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Muslims In Holland Sympathize With Former Maoist And Pro - Palestinian Socialist Party

September 11, 2012


September 11, 20122 - San Francisco, CA - - Once, the Socialist Party (SP) in Holland, founded in 1972, was openly sympathizing with Maoist China and the brutal former Soviet dictator Stalin. They were still distributing Mao's and Stalin's works five years later, in 1977, that is. They broke with China after the Soviet-Chinese rift deepened and the Chinese leadership openly called on Maoist political parties to support the Western alliance of NATO. There are still some remnants of the SP's Maoist past, for example, the typical Maoist star inside the party symbol (a red tomato). They are also very pro-Palestinian. What is worrying, however, is the fact that the Socialist Party is doing fairly well in the polls, though no longer so well as they did a few weeks ago. They now insist on joining a new coalition government after the parliamentary elections of September 12, 2012.

Joël Voordewind and Kees van der Staaij, two Christian members of parliament in Holland, recently pointed out that there could be a pro-Palestinian majority in parliament after these elections. In the past two years those MP's who wanted to condemn Israel failed to a reach majority vote on this issue. Especially the Green Leftist Party (GL) and the Socialist Party displayed fanatical opposition to Israel. They invariably introduced motions against Israel knowing that the parliamentary majority would reject them, Van der Staaij pointed out. Instead, parliament adopted a motion that called on the Dutch government to reconsider support for the Palestinian Authority (PA) when they (the PA) sow hatred and glorify violence. However, the government failed to carry out the motion, even though Van der Staaij pointed to a well documented report issued by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), an institute that closely monitors anti-Semitic statements and articles in the Palestinian media or by PA clerics. For example, it was last January that PA Mufti Muhammad Hussein called for the killing of Jews quoting Islamic Hadith (tradition). He said, "Our war with the descendants of the apes and pigs (i.e., Jews) is a war of religion and faith." "Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him."

"Hamas, Hamas, all the Jews to the gas!"

The SP and the Green Party rarely if ever criticize such anti-Semitic statements by prominent Palestinians. Instead, Harry van Bommel, the SP's foreign policy expert, is a staunch defender of Palestinian causes and a fanatical opponent of NATO policies. He stands as candidate number 4 in the SP list of candidates for the 2012 elections. In addition to being a womanizer who has a reputation of harassing younger women, "Dirty Harry" is also Vice Chairman of the Dutch parliamentary foreign affairs committee. Indeed, a man whose influence on Dutch foreign policy should not be underestimated.

Harry van Bommel participated in many anti-American and pro-Palestinian demonstrations, even when angry Muslim immigrants in Holland shouted anti-Semitic slogans such as "Hamas, Hamas, all the Jews to the gas" ("Hamas, Hamas alle Joden aan het gas!"). This occurred on at least two occasions. Thus, on April 13, 2002, Harry van Bommel and the infamous Gretta Duisenberg, another fanatical Dutch leftist who embraces Palestinian causes, were prominent participants in an Amsterdam demonstration "to stop the war in Palestine." Eric Krebbers and Jan Tas, two Amsterdam leftists who witnessed the demonstration, were really shocked and disappointed by what they saw and heard. They wrote an important article calling the Amsterdam demonstration "the biggest manifestation of anti-Semitism since 1945." (During the Second World War the Nazis also occupied Holland and deported more than 100,000 Dutch Jews to the notorious death camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau and Sobibor, among them the large Jewish community of Amsterdam and a teen-age girl named Anne Frank.)

"There were hundreds of anti-Semitic statements and words throughout the entire demonstration," Krebbers and Tas write. "Thousands of voices shouted anti-Semitic slogans – for example, ‘Sieg Heil!' Some other anti-Semitic heroes such as Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were also glorified. Some demonstrators carried pro-Bin Laden T-shirts. Anti-Semitic organizations were also popular. The slogan ‘Hamas, Hezbollah, Jihad!' was shouted frequently, as well as ‘Hamas, Hamas, gas all the Jews.'" There was a banner saying, ‘Hitler forgot one: Sharon.'"
There were numerous banners and slogans linking Israel to the Nazis. "Israel is a Nazi State," and "Jews are Nazis," "Stop the Palestinian Holocaust," for example. An Arab song was sung announcing a repetition of Mohammed's massacre of the Jews. A notorious Nazi slogan called "Juden raus!" ("Get rid of the Jews!") was also heard.

A defenseless Jewish tourist wearing a kippa was nearly beaten to death by angry young Muslim demonstrators in, mind you, the very spot in the city center where the victims of World War II are remembered each year in May. He had to flee into the nearby Krasnapolsky Hotel. Subsequently, stones were thrown through the front windows of that hotel.

I still very well remember how back in April 2002 two colleagues of mine returned from Amsterdam. They, like me, worked for "Tweevandaag," a popular news program on Dutch TV at the time. Gerben van IJken and Geertjan Lassche showed me hundreds of photos of the Amsterdam demonstration they had taken. They were very shocked indeed by what they had witnessed there. "This is how Gaza is being imported to Holland!" Gerben van IJken told me trembling with anger. The two young journalists displayed a selection of their photographs on a wall in their office. Our boss, a newly appointed editor-in-chief, was, so it seemed to me, anything but happy about my colleagues' "unauthorized" visit to Amsterdam. There was an excellent opportunity to denounce the new and vicious kind of anti-Semitism brought to peaceful Holland by Muslim immigrants who align themselves with neo-Nazis and radical leftists. However, this opportunity was missed at the time. (I still remember how a vocal critic of "multiculturalism" such as Pim Fortuyn was severely criticized by many liberal journalists, including Christian colleagues of mine.)

Socialist Party's foreign policy expert Harry van Bommel and Hamas apologist Gretta Duisenberg were also prominent participants in another pro-Palestinian demonstration in Amsterdam – this one took place on January 3, 2009. Positioned right in front of the demonstrators, both van Bommel and Duisenberg shouted the slogan "Intifadah! Intifadah! Free Palestine!" Intifadah means (Palestinian) revolt or uprising. It happened to be right behind the two prominent Dutch demonstrators that some Muslim demonstrators began to shout the anti-Semitic slogan "Hamas! Hamas! All the Jews to the gas!" I saw this footage on You Tube myself – several times, that is. It was as if the Nazis had once again occupied the Netherlands.

The demonstrators went to the famous Museum Square, right in front of the National Museum. Few people still know it, but it was at this very spot that a huge liberation festival was organized on May 5, 1945. Back then, in May 1945, the Netherlands had just been liberated from the brutal Nazi occupation – the same Nazi occupiers who hated our Jewish countrymen sending so many of them to the gas chambers. Now, some idiotic extremists once again desecrate the ground by calling for the extermination of the Jews. It is a sacrilege and no decent and sincere Dutch citizen ¬ – let alone a member of parliament – should participate in such a demonstration.

Beware of the Socialist Party's foreign policy

Let us just imagine that Harry van Bommel's Socialist Party would join a coalition government after the elections of September 12, 2012. Not only would that mean economic gloom and doom (the party wants to increase government spending and taxes, discourage the hard-working middle class, cut the defense budget and send more money to corrupt Africa), also would it have catastrophic consequences for Dutch foreign policy. If a man like Harry van Bommel would be the next foreign minister, Dutch foreign policy is bound to change in a markedly pro-Palestinian direction. Van Bommel and his socialist ilk also sympathize with fellow socialists Hugo Chávez and Evo Morales, two highly controversial Latin American presidents who align themselves with Holocaust deniers – the Islamo-Fascist rulers of Iran, that is. All Holocaust deniers are anti-Semites. There are no exceptions.

Even a Dutch centrist party such as D66 warns that the Socialist Party cannot be trusted. They don't want to join any coalition government in which the SP participates.

Muslim immigrants in Holland are playing an increasingly important role in Dutch politics. Dutch politicians must take into account the wishes of the Muslim electorate. More than forty percent of all immigrants are Muslims. (In France it is even nearly seventy percent.)
The Amsterdam based newspaper Het Parool reported at the end of August that many Muslims feel betrayed by the Dutch Labor Party ("Partij van de Arbeid" or PvdA), and now favor the more radical Socialist Party. Quoting an investigation by the Institute Forum the paper says that the SP is now the party most favored by Turkish, Moroccan and Surinamese immigrants.

Emerson Vermaat is an investigative reporter in the Netherlands. To visit his website please take this hyperlink Emerson Vermaat


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