to make of himself an ass-clown and the punch line to this sordid mess enough to gag the ghost of Rodney Dangerfield?

10. On the part of the Weinerdude, he is pitiable weasel, bereft of any sense of shame…the missus is another matter entirely.

Conclusion…something is very wrong here, aside from this bizarre public drama. Perhaps the only explanation is that intensely purposefully driven zealots are trapped on an endless treadmill of commitment while they slowly advance towards the rear, unable to see the maw of the approaching chasm. She is apparently already past the point of realizing the hopelessness of her situation and the longer she carries on in this act of self-degradation, the more tarnished will, what remains of her already thin CV, become.

Bottom line [ok, we lied], the established political equation - A Clinton + anyone with potential access to the keeper-of-the-flame will forever add up to massive intrigue and potential trouble.

Warning, Ms. Abedin is literally on the prowl, her feline claws remain at the ready with [until very recently] Hillary serving as her personal manicurist.


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