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Council of Anti American Islamist Radicals -CAIR demands that Muslim hostesses be allowed to wear burqas at Hooters

April 12, 2005

U.S. News Ire To: State Desk Contact Omar Am Mad, Nihil A.Wad , Ibrahim Pooper, all of the Council of Anti American Islamist Radicals.

Aktion Alert # 1924

CAIR demands that Muslim hostesses be allowed to wear burqas at Hooters

Washington D.C. 5/7/05 The Council of Anti American Islamist Radicals accused Hooters of discrimination for firing a long time Hooters hostess after she converted to Islam and returned to work in a burqa.

CAIR national director Ibrahim Pooper stated that, "The Muslim convert was threatened with loss of her job unless she removed her burqa and put on a tank top with the Hooters company logo".

Pooper further stated that "Demanding that the woman chose between Hooters and her burqa is a clear case of anti Muslim bias"."The chaste Muslimah fled Hooters in tears and immediately called CAIR".

He said that CAIR had demanded that Hooters allow the Muslimah to return to work as a hostess, be given overtime salary,and 3 weeks paid leave for the Haj and Ramadan.

The extreme urgency of the situation at Hooters prompted CAIR executive director Nihil A. Wad to personally intervene and call a press conference at the scene.

A.Wad declared that "I was doubly shocked when I saw that the H in the Hooters tank top logo resembled the name of Allah!".

He then demanded that "all Hooters employees remove their tank tops immediately".

Ibrahim Pooper called upon Muslims to "stand up firmly against Hooters to defend Islam".

"Hooters must apologise to Muslims for defaming the name of Allah with their tank tops".

CAIR president Omar Am Mad demanded that "Hooters stop serving alchohol ,which violates Muslims civil rights by preventing them from using the airline or entering the premises".

He also insisted that Hooters hostesses undergo sensitivity training provided by CAIR in order to learn how best to serve the needs of Muslims.

CAIR called for Hooters Air to be banned from flying over Mecca.

AKTION REQUESTED: Call ,fax, and email BOEING to demand that they cease selling planes to Hooters Air unless they stop arousing Muslims worldwide.

Remind company executives that Boeing does, or hopes to do, billions of dollars worth of business with the Muslim world.

As always, be POLITE. (Hostile comments can and will be used to further defame Muslims and Islam.)

CAIR -The Council of Anti American Islamic Radicals is America's largest Muslim uncivil libertines group. Its mission is to empower American Muslims, encourage dhimmitude, and build coalitions that promote shari'a and infidels understanding of Islam.

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