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Who Really Are The Obama Voters?

October 11, 2012


October 10, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - - On Sunday evening downtown Oakland, CA - the area around City Hall especially - was ransacked by the Occupy Wall Street Movement. They did this in "celebration" of the first anniversary of the creation of their neo-Marxist/anarchist organization - the same one that most DC Dems including the president championed.

You do remember [don't you?] it being reported on CBS News that Mr. Obama said that, "Occupy Wall Street" reflects "broad-based frustration."

In the Sunday mêlée, windows were smashed, store fronts defaced etc., all the typical havoc which has become associated with these bomb throwers.

Local media has gone to great pains to attempt to differentiate these rioters from a larger group of "peace protesters" who were on the streets at the same time.

There is no difference, the media is lying. All of these people are similarly motivated, some are simply less concerned with concealing the degree of rage that they have against "the system."

At the height of OSW's activity, about a year ago, we are proud to say that this publication did some of the most solid local reporting on the Occupy crowd [see, Bay Area News Group's Journalistic Malfeasance Over Occupy Wall Street Coverage and Occupy Oakland October 19, 2011, Taste The Madness, for example].

While local media attempted to create the impression that these folks were simply registering their dissatisfaction with the "excesses" of Wall Street and were essentially peaceful - "just like you and me" - we knew the truth because we took the time to visit with these people in their ramshackle encampment at Frank Ogawa Plaza.

Five minutes at the scene was all it really took though.

While there, we conversed with probably a half dozen local reporters, both print and electronic - over the several hours we spent among this human debris.

They saw exactly what we saw. But somehow the truth ended up on the killing floor of the editing department or checked at the desk of local newspaper editors who were anxious to report their canned narrative, hopeful that this movement represented a welcome [from their point of view] challenge to the Tea Partiers, which the MSM loathes.

I remember gathering literature, revolutionary newspapers and the like and showing it to some of the above referenced reporters. The result was the thousand yard stare, they knew what they were going to report and were not about to be dissuaded by pamphlets depicting the "freedom fighters" bashing in police and businessmen's skulls with lead pipes. [Note: many more images at the "taste the madness" piece, linked above]

Sorry, that wasn't going to fly.

I point this out because few inside the media talk about such things, but since we are part of the alternative media - the straight media, as opposed to the lying sons-of-bitches whom you read and see featured as talking heads on television or disembodied voices on radio - we revel in being able to clearly demonstrate the abject corruption of the Fourth Estate.

This is why it's easy to imagine the NY Times, the Washpost, NBC/MSNBC you name it creating phony polls in election cycles attempting to suppress the conservative/GOP vote, the idea being, "hey sucker, why vote when the GOP/conservative movement is headed for disaster in November?"

With that as prologue, let's fast forward to Sunday evening.

The "Occupiers'" behavior was unremarkable, it's what they do, rape, pillage, burn, attack law enforcement, defecate in public, piss on the streets, barf on each other, you name it. If it's "aberrant" behavior, these folks have it down pat.

Their goal is simple, destruction of the capitalist system. These people are dangerous communist revolutionaries and many of them need to be behind bars.


Why yes, bars as in prison bars, you know those quaint places where violent people used to end up before being sprung by the local ACLU or National Lawyers Guild?

Sorry, that don't happen in Oaktown.


You see the Oakland Police Department has, like almost every big city PD, been under unrelenting assault by the legal arm of the Occupiers' ideology; a process that started decades before OWS even existed. The battle cry of these legal activists - vermin with law degrees - is POLICE BRUTALITY and RACIAL PROFILING. This is of course the dodge of every felon since the Miranda decision.

So far this year at least 94 homicides have been reported [with probably dozens slipping through rather generous cracks in the judicial system out here in 9th Circuit-ville] in this not-so-fair city. It would seem then that there are a lot of bad guys out there who need their asses kicked or in the case of the town's considerable number of homicidal maniacs, need to assume room temperature.

Enter the lefty bar and you place the Oakland Police Department under a series of court orders going back almost 10 years, the result of a "class action" lawsuit. It should go without saying but this "class" largely represents the perps who delight in turning the system in on itself...

So since 2003 the OPD has increasingly had its hands tied, to the point to where it now hogtied and actually facing a federal takeover by Obama's official organized crime outfit, Eric Holder's DOJ.

Such power would be unimaginable by the Chicago mob, even at the peak of its power back in the early part of the twentieth century.

Imagine this conversation:

"Hey, lemme get this straight Vinnie, the feds is gonna beat up on the coppers?" "Yep Mugsie, that's the lowdown, beautiful aint it?"

All of this has taken place under a series of Democrat mayors, all leftists - Jerry Brown [aka the current governor] Ron Dellums [former Congressman and died in the wool neo-Marxist] and now, Jean Quan [perhaps the dumbest politician in Bay Area history and we have had a slew, including Babs Boxer and Nancy Pelosi, neither of them slouches on the dunce-o-meter].

All of these less than stellar performers have taken their turns at the helm.

All have failed.

As one might expect, the shackling of the OPD, helped along mightily by federal judge Thelton Henderson [Carter appointee, a contemptible hack with a monstrous chip on his shoulder against "whitey"] has not gone well.

From one of his recent mandates, this one dealing with "complaints" by the Occupy Movement.

"It would be problematic enough if, as seems inevitable, [Oakland police's] compliance levels were to backslide as a result of their failure to address the Occupy Oakland complaints in a timely fashion. Such failures would be further indication that, despite the changed leadership at the City of Oakland and its police department, [Oakland police] might still lack the will, capacity, or both to complete the reforms to which they so long ago agreed. The court will consider appropriate sanctions, including the imposition of daily or weekly monetary sanctions, until compliance is achieved."

A few more words re this "judge."

Henderson is a bigot in a Black Robe, he has an agenda and will remain on the bench until he retires.

Consider him the poster child of judicial tyranny.

Among numerous other exploits into unreality, Henderson is infamous for singlehandedly overturning, in 1997, California State Proposition 209 which sought to end "affirmative action." Surprisingly his decision was overturned by the 9th Circuit and eventually in two U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

From the text of the proposition which so offended Henderson, "...Prohibits the state, local governments, districts, public universities, colleges, and schools, and other government instrumentalities from discriminating against or giving preferential treatment to any individual or group in public employment, public education, or public contracting on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin..."


Another Henderson gem - he entertained another class action lawsuit brought by the inmates at California's Super Max prison, Pelican Bay - housing the state's "worst of the worst," many of them stone cold killers. Over nearly 20 years Henderson micromanaged this facility as if he owned it, granting himself the authority via a 1995 judicial decision, Madrid v. Gomez.

Writ large, Henderson is the template for the type of judge Team Obama will seed throughout the federal court system...if we are so unfortunate as to have to endure another four years under him.

In the face of such leftist judicial sabotage, the resultant mess was entirely predictable; Oaktown is now lawless, out of control and the PD has been reduced to mere bystanders [DO NOT ENGAGE, THAT IS AN ORDER!] with large unfunded pensions one might note.

Breaking: One of the most recent motive factors behind the push by leftist crazies to essentially nationalize the OPD, was a May 6 shooting of an African American teenager - made controversial specifically because a police officer actually did his duty. In breaking news the officer has just been entirely cleared of charges Oakland cop cleared in shooting of teen. [source S.F. Chronicle]

As is overwhelmingly the case, after the charges of racism, profiling and police brutality are filed and months later investigated, the original allegations [made in the extant case by a notorious ambulance chasing race baiter in a three-thousand dollars suit] they are found to have no merit.

Too late...the damage has already been done, as planned from the get go - defame and destroy.

This is really insufferable, if OPD had any self respect it would simply quit en-masse and leave Quan, Henderson, Eric Holder and the rest holding the bag.

Sorry mayor, screw you we are not going to perpetrate this fraud any longer.

Will this happen?

No, there is not much honor left in Oaktown, or for that matter any Democrat machine run big city in America.

So now that you, dear reader [I love that olde tyme device, don't you?] know the lay of the land, what does the above have to do with the headline, "Who Really Are The Obama Voters?"

It's really pretty simple from this point on.

The typical Obama voter is the type of individual who countenances what has happened in Oaktown and across this still great - but grievously wounded - nation.

They actually believe that this insanity makes perfect sense and that such massive interference with the police department's raison d'être - protecting and serving the public - is necessary and even desirable.

This cadre constantly agitates for an ever more invasive federal government. Choice? Forget about it...they believe that government knows best how to run your life. They are just fine with an all powerful Big Brother telling you what doctors to see, what treatments you can receive, what kind of light bulb you must use, how much water can be used in a flush toilet and how many transfatty acids you may consume.

The list is never ending.

These people, the Obamabots, moronically approve of Uncle Sam shutting down the coal industry, the source of the majority of America's electrical power supply. They are totally supportive of billion dollar subsidies to a "green energy sector" a pretend industry which wouldn't exist but for governmental backing which doesn't produce anything but big time pay checks for Obama sycophants and their consequent campaign kick-back contributions.

These Obama people rail against tiny subsidies to small oil exploration companies, the source of future energy independence.

They wish for, thousands of Thelton Hendersons, Mayor Quans and the like.

These people represent the hard-core Obama voter, they like their candidate, hate traditional America, that's why they want to "fundamentally transform" it into a Balkanized, lawless nightmare, eclipsing even Orwell's worst imaginings.

As we are fond of saying here at, the pot has been sufficiently stirred, go ye forth and spread the word.

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