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The Duplicitous Da'wa Trap Caught On Video

May 22, 2013

By William Mayer

May 22, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – – There is a YouTube video floating around, there are probably dozens of others, which records a "successful" da'wa pitch. Successful in the sense that both the non-Muslim who is being proselytized and the Islamic gentleman doing the conversion both believe it was a valid expression of Islamic faith, depicting a non-Muslim rejecting his membership in the Anglican Church, the Church of England.

Below, the video (Click on link)

The organization which is carrying out this aggressive conversion program is called DawaIsEasy. To supplement the numerous videos being featured, dialogues have been prepared to aid the effort of minting shiny new Muslims.

Example – Suggested Dialogue with a Christian

That these dialogues are purposefully dialectical, deceitful, immensely disrespectful of the targeted Christian [or Jew, or atheist or Druid for that matter] and his free choice of a religion is beside the point.

The issue is ALWAYS the same, coerce a forced recitation of what we must assume is the proselytist's understanding of the Shahada – the Islamic statement of faith and a sign of conversion.

Voilà, instant Muslim, just add a bomb belt and stir.

These dialogues and videos also demonstrate the triumphalist nature of Islam. However what this befuddled engineer understands about Islam has nothing to do with the religion, his level of comprehension is carefully spoon-fed, keyed solely to produce the Pavlovian response, "yes I am a Muslim."

The profession of belief in the Islamic creed takes the following form:

"I witness that there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah." [source, Answering]

But what does our gentle but confused engineer know about Islam? Does he know that the great Islamic dynasties were built and their security enforced by armies and administrators who were often slaves, often kidnapped at a young age and inculcated into the dynastic bureaucracy or military service?

Absolutely nothing, except for the possible fact that it is aggressively pushed by goonish hucksters dressed up like a James Dean rebel.

For example and this is elemental, this poor bloke is completely ignorant regarding the "5 pillars of Islam," which are:

1. Belief that Islam is the one true and universal religion.

2. Worship

3. Alms giving – zakat in the Arabic [often ending up in the coffers of HAMAS, Hezbollah and the like]

4. To fast during Ramadan

5. Completion of the trip to Mecca, the hajj.

These are the obligatory duties of the devout Muslim…uhh Mr. engineer, you appear to be rather aged, have you scheduled your little trip to the Middle East? If so leave the Bible home, because religious intolerance looms large in these Islamic countries…wonder why?

Mr. engineer knows as much about the hajj and zakat as he probably does about brain surgery, so let us say at this point that the engineer is not an informed consumer.

This is of course by design.

It's really a version of the English "Three Card Monty," or its equivalent American take-off, the shell game…u know three shells with supposedly one nut, but one which is variously palmed and manipulated to make the game impossible to win.

From this we learn that the art of da'wa is designed to be intentionally misleading.

In examining the dialogues previously mentioned it appears that for the large part Christianity and Judaism are conflated with Islam, so asking a devout Anglican if he believes in another faith, which has just been presented in an untruthful manner to be "just like" his professed faith is a very small intellectual jump.

The party doing this video preaching, resembles a smiling thug, resplendent in a heavy duty bikers leather riding jacket. One imagines that though he is wearing a Cherubic smile he is on best behavior.

This joker appears to be a convert, he looks distinctly non-Arabic, additionally he is a complete fanatic, has extraordinary command of idiomatic English and its subtleties. His niceties are obviously practiced and not natural to him. He knows he is running a scam like a backstreet shark and must know that his approach is intimidating…put him in cammy commando gear, give him a machine gun and he would look the part…he certainly moves with that level of confidence and assurance.

One thing is beyond doubt, from appearance at least, this extremist Muslim street preacher, would not be the type you would want to run afoul of in a dark London alley.

Not without a 1911 strapped to your side…

This is the de-facto face of Islamic fanaticism, not the cartoon character, "let's all get along," because we are all one in faith [Islamic of course] into which both Christianity and Judaism supposedly sublimate.

If one listens intently to the da'wa artist's pitch and manner it is the essence of what we in the U.S. call "faith sharing," which seems to be all the rage in many ecclesiastical circles...yes let's break bread with the Muslims to show them we are nice and reasonable people.

While the stooges who lap this crap up [Catholics, hold your USCCB to account] mean nothing but showing good will, the Islamic component is engaging in a deadly serious game of producing the next generation of mujahideen.

Yes this is a harsh judgment, but we have participated in such sessions personally and found them all to be quite similar iterations of the didactism the thug preacher exemplifies.

This author has attended da'wa sessions in various churches and meeting halls and the routine is always the same, present the belief structure in a wholly untrue manner. These people for the most part are skilled liars [it's ok though, this level of deception is actually a virtue in Islam, because it's being done to spread the faith] who obfuscate, deny or simply misstate various elements of Islamic history hoping to scrounge a convert or two.

A religion which depends on misinformation and trickery has flaws which run so deep that the faith must always be held in suspicion. When it becomes morally righteous to game someone into converting, that is no longer a religion, rather it's a corrosive political ideology of submission which after all is what Islam means in Arabic.

End Note[s]:

We have studiously avoided over the past 13 plus years any attempt to define what "true" Islam [we often place such a disclaimer when dealing with the topic, stating that we are not imams…but to hear this lout trying to sound authoritative on Christianity, it's now fair game in our opinion. On a personal level I feel that my understanding of the Qur'an is far more subtle and nuanced than is this guy's cartoonish Christianity, which frankly makes me want to hurl – even though I am no longer an observant Catholic.

Islam, as it exists and has existed for 1,400 years - not as imagined – is perhaps a fatally flawed entity. Yes you can be a great Muslim American, we have them all over the place, you know the old saw, doctors, lawyers and…well maybe no Indian chiefs.. However the ugly fact is that to those with a level of belief akin to that demonstrated by leatherman, these "democratic" [in the small d non-partisan sense] faithful aren't even Muslims because they have jettisoned the over-riding ideology of the belief structure and practice its purely religious/ceremonial aspects largely in private and not in your face as you are pawing down the street after work, looking only for a cold pint.

©2013 LLC, William Mayer. All rights reserved. Researcher Beila Rabinowitz contributed to this article.


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