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Linda Sarsour Radical Islamist Head Of The Arab American Association Of New York Frequent Obama WH Visitor

November 5, 2012

Excerpt from: "Obama Honors Radical Israel Hater"

"...One repeat visitor to the Obama White House is Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian Muslim American activist and a self-proclaimed "pure New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn." Records confirm that Sarsour has been invited to at least seven White House meetings since April 2010.

Sarsour doesn't just have an open door to the Obama White House. She was also honored by the White House last December as a "Champion of Change."

The kind of change Sarsour champions is the end of the Jewish state of Israel.

Last week, according to IPT, Sarsour tweeted the Islamist demonization of Israel equating Zionism with "racism." She posted links on her Twitter feed to an anti-Israel video by a New York poet named Remroum, accusing Israel of ethnic cleansing and rejecting attempts at normalization between Israelis and Palestinians.

Sarsour did not deny what the IPT reported. Instead, she hid behind the label Islamophobia to try and kill the messenger in one of her many tweets.

In another tweet, Sarsour claimed "white male privilege" has "oppressed" her. In an interview she linked Islamophobia, and what she called "racial profiling" of Muslim Americans, with slavery, "genocide" of Native Americans and oppression of African Americans and Latinos.

In yet another one of her tweets, Sarsour called for the repeal of the Patriot Act. She thinks the concern of Americans with the continuing Islamist terror threat is overblown. Indeed, she tweeted that the "Underwear bomber was the #CIA all along. Why did I already know that?! Shame on us scaring the American people."

Wearing the badge of radicalism proudly, Sarsour also tweeted, "When did radical become a bad word?"..."

This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at