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The Big Fear - Obama's Totalitarian Regime

December 21, 2012


December 20, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - - Something else happened on November 6 besides the re-election of Mr. Obama, the exact nature of which is hard to define but its presence is undeniable and its effects are clear - for the first time in my memory at least, citizens are truly fearful of the power of the federal government.

When Obama was swept into office in 2008 upon a media created red carpet, he had already declared his intent to transform the United States. Now most people [the ones Rush has so aptly named "low information voters"] assumed this meant an end to party bickering, ethnic divisiveness and a turning away from DC's tax and spend mentality.

According to their understanding we were going to set the budget on a pathway towards being balanced.

Mr. Obama was also quite clear in stating that he would "end" American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, though many feared at a dangerously rapid pace. Of course those with any knowledge of the situation knew that Mr. Bush had already made the same commitment and done most of the heavy lifting [except for the Status of Force Agreement, which Obama completely bungled] though upon a timetable based upon - hopefully - being able to maintain stability in the two countries.

However it became apparent early in this administration that what the president meant by transformative and the common understanding of that term were quite different.

The result was a huge increase in the size and invasiveness of the federal government. Whole industries were nationalized, bondholders defrauded, campaign contributors rewarded with cushy deals to finance nonexistent industries and the DOJ became completely politicized with selective prosecution of "enemies" becoming the norm to the sublimely ridiculous degree of suing polling companies which showed the president losing ground as the election approached.

So we went into 2012 knowing full well what was in store in a second Obama term, more of the same. Higher taxes, higher levels of federal spending and in general an assault on free market capitalism, to the degree that it still exists.

But even before the election those on the right, or conservative/constitutionalists if you prefer, were uneasy...not only with their candidate Mr. Romney, but the direction society was heading.

Many assumed, myself included, that Romney was going to eke out a narrow victory and we would be done with Mr. Obama's meddling, so the morning of November 7 brought rather shocking news, this was not to be.

To a degree which was unexpected by many, the gloating of Team Obama post the election was objectionably "in your face," as if he had just dunked the ball on you in a pickup basketball game. It seemed that he was smugly giving his opponents the finger.

Which he was.

So we have Team Obama unleashed from any need for moderation and now we will receive the full monty as it were.

Though we knew from the investigation done by the NRA and others regarding the strategy behind Holder's "Fast and Furious," gunrunning scheme - it was to be used as a ploy to promulgate even more restrictive firearms legislation - who could have guessed that even before the beginning of his second term a tragic school shooting would occur which would change everything.

Again the low info voter had no clue and had no desire to know, but those on the right now saw the potential for what has always been one of its biggest nightmares and the left's favorite wet dream - firearm confiscation...disarming the citizenry, totally abrogating the Second Amendment, which as we know now tenuously hangs upon a single vote in the U.S. Supreme Court.

As evidence of this fear, please note that the number of federal firearms background checks has soared to unprecedented levels.

People are looking for an insurance policy against the above, formerly unimaginable scenario of confiscation.

Ditto ammunition, it's backordered nearly everywhere.

But the big fear is more than simply apprehension over possible changes in firearms laws, it feels much more like fear for the nation's soul.

Fast rewind...

Obama nationalizes two of the big three auto manufacturers, selling one to a foreign company, Fiat.

In the process - a managed bankruptcy - Obama and his DOJ strong armed the court into bilking GM's bondholders and giving the company to the United Auto Workers Union, albeit minus a lot of debt which was discharged in the court proceedings.

We fully expected a very loud outcry, massive lawsuits and public denunciations by America's corporate leaders, especially Wall Street types.

But nothing happened, yes a few lawsuits were filed...but to little effect and that was it.

Perhaps Mr. Obama was surprised by the lack of outrage, we certainly were.

Ok, perhaps that was a small cross section of the business community who just decided to go quietly.

But the process continued and intensified, culminating in the president's health care initiative which was the largest single power grab in the history of the United States, nationalizing over 10% of the economy and completely violating the doctor/patient relationship.

The sound of chirping crickets...

Where were the pharmaceutical companies, the private insurance giants, the medical hardware and device manufacturers, the hospitals?

Where was the medical industry?

Well they were at the bargaining table with Obama, trying to get a piece of the action, as were their dozens of lobbyists.

Now this kind of response to such a threat is generally recognized as a losing strategy. It concedes defeat before the battle because it's equivalent to feeding everyone to the alligators, hoping that they will be satiated before you get chomped.

It never works, the alligator, in this case the feds, view this as a sign of weakness, actually a provocation and an invitation for further abusive treatment.

So America's corporate leaders, rather than savaging the actions of Team Obama, simply accepted the "new reality," and, as was done in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, tried to carve out a small piece of the pie for themselves.

Now we do not expect corporate chieftains to be keepers of the public morality, we do however expect them to make every effort to maximize their profits and returns to investors, but this didn't happen.

Their action was so short sighted that they seemed to be unaware that the entire capitalistic system in which their corporations flourished was threatened by the actions of Barack Obama.

But they simply didn't care. No one wanted to stick their head up, so as Benjamin Franklin would have observed, they were hung separately because they would not hang together and fight the power grab.

We were surprised that there was no outcry over the lack of outcry - if that makes sense. Media types seemed completely uninterested, and this in large part also was the pattern of the alternative media.

Little ink was generated.


Would these be the actions of a Henry Ford or a John D. Rockefeller?

No way in hell are you kidding?

"Sorry Mr. President, fuck you and the horse you rode in on...strong letter to follow."

Yeah, that's what would have happened, these guys were lions and if you got in their way, you were dinner.

But today's breed of corporate executive is totally different. In the first place in most cases it isn't his company, he and his team are just caretakers who are there to pick up a check and collect their bonuses and stock options.

Many of them no longer really care if they are fired...they have golden parachutes and often make more upon their exit than they earned on the job.

Yes there are still entrepreneurs, people with imagination, drive and the will to succeed to create new products and make a ton of money in the process.

And that is what has driven the American dream and standard of living.

But the rules have changed, those interested in developing smokestack industries, mines, heavy equipment manufacturers, steel companies, power plants and the like need not apply...and if you persisted the EPA, the FDA or some other powerful cabinet agency would simply "regulate" you out of business.

"...So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted..." - November 1, 2008, then candidate Barack Obama.

Now all the emphasis is on 'Net "products," such as they are. Social media rules the day and it is these types of enterprises which the venture capitalists fund.

And it is these types of enterprises upon which the Team Obama generation looks favorably, one of the reasons why Obama's 'Net strategy for outreach and fundraising made that fielded by the GOP look amateurish at best - given his closeness to the industry, his campaign had access to Silicon Valley's best and brightest. To his credit Mr. Romney recognized this defect and tried to correct it by putting together a cohesive net campaign, however it was neither battle tested nor was it debugged. As a result it couldn't rival Team Obama's ability to deliver demographically relevant messages specifically to individual voters - a truly impressive accomplishment.

So the lack of outrage on the part of America's corporate leaders over the increasingly invasive actions of the central planners had its effect. The public, having no cues to take from the real experts at business and capital formation simply yawned..."well I guess that's just the way it is now, could you pass the French fries please?"

And so it went, industry by industry, sector by sector fell to the will of His Holiness, and the band played on. - but not all of the electorate was asleep. Nope some people organized themselves into a powerful political force, the Tea Party [TP].

However the beltway political universe was already filled by the two tweedle-dee & tweedle-dum parties, the Dems and the GOPers.

Both viewed the TP with alarm and the party with which one might have thought would have had a natural affinity - these true believers - saw in them a threat to their continued rule. In many respects the Republican party hated the TP types even more than did the Dems because they had invaded their turf, appealed to their voters whereas the Dems simply hated them as being representative of the guns, guts and God culture.

Fast forward...

News flash - Speaker of the House, John Boehner purges TP types, removing them from committee chairmanships - a shot across the bow for what was coming. [Note: In total the Congressional Tea Party Caucus is comprised of about 70 individuals.]

Ok so the nation is divided along really weird lines now.

1. The truly brain dead drones, default Democrat voters, assuming they can find the polling places.

2. Zombie-like somnambulists who despite their reverie, still vote...mostly for Democrats. These people seem to thrive on ignorance outside of what is happening in pop culture which they have down pat.

3. Unrepentant neo-Marxists, MoveOn's constituency and Obama's shock troops. Default Democrat voters, unless a Eugene Victor Debs type is on the ticket...

4. Those who are informed, scared but cowed into silence.

5. Conservative/constitutionalist activist types who know the score, are pissed off as hell but feel that they have no place to turn. The GOP has rejected them and the TP is at this point too disorganized to mount a serious pushback.

The result of this is fear, the kind of shiver-up-your spine aftershock one feels upon narrowly avoiding an accident...and it is all encompassing at this point.

Ok now it's time to really get personal.

Not only has the GOP abandoned the conservative movement it is actually engaged in bargaining with the Obamites. As a result, those who cherish this country for what it was intended to be rather than what some God King now decrees have nowhere to turn, no hero around which to congregate, no spokesmen of consequence, no one wishing to be their General Patton.

Then serendipity, that crisis that Team Obama was praying for, nearly two dozen youngsters murdered by a psychopath for no apparent reason.

And he did it with a gun, an ugly, utilitarian black rifle as a matter of ASSAULT WEAPON!!

Don't kid yourself, the first reaction within this WH was one of overwhelming joy as news of the senseless tragedy bled in. These people do not give a shit about anything but power and its expansion.

The template had already been prepared, filed away to be rolled out when this or a similar incident happened.


Destroying the ability of the people to resist a tyranny once and for all by disarming them en masse - gun confiscation.

Curious isn't it that Senator Diane Feinstein just happened to have legislation for an "Assault Weapon Ban" at the ready?


Well from the MSM it's the usual bleating...ohhh the inhumanity...ohhh the poor little children shot to pieces with a military weapon.

"Say Mr. Carney, what specific action has Mr. Obama taken over the previous four years to curb the availability of assault weapons?"

Carmey "uhhhh.....stammerrr...welll....uhhh...he does....I know for the assault weapon legislation..uhhhh...well he's had a lot of things on his mind you know..."

The above is paraphrasing exactly the exchange which took place at the Dec 17th WH press gaggle, the media was chiding Obama for not having acted to start the confiscation four years ago.

Self-righteous indignation - "why didn't you listen to us?"

Now seriously, mass murder is a complex subject aside from its utter depravity and senselessness. It resolves itself around a simple question however, what would make a spindly, geeky kid want to kill his mother and a bunch of little children?

Of course there is an obvious answer. This was one sick puppy who should have been in an institution and on a Thorazine drip, yet he roamed freely despite everyone knowing he was a total whack job and most likely...dangerous.

Oh...and he had access to his mother's gun, despite Connecticut having some of the nation's most draconian gun laws. It seems that breaking the law was oddly not a sufficient deterrent to this young man, so we must look elsewhere.

Perhaps it's Quentin Tarantino's fault, yes, the filmmaker who forte [aside from being arguably the nation's best film maker] is ultra violence, choreographed into a Kabuki like dance macabre. Yes it must have been Kill Bill, part 1 and/or 2.

Or possibly it was Pulp Fiction, all smoking guns and please don't get any blood on the furniture thank you.

Samuel L. Jackson might have to shoulder some of the blame also, he is such a gun toting bad-ass, all cooled out in his shades proclaiming holy vengeance using Biblical verses.

Maybe it's the money men behind Tarantino's films, the producers. Better include the script writers and gaffers, they all had a hand in this.

For sure the New York Times and CBS News must have some culpability. I mean this shooter knows how previous and similar acts of violence have elevated human garbage to a level of cult worship unattainable by common folks except by committing such horrendous acts.

Hell, this poor schmuck could have lived his entire life and never gotten a word written about him absent his insane actions, therefore it has to be the media too.

Video games? Certainly they have produced an entire subculture of kids who see blowing people to pieces as a recreational sport so they also have the blood of babes on their hands.

What about Planned Parenthood. Yes you heard me right, the big PP which gets its jollies by killing babies for money. Certainly they have helped create a culture in which life is cheap.

I mean it's only protoplasm...right?

My goodness so many guilty parties, that will be a lot of warrants, hope no one develops carpal tunnel syndrome filling them all out...

Could it be the gun itself?

No it couldn't have. Last time I checked guns were inanimate tools incapable of acting on their own.....damn....

With this many perps no wonder everyone is fearful...

Does this make sense?

I certainly hope not, but that will not stop this bunch, those who from a position of trust use their power to abridge the U.S. Constitution.

The truth is that it's the sheer reach and audacity of these people which I believe has so many people rattled to the point of buying every last firearm - even the ARs - at WallMart, as the current Drudge headline screams.

Demand exceeds supply, hence prices are already through the stratosphere. Where a month ago you could have bought a 15 round magazine for a Glock pistol at just about any sporting goods store for 25-30 bucks they are now selling for well over 100. Though we haven't checked prices on AR magazines it's not unreasonable to assume that the same thing is in play.

Ahhh capitalism...more demand than supply, the iron hand states the price will go up until the point of resistance is met.

Goodness knows what .223 ammunition [5.56 NATO] will be going for a month from now, even if it becomes available.

Now ask yourself, why has this happened. If this incident had - as awful and terrible as it was - just happened and reported like any of the dozens of shootings which occur in any large American city [witness Chicago and Oakland] then do you really think this mad rush would have occurred?

I will bet the farm that it would not have.

So is this an hysterical reaction?

I am afraid, but quite confident, to say adamantly not.

Hysterical connotes unreasonableness driven by blind emotion and this is not the case.

Ok here is the pull quote [journo term for the important stuff].

Mr. Obama and his neo-Marxist Dem allies in the legislature have over the last four years quickly moved in the direction of a totalitarian or police state.

Yes you read that right - a police state.

There seems to be nothing this bunch will refrain from in their quest for the ultimate power to tell you and I how to live, where to work, what automobile to buy, what type and how much soda I will be allowed to drink, what kind of light bulb I am permitted to use and even how many gallons I can use the flush the damn toilet.

Those who are paying attention to this process see what is coming down and are acting in a totally rational manner. They sense the ruthless malevolence of this bunch and act accordingly.

I for one do not blame them in the least, let's place the culpability where it deserves to reside - at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In times like this if you are not afraid you are a very afraid.

2012 LLC, William Mayer. All rights reserved.

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