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Are Boston Marathon Bombings Linked To Case Of Tarek Mehanna?

April 15, 2013

Informed Speculation - Was The Boston Marathon Bombing Carried Out By Jihadists?


April 15th 2013 - San Francisco, CA - - At 2:50 today [EST] two bombs were detonated along the route near the end of the Boston Marathon. The explosions occurred several seconds apart.

As of this writing 3 people are dead and over 100 injured.

Unconfirmed reports stated that a "foreign national" is being guarded at an undisclosed Boston hospital.

Police have surveillance video of a man with a backpack placing bombs in trash cans.

Today is also a local holiday in Boston known as "Patriots Day.

(The Patriot Act was used to gather evidence in the Mehanna case).

On April 12th 2012 the Muslim pharmacist from Boston, Tarek Mehanna,was sentenced by a federal court in Boston to 17 and one half years in prison for conspiring to provide aid to al-Qaeda. Mehanna is thought to have conspired with Ahmad Abousamra who is believed to have received military training during several trips to Pakistan. He has since, gone to ground, and is among the FBI's Ten Most Wanted individuals [see,].


Perhaps not, as a huge campaign by Muslims and leftists demanding his release has been ongoing since his arrest. At this point in time it is pure speculation, but if the bombings turn out to be the result of Islamist terrorism there is a great likelihood that they are linked to the efforts to free Tarek Mehanna .

His supporters have set up websites and awarded him via his parents the Sacco-Vanzetti award for social justice calling him to a champion of free speech.

At his sentencing a defiant Mehanna stated that, "I mentioned Paul Revere when he went on his midnight ride, it was for the purpose of warning the people that the British were marching to Lexington to arrest Sam Adams and John Hancock, then on to Concord to confiscate the weapons stored there by the Minuteman. By the time they got to Concord, they found the Minuteman waiting for them, weapons in hand. They fired at the British, fought them, and beat them. From that battle came the American Revolution. There's an Arabic word to describe what those Minutemen did that day. That word is: JIHAD, and this is what my trial was about."

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(Update 4/17/13- There was a bomb threat called into the Moakley Federal Courthouse which

is where Mehanna was sentenced.)

MIM: Another Al Qaeda terrorist with ties to Boston is Aafia Siddiqui who attended MIT and Brandeis.

"CAIRO In a message released yesterday, Al Qaeda's second in command vowed revenge on the United States over an 86-year jail sentence handed down in September to a Pakistani woman convicted of attacking Americans.

Ayman al-Zawahri threatened new attacks to avenge the sentencing and presented it as another reason Pakistanis should overthrow their government and join the jihad against the United States.

Aafia Siddiqui, a graduate of Brandeis University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was convicted in February of two counts of attempted murder after she snatched an assault rifle while in an Afghan police station and opened fire on her US interrogators..."

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