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Islamist "Spring" Coming To Jordan? Protesters Call For Toppling King

November 15, 2012


Protests in Jordan Continue, With Calls for Ending the King's Rule

IRBID, Jordan Thousands of young men poured into the streets of Jordan's cities and towns for a third night of scattered protests against King Abdullah II, as the United States expressed support for the monarch.

Thursday's protests around the country, most of which involved exchanges of rocks and tear gas, were set off this week by anger at a reduction in public fuel subsidies. Unlike previous demonstrations here, this week's protests for the first time have also called for ending the rule of King Abdullah II.

Crowds have borrowed the signature chant of the Arab Spring revolts "The people want the fall of the regime!" and added their own dances and rhymes comparing the king to Ali Baba, the legendary thief. In this affluent northern city, usually a bulwark of support for the king, some demonstrators spoke openly of demands for democracy....

Calls for Ouster of Jordan's King Grow at Protests

"Calls for the ouster of Jordan's King Abdullah II grew Friday, as thousands of protesters packed the streets of the capital and demonstrations resumed elsewhere.

Larger groups have demonstrated in Amman since the unrest sparked by fuel price hikes started three days ago, but Friday's march constituted the biggest single bloc yet to call for the end of the U.S.-backed monarch's regime. The crowd of some 2,500 also chanted slogans reminiscent of last year's uprisings in the region..."

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