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Ali Al Timimi - US born George Mason University grad student and Imam on trial for Jihad recruitment

Al Timimi's sent students to train in Afghanistan to wage war against America
April 5, 2005

MIM: Al Timimi,now on trial for recruitment for Jihad, was a graduate student George Mason University (he received his Phd before the indictment).

He has spent the past decade working with people like Bassem Khafagi, a former CAIR employee who was jailed on terrorism related charges. Another ex CAIR employee Ismail Randall Royer, also jailed on terrorism charges is scheduled to testify against Al Timimi next week.

Al Timimi was also a member of the Islamic Assembly of North America whose president Rhafil Dhafir, an Iraqi born oncologist and university professor, is now in jail awaiting sentencing on charges of medicaid fraud and illegally sending funds to Iraq.

In 1995 Ali Al Timimi was head of an IANA delegation to China together with Bassem Khafagi and Rhafil Dhafir. The IANA condemned the UN women's rights conference as "an attack on Islam" and urged Imams worldwide to tell Muslims about "the hidden agenda of this UN Conference, and how to foil the libertine and Westernization movements in the Islamic world".

Tamimi was interviewed by Finnish TV and; "responded that Islam views homosexuality and
lesbianism to be crimes against humanity and sins before Allah and which previously resulted in the destruction of segments of humanity".

For his part Dr. Rafil Dhafir, defended the practice of female circumsion, explaining; "that female circumcision, as practiced in accordance with the Prophet's guidance, is not a form of genital mutilation and that it results in no physical,emotional, or mental harm but is rather a matter that is related to faith".
(see full account of conference below).

Al Tamimi was close to a Safar al Hawali, an radical Islamist clerics whose writings hail what he calls "the inevitable downfall of the West".

"...Al-Timimi, who recently obtained a doctorate from George Mason University in a field related to cancer research, is a U.S. citizen, born in Washington, D.C. He studied under a prominent Saudi cleric, Safar al-Hawali, who was once close to Osama bin Laden and has been serving as an intermediary between Saudi militants and the government there..."

Many of al-Timimi's own speeches and writings are posted on various Islamic Web sites.

MIM: Not only are Al Timimi's speeches and writings posted on the internet on Al Qaeda websites like Islam Awakening, the listings could be found in between postings about his graduate work at George Mason University.

".A charismatic Islamic scholar and respected scientist who was "like a rock star" to young Muslims denounced the United States as "Islam's greatest enemy" and induced some of his followers to take up arms against U.S. forces, a federal prosecutor charged Monday..."

"...The young Muslims "loved him, revered him and listened to him," Kromberg said. "These guys were pumped up by what Ali al-Timimi said...."


MIM: Instead of repudiating terrorism, the Muslim community embraces and supports the terrorists. In Virginia fundraising efforts were undertaken on behalf of Al Timimi.

Alleged Terrorist Recruiter on Trial

"...Abdul-Malik said the Muslim community in northern Virginia has rallied around their families.

"...About the only thing we haven't done is a car wash. Whether it is individuals soliciting people privately, dinner sales, bake sales after the prayers or an international bazaar, we've done it," Abdul-Malik said..."

"...Who al-Timimi's supporters are isn't clear. A support committee has launched a sophisticated Web site and raised more than $150,000 for his defense, but those underwriting the effort are hesitant to discuss it.

"Many people in the community want to help and donate money, but they are so scared from government harassments(sic). No one is willing to come and announce his/her name to the media. Our community is in a state of paranoia," an anonymous spokesman for al-Timimi's support group wrote in response to a request for comment from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


MIM: Ali Al Tamimi has been preaching Jihad for more then a decade. In 1995 Tamimi went to China Bassem Khafagi and Rafil Dhafir as delegates with the Islamic Assembly of North America. They attended UN sponsored women's conference which was denounced by them as "machinations against Islam". Bassem Khafagi, was jailed on terrorism charges, and Rhafi Dhafir, a doctor and professor in upstate New York, was jailed last year on medicaid fraud, money laundering, and illegally giving funds to Iraq via a 'charity scam' called 'Help the Needy'. It was reported that magazines calling for Jihad were found in his home, and he was deemed a flight risk due to his international connections.

At the conference Tamimi ,who was designated as the leader of the delegation showed his Islamist colors and proclaimed that

At the conference, Dhafir, claimed that female circumcision, if "practiced in the way of the Prophet" was not considered a form of "genital mutilation".

Alleged Terrorist Recruiter on Trial

To federal prosecutors, Ali al-Timimi, an Islamic scholar linked to a now-defunct Pittsburgh magazine, is one of America's worst nightmares -- a brilliant, native-born U.S. citizen who recruited for the Taliban.

To his supporters, al-Timimi is a victim of the times, a Muslim scholar and cancer researcher who is on trial for voicing his religious beliefs in a nation they say has grown increasingly biased against Muslims since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Al-Timimi, 41, goes on trial today in Alexandria, Va. Prosecutors charge he encouraged 11 young Muslims -- just five days after the terror attacks -- to go to Pakistan to join the Taliban in war against America. Al-Timimi could face life in prison if convicted on all charges, including soliciting others to levy war, inducing others to aid the Taliban and inducing others to use firearms and carry explosives.

Legal proceedings are so sensitive that U.S. District Judge Leonie M. Brinkema last week ordered jurors' identities be kept secret from everyone except prosecution and defense attorneys.

Al-Timimi's name first surfaced in Pittsburgh long before his 2004 indictment in Virginia.

An internationally known Islamic scholar who studied in Saudi Arabia, he was listed as a member of the advisory board of Assirat Al-Mustaqueem, an international Arabic language magazine published in Pittsburgh from 1991 through 2000.

The magazine detailed Muslim life in America and called for holy war against Christians and Jews. It also praised the army Osama Bin Laden assembled for the Taliban in Afghanistan and once featured an article praising Shamil Basayev, the Chechen rebel who took credit for last fall's bloody Beslen School massacre in which more than 340 people were slain.

Assirat Al-Mustaqueem ceased publication in 2000. Its staffers, many of whom were foreign graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh, since have scattered throughout the United States and abroad.

A representative from the Pittsburgh Islamic Center declined to comment about proceedings against al-Timimi.

In northern Virginia, the Muslim community is acutely aware of the case.

The Dar Al Aqram Center for Islamic Information and Education, the storefront Falls Church, Va., mosque where al-Timimi once lectured, posted a statement on its Web site saying it never hosted lectures about violence and was "supporting Mr. Al-Timimi's decision to refrain from public speaking." Officials there did not return a call for comment.

But at the nearby Dar Al Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, where as many as 3,000 Muslims attend Friday prayers, spokesmen are not hesitant to talk. Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, the mosque outreach director, said al-Timimi is a brother in need in a Muslim community under siege.

Al-Timimi's supporters in northern Virginia have held various fund-raisers, first for legal costs for the 11 men charged in the so-called Virginia paintball jihad network and now for al-Timimi.

Abdul-Malik said the community still reels from the prosecution of the 11 men, only three of whom ever went to Pakistan and none of whom made it to the Taliban.

Over the last year, two of the men were acquitted. Six pleaded guilty to lesser counts, including federal firearms and explosives charges and conspiracy. The remaining three were convicted of violating the Neutrality Act in a conspiracy in which prosecutors charged the men took up arms to aid a foreign power.

Prison sentences for the nine who pleaded guilty or were convicted ranged from three years to life in prison.

Abdul-Malik said the Muslim community in northern Virginia has rallied around their families.

"About the only thing we haven't done is a car wash. Whether it is individuals soliciting people privately, dinner sales, bake sales after the prayers or an international bazaar, we've done it," Abdul-Malik said.

Al-Timimi's attorneys maintain their client's activities were protected speech and religion. But one of the men who pleaded guilty testified that he traveled to Pakistan to train with militants only after al-Timimi encouraged him to join in jihad -- holy war -- against America in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

Al-Timimi's defense attorney, Edward MacMahon Jr., speculated that his client, who recently earned a doctorate in computational biology from George Mason University in Virginia, may be a victim of geography. MacMahon said authorities have been vigorous in prosecuting Muslims in the Washington suburbs since Sept. 11, 2001.

"At the Muslim Center where (al-Timimi) spoke, there were never political discussions. It was a center of learning," MacMahon said.

He insisted al-Timimi's religious teachings and writings were misconstrued. And while some might be offensive, they fall within First Amendment protections, MacMahon argued in legal documents.

During pretrial proceedings, defense attorneys fought to bar comments al-Timimi allegedly made after the crash of the space shuttle Columbia. In the Feb. 1, 2003, commentary, included in the government's indictment, al-Timimi hailed the shuttle crash as "a good omen," and a sign of the beginning of the end of Western dominance.

"These are all ideas that came to me when I heard of the accident, and hopes that I wish God will fulfill," al-Timimi allegedly wrote.

Despite the defense contention that such comments bore no relation to the charges against Al-Timimi, the judge ruled prosecutors can use the commentary in court.

"In this case, the community thinks Dr. al-Timimi is just being prosecuted because he's a Muslim," MacMahon said.

Who al-Timimi's supporters are isn't clear. A support committee has launched a sophisticated Web site and raised more than $150,000 for his defense, but those underwriting the effort are hesitant to discuss it.

"Many people in the community want to help and donate money, but they are so scared from government harassments(sic). No one is willing to come and announce his/her name to the media. Our community is in a state of paranoia," an anonymous spokesman for al-Timimi's support group wrote in response to a request for comment from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

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Views of VA Muslim Differ as Terror Trial Opens

By Jerry Markon
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, April 5, 2005

He's a terrorist using his "rock star" status to incite his devoted followers to wage war against the United States.

He's a peaceful Islamic scholar simply exercising his First Amendment right to free speech.

The clashing portraits of Ali Timimi were on display yesterday in a federal courtroom in Alexandria, where the spiritual leader is being tried on charges that he encouraged a group of Northern Virginia Muslim men to train in terrorist camps in Pakistan and fight U.S. troops seeking to oust Afghanistan's former Taliban rulers.

"He had lectured around the world. He was like a rock star," Assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Kromberg said of Timimi, 41, of Fairfax County. "The young men he spoke to, a lot of them held him in awe. They did their best to do what he told them to do."

Defense attorneys acknowledged that some of Timimi's statements constituted "very obscene and offensive speech," including Timimi's reported celebration of the 2003 crash of the space shuttle Columbia and statement that America is the greatest enemy of Islam.

"Some of it, frankly, rises to the level of hate speech," defense attorney Edward B. MacMahon Jr. told the 12-member jury. "Remember, he has a First Amendment right to have these opinions. You don't have to agree with him to realize he has a right to free speech. Ladies and gentlemen," MacMahon added, "that's the truth. Muslims around the world believe the United States is their greatest enemy."

Whether Timimi is a terrorist whose words pose a danger or a religious leader exercising his First Amendment rights is one of the central questions of the case. Timimi is charged with soliciting or inducing others to commit a variety of crimes, such as conspiring to levy war on the United States, using firearms and carrying explosives.

If convicted on all counts, Timimi faces up to life in prison. The trial, before U.S. District Judge Leonie M. Brinkema, is expected to last as long as three weeks.

Timimi's trial is an outgrowth of a federal investigation in which 11 Muslim men, all but one from the Washington area, were charged with participating in paramilitary training -- including playing paintball in the Virginia countryside -- to prepare for jihad, or "holy war," abroad. Nine of those men were convicted in 2003 and last year.

Prosecutors said Timimi was the spiritual leader of the group when he was the primary lecturer, in 2000 and 2001, at the Center for Islamic Information and Education, also known as Dar al-Arqam, in Falls Church.

Prosecutors told the jury that days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, Timimi attended a meeting in Fairfax with some of the men who were later convicted. With the curtains drawn and the phones unplugged, Timimi told the men that "the time had come" for them to go abroad and support Afghanistan's Taliban rulers against the impending U.S.-led invasion.

"He said it was time to go fight," Kromberg said.

MacMahon cast that meeting, on Sept. 16, 2001, in a different light. He said that those in attendance were concerned about anti-Muslim violence in the wake of Sept. 11 and that Timimi told the men "that if they didn't feel safe in this country, they should leave."

A witness who was at the Sept. 16 meeting supported elements of both versions. Muhammed Aatique testified that Timimi encouraged his listeners to leave the United States and move to Muslim countries.

But Timimi said they should do that only if they could not take part in the fighting against U.S. troops, Aatique said.

"He encouraged us to participate in the coming jihad," said Aatique, who pleaded guilty in 2003 to aiding and abetting and a gun charge and is serving a prison sentence of 10 years and six months. "He said the battle in Afghanistan was imminent and that the Americans were going to attack."

Aatique also quoted Timimi as calling the Sept. 11 attacks "legitimate" and saying that the victims were "combatants, not civilians" because their tax dollars fund the U.S. government, which is at war with Islam.

After Timimi stopped speaking, "me and everyone else at that meeting was excited and charged up," Aatique testified.

Another government witness said Timimi had implicitly blessed the plan for the men to train by playing paintball. Annandale resident Nabil Gharbieh, one of the founders of the paintball group, said he and other group members told Timimi about the training in 2000.

"He was our respected elder and a person we looked up to," Gharbieh said. "He just, I guess, accepted that we were doing it. He didn't say, 'Don't do it.' "

Later, group members approached Timimi again to tell him the FBI was investigating the paintball games. "He said it was something we had brought on ourselves because we used to meet publicly, in a big group, covered in camouflage gear," Gharbieh testified.

After Timimi advised the group to keep playing but be more discreet, Gharbieh said, the games became more secretive.


MIM: This Muslim online magazine from 1995 details Al Tamimi's visit to China with the delegation from the Islamic Assembly of North America. Both the IANA and Al Tamimi's fellow delegates, Rhafil Dhafir and Bassem Khafagi, have been jailed on terrorism charges.


--Al Qur'an--
1. Al Quran ..............................­.................. by Almighty Allah
2. Women's Conference in China ..............................­....... from IANA
3. Women Conference: Day 2 ..............................­........... from IANA
4. Women Conference: Day 3 & 4 ..............................­....... from IANA
5. Women Conference: Day 5 ..............................­........... from IANA
6. Book of Islam v0.19 ..............................­...... from Yasin Poptani

Al Quran ..............................­..............................­.........

I seek Allah's protection from Satan the rejected one.

1. Al Quran ..............................­.................. by Almighty Allah


I seek Allah's protection from Satan the rejected one.

So lose not heart, nor fall in despair: For you must gain
mastery if you are true in Faith.

If a wound has touched you, be sure a similar wound has touched
the others. Such days (of varying fortunes) We give to men and
men by turns:that Allah may know those that believe,and He may
take to Himself from your ranks Martyr-witness (to Truth). And
Allah loves not those that do wrong.

Allah's object also is to purge those that are true in Faith and
to deprive of blessing those that resist Faith.

Did you think that you would enter Heaven without Allah testing
those of you who fought hard (in his cause) and remained

[139-142 Al-i-Imran]

Articles ..............................­..............................­.........

2. Women's Conference in China ..............................­....... from IANA

Women's Conference in China

Dear respected readers,

Asalama alakum. This article contains the briefs put out by IANA
regarding the Women's Conference in China.

Wa Salam.


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

IANA's Delegation Arrives in China
Various Activities Planned
For Immediate Release
Wednesday, August 30, 1995

By Allahs grace and blessings, The Islamic Assembly of North Americas
delegation to the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women:
Action for Equality, Development and Peace, 4-15 September 1995,
Beijing, China has safely arrived.

The delegation is being led by Shaikh Ali Al-Timimi and consists of Dr.
Rafil Dhafir, Dr. Bassem Khafagi, Mr. Idris Palmer, and Ms. Ziyana
Al-Rawahi. The delegation has established a center for communications
and reception in Beijing and an information booth in Huairou.

Over the next ten days, the delegation is scheduled to deliver the
following six lectures:

1. Women in Islam
2. An Islamic Response to the Draft Platform of Action
3. The Prophetic Role Model for Dealing with Women
4. Role of Women in a Muslim Family
5. A Critique of Muslim Feminism
6. Womens Health Issues

Additionally IANA will distribute over 13,000 copies of IANAs conference
booklet on The Wisdom Behind the Islamic Laws Regarding Women by Shaikh
Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq. This booklet is now available in Arabic,
English, Chinese, Swahili, and German. IANA, Allah willing, will
continue to update you throughout the conference with further press

For further Information Contact:

Ali Al-Timimi
(IANA Delegation Head) Kunlun Hotel
Tel. 8610-500-3388 (IANA Suite # 1547)
Fax 8610-500-3228

3. Women Conference: Day 2 ..............................­........... from IANA

Women Conference: Day 2

Islamic Assembly of North America, IANA
Press Release #4

Day 2 at the NGO Forum
For Immediate Release
Friday, September 01, 1995

The Shaykh of Azhar Object of Denunciation

Due to his recent declaration on female circumcision, Imam al-Akbar
Jadul-Haqq Ali Jadul-Haqq, the Shaykh of Azhar, was the object of a
scathing attack by The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights. The
speaker, an Egyptian doctor, said that the Shaykh of Azhar remains the
final obstacle for the abolishment of female circumcision in African
Muslim countries.

Dr. Rafil Dhafir, a delegate of the Islamic Assembly of North America
(IANA) and Vice-Chairman of the Assembly, refuted the allegations and
distortions of the speaker. Dr. Rafil proceeded to explain that while
Islam has permitted female circumcision it has not obligated it and that
none has the right to forbid that what Allah, the Creator, has
permitted. Dr. Rafil also corrected the misinformation given by the
speaker that female circumcision is a form of genital mutilation. Dr.
Rafil, who is a practicing physician, referred to the fact that there
are over 170 scientific studies showing that female circumcision when
practiced in accordance with the sunna (or tradition of the Prophet
Muhammad) leaves no physical, psychological, or emotional harm. The
speaker was left unable to respond.

IANA would like to take this opportunity to thank the Shaykh of Azhar
for his recent paper on the UN Convention for the Elimination of
Discrimination Against Women and for his recent declaration on the evils
and hidden agenda of the United Nations Fourth World Conference on

IANA calls upon the scholars of the Islamic world to the urgent need to
defend the Islamic faith and present the true picture of Islam to the
world. IANA is willing to assist any Muslim scholar in reaching his or
her views to the conference.

The North American Council for Muslim Women

IANA would like to thank The North American Council for Muslim Women for
their presentation entitled An Islamic Jurisprudence-Based Alternative
to the UN Plan for Action. Both lady speakers faced severe criticism
from many secular Muslim women.

IANAs First Lecture Women in Islam

Ali Al-Timimi, IANAs delegation head, delivered IANAs first lecture on
Women in Islam to a filled lecture tent. Shaykh Ali clarified that Islam
views humanity as a species honored by Allah and that women in Islam,
unlike in Western civilization, share full humanity with men. The
speaker also pointed out that Islam, unlike Western thought, does not
view men and women as rivals but rather partners. The speaker
demonstrated the unique role that women played in the spread of the
Islamic religion which is the fundamental basis of Islamic civilization.
This can be seen by the instrumental role of the Prophets wife Khadija,
who was the first to believe in him and support him; and then after his
death, the role played by his wife Aisha in spreading the teachings of
Islam. The speaker also refuted many of the erroneous ideas of Western
feminism and showed that such calls will lead humanity to destruction.
At the end of lecture, the speaker informed the audience of the reason
for humanitys existence on earth, to worship Allah alone, and the
Judgment to which humanity will eventually face by its Creator. The
response to the lecture was excellent. The question and answer session
extended over an hour. Among the many positive comments received that
the lecture cleared up many misconceptions regarding Islam and the role
of women in Islam. One attendee expressed her interest to know more
about the Islamic faith. On the other hand, the speaker faced jeering
from the onset by some of the liberated attendees who were affronted
that the speaker was a man. Otherscorrectly expressed their
dissatisfaction that there was not a woman to deliver this lecture.

Interview with Finland TV

Ali Al-Timimi was interviewed by Finland TV. Shaykh Ali was asked as to
the purpose of IANAs participation at the UN Fourth World Conference for
Women, to which he replied that IANA is here in China to explain Islams
position on the Conferences Platform for Action and to call humanity to
the Islamic alternative. When asked about Islams position on lesbian
rights, Shaykh Ali responded that Islam views homosexuality and
lesbianism to be crimes against humanity and sins before Allah and which
previously resulted in the destruction of segments of humanity. IANA
would like to point out the strength of lesbian groups and activities at
the conference. Distributed at the conference site was a petition in
Arabic by these groups calling for lesbian rights in the Muslim world.

IANA Distributes Its Position Paper

The Islamic Assembly of North America (IANA) distributed over a thousand
copies of its position paper on the UN Fourth World Conference on Women.
IANA also distributed a large number of its conference booklet on The
Wisdom Behind Islamic Laws Regarding Women by Shaykh Abdur-Rahman
Abdul-Khaliq. This booklet is available in five languages among which is
Chinese. Many Chinese delegates showed great interest in this booklet as
it seems to be the only Islamic information in Chinese available at the
Conference. And all praise belongs to Allah.

Letters Received

The Islamic Assembly of North America has received letters of support
from Islamic organizations and concerned Muslims. IANA would like to
take this opportunity to thank Dr. Suhaib Hasan, president of Jamiat
Ahl-i-Hadis in the United Kingdom, and Dr. Muzzammil Siddiqi, Director
the Islamic Society of Orange County, for their warm letters. IANA also
received a letter of support and an article from a concerned American
Muslim sister. IANA thanks the sister for her support and asks Allah to
bless her.

Visit to the Oldest Mosque in China

IANA's delegation completed a visit to the oldest Muslim mosque in
China. This mosque is over a thousand years old and is located in the
Muslim district of Beijing. IANA's delegation was warmly received by the
imam of the mosque, mosque officials and Muslims present at the mosque.
IANA also met a first year student at the Islamic University of Medina
who assisted the delegation in translation and informing the delegation
about Beijing's Muslim district.

Where is Ahl as-Sunnah?

The number of attendees at the NGO forum has reached more than 35,000.
The following is the breakdown of the conference attendees by region:
Africa, 3,245 delegates; North America and Western Europe, 14,833
delegates; Middle East, 819 delegates; Asia and the Pacific 12,336
delegates; Latin America and the Caribbean, over 4,000 delegates. Over
62 Islamic delegations are present from Iran; while the number of
independent Sunni Islamic organizations can be counted on one hand!

An Appeal

The Islamic Assembly of North America requests from the scholars of the
Islamic World, the imams of mosques, and preachers unto Allah to
enlighten the Muslim world during this Friday's sermon regarding the
various machinations against Islam, the repeated attempts to distance
the sons and daughters of Islam from their religion, the hidden agenda
of this UN Conference, and how to foil the libertine and Westernization
movements in the Islamic world. We ask Allah to assist all to what He
loves and pleases Him. IANA's delegation seeks to gather the responses
of Islamic scholars and organizations regarding this conference. We ask
all concerned parties to send their comments and letters to IANA's
Beijing office.


Islamic Assembly of North America, IANA 3588 Plymouth Rd. #270 Ann
Arbor, MI 48105 U.S.A. Tel. (313)-677-0006 Fax (313) 677-0007
e-mail:[email protected] In China, during the Conference, you may reach
us at Kunlun Hotel, IANA Suite # 1547 Tel. 500-3388

4. Women Conference: Day 3 & 4 ..............................­....... from IANA

Women Conference: Day 3 & 4

IANA Press Release # 5

Day 3 and 4 at the NGO Forum, For Immediate Release

Sunday, September 03, 1995

Interview on China TV

On the second day of the NGO forum of the 4th UN Conference on Women,
Ali Al-Timimi, IANA s delegation head, was interviewed by China TV
regarding IANA s presence, message at the conference, and IANA s Chinese
translation of its conference booklet, The Wisdom Behind the Islamic
Laws Regarding Women. The booklet has been received very well by the
Chinese delegates at the conference.

Norwegian Interview

A Norwegian journalist interviewed Brother Idris Palmer, an IANA
delegate, regarding the reason behind IANA s presence at the conference
and IANA s opinion and objections to the platform for action. Brother
Idris answered that IANA rejects the platform for action on a number of
counts among which is that the platform for action will lead to the
destruction of the traditional family. Brother Idris added that IANA
also seeks to defend Islam from the attacks waged against it by Islam s

IANAs Second Lecture

Dr. Rafil Dhafir, an IANA delegate and physician, delivered a lecture
Womens Health Issues: An Islamic perspective. The lecture began with a
discussion of the art of medicine in Islam. Dr. Rafil then proceeded to
explain Islam s position on abortion, contraception, and female
circumcision. The lecture was well-received, although some feminists
rejected Dr. Rafil's distinction between female circumcision and genital
mutilation. Dr. Rafil informed the audience that Islam severely condemns
genital mutilation in all its forms on religious and humane grounds. Dr.
Rafil explained that female circumcision, as practiced in accordance
with the Prophet's guidance, is not a form of genital mutilation and
that it results in no physical, emotional, or mental harm but is rather
a matter that is related to faith.

Other Activities

A morning workshop on the "Challenges facing Arab Women" was influenced
by the contributions of a collection of Muslim women who asserted that
they do not wish to be like men, and that the UN position on women
opposes the basic element of the Islamic family structure by placing
women on a equality with men which thus contradicts Allah's divine

They expressed that every Muslim nation must return to the basic
foundation of Allah s sharia in order to maintain and insure this order.
While most of the participants agreed, a secular man attempted to attack
this position by claiming that as "the Koran is open to interpretation,"
Muslims cannot agree on this or other issues!

A day full of activities

On a swelteringly humid day, following the previous day's deluge,
delegates from the Islamic Assembly of North America successfully
distributed hundreds of copies of Shaikh Abdul Rahman Abdul Khaaliq's
booklet, "The Wisdom Behind Islamic Laws Regarding Women" written
specifically for presentation at this conference. Conference attendees
from Asia and Africa, regions of the world with large Muslim
populations, were extremely pleased with the booklet, and praised IANA's
efforts in making it available for da'wah in five languages.

Christian confusion

IANA's day included attendance at a lecture "Looking at World Religions"
where various world religions looked at through the eyes of the woman
who belong to them, sponsored by the "Christian Brothers University."
Three issues were raised, (1) how does your religion fulfill your
spiritual needs personally, (2) How does your religion fulfill women s
general needs. (3) what changes would you like to see in your religion
to satisfy your needs? All the attendees stated that they were satisfied
with their religion as fulfilling their spiritual needs. However, all,
except the Muslims, felt that their religion needs improvement to
completely satisfy their needs. The Muslim sisters from Indonesia and
Yemen, (who were the only Muslim women attending the lecture) stated
that Islam is complete and fulfills all their spiritual, personal and
general needs without any need for change or improvement.

A Christian attack on Islam

Dr. Rafil Dhafir, Vice-Chairman of IANA, attended a lecture entitled,
"Religion, in Between Fundamentalism and Empowerment," sponsored by
"Ecumenical Women United" The lecture, advertised as the "role of
religion in women's lives, how is religion used in our world today"
turned out to be a forum for subtle proselytizing of Christianity while
bashing Islam. The panel claimed that genocide is taking place in the
Sudan, and introduced a Christian Sudanese woman to bolster their
claims. The lecture was set up to insure that the voice of Islam was not
presented. However, Dr. Rafil managed to stand on the podium and
countered their presentation by exposing their deceptive methods, and
refuted the Christian Sudanese misrepresentation by clarifying that (a)
the war in Sudan has been in existence way before the current Sudanese
government took over, (b) the US had accused the Christian leader, John
Garang with genocide and (c) more people were killed in southern Sudan
by the infighting between rival Christian groups than by fighting with
the Sudanese government. Yet due to the overwhelming number of
Christians in attendance, Dr. Rafili's rebuttal was loudly hissed and
jeered. Sadly, a small number of Muslim women were in attendance for the
lecture, but kept silent during the Christian onslaught on Islam.

Islam on Mock Trial

A "mock trial" was convened, whereby five women "judges" were presented
with 22 alleged cases of women's abuse. A Sudanese lady in attendance
reported to us that the first case was that of an Algerian woman whose
ten-year old daughter was kidnapped by the "mujahideen", raped and
tortured. It was claimed that the leader of this "gang" was surrounded
by women who served him and his men, while he always chose the most
beautiful one to accommodate him! In another case, a Filipino woman was
hired as a servant by a man named "Mohammed", in the US who mistreated
her, raped her, did not pay her salary and starved her to the point of
her being hospitalized.

The Sudanese sister attempted to rebut the calumnies, but was not given
the opportunity at any time during the nine-hour "trial." There were
other Muslim women in attendance who not only kept silent during this
fiasco, but some actually sided with the "court" which decreed Islam and
Muslims "guilty." The Sudanese sister, who is an engineer by profession,
said that she was so frustrated that for the first time in her life, she
wept openly. And to Allah we refer our anguish.

IANA's Third Lecture: "The Islamic Position on the Platform of Action"

Ali Al-Timimi, IANA's delegation head, delivered IANA's third lecture on
"The Islamic Position on the Platform of Action" to an overflow
audience. Shaikh Ali discussed the UN Draft Platform for Action in light
of the three aims of the conference: equality, development, and peace.

At the beginning of the lecture a secularist Muslim woman attempted to
stop the speaker by arguing that as a man he cannot represent the
beliefs of Muslim women. Most of the audience stood against this attempt
and requested her to keep silent or to leave as they are attending this
lecture by their own choice and they full right to hear the speaker and
discuss his talk afterwards. The speaker explained the concepts of
equality, development, and peace in light of the Islamic religion.

Shaikh Ali compared the historical attitudes of Western civilization
toward women which in turn resulted in centuries of oppression as
opposed to the Islamic attitudes regarding women. The lecture ended with
a number of question regarding the speaker s criticism of Western
civilization and his comparisons with Islam and some of the issues
raised during the conference like slavery and polygyny. Many Muslim
women present responded well to many of the allegations.

Like previous days, secularist Muslim women attacked Islam during the
lecture whereas some Tunisian and Palestinian delegates requested from
Muslim women to be liberated from the control of men. One of them
remarked that Islam is a great religion but Muslims are not because they
are men and they are all bad who want to place women in boxes called
hijab. She then requested from two British Muslim women to remove their
head coverings so that everyone could see the beauty of Allah's

Pro-Life, Pro-Choice Clash

Dr. Rafil attended a lecture "Abortion Aftermath" by a US pro-life
group, "International Right to Life Federation" which attempted to
present some recent scientific evidence about "post-abortion syndrome,"
holding that a woman who after an abortion, will feel a sense of guilt,
shame and depression many years after her abortion. A large attendance
by pro-choice partisans fiercely attempted to disrupt the meeting,
causing a shouting match, both sides accusing each other of lies and
deception. It is worth noting that both groups were from the US, and
that a woman from Kenya stood up begging them, "to settle your scores in
the US and not here." She stated that she never imagined that women from
the US could be so rude with each other when they disagree publicly. And
while she has never been to the US, based on her attendance at this
lecture, she has no plans to visit.

Meeting with the Muslim NGO's

Shaikh Ali Al-Timimi and Dr. Bassem Khafagi attended an hour-long
meeting of Muslim non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to discuss the
coordination of efforts at the conference in defending Islam and calling
unto Allah. During the meeting, Shaikh Ali and Dr. Bassem introduced
IANA, explained the role of IANA at the UN conference, and presented
some ideas to the attendees on how to help IANA in completing its
mission at this conference. IANA also requested of the attendees to
provide news items regarding the over 3,000 lectures and events at the
forum for IANA's press releases which are distributed throughout the
Islamic world and North America via fax and the internet. IANA selected
Sister Ziyana Al-Rawahi, an IANA delegate, to follow up with the sisters
of the various Muslim delegations in implementing the steps agreed upon.


The entire day was subjected to a day-long downpour that flooded most of
the lecture areas, caused a collapse of a wall, muddied walkways, soaked
attendees, and caused the cancellation of many lectures.


Islamic Assembly of North America, IANA 3588 Plymouth Rd. #270 Ann
Arbor, MI 48105 U.S.A. Tel. (313)-677-0006 Fax (313) 677-0007
e-mail:[email protected] In China, during the Conference, you may reach
us at Kunlun Hotel, IANA Suite # 1547 Tel. 500-3388

5. Women Conference: Day 5 ..............................­........... from IANA

Women Conference: Day 5

IANA Press Release #6

Day 5 at the NGO Forum, For Immediate Release

Monday, September 5, 1995

IANA Confronts UN Agenda:

For the last five days of the 4th UN Conference on Women in Beijing,
IANA delegates have attended the lectures of a diverse variety of
international organizations, many of whom seek to either demonize Islam
or at the very least, reinvent it; so as to make Islam conform to the
whims of a minority who wish to cast humanity into a dungeon of sexual
promiscuity, atheism and moral decay. In all cases, IANA delegates have
striven to clarify what is the correct Islamic view with respect to
women and family, defend the religion from the onslaught of these
organizations, and countering the propaganda with solid sharia proof and
logical argumentation.

Today however, proved to be unlike any previous day, as up to now, the
onslaught has been largely carried out by non-governmental organizations
(NGOs). Today during a packed UN plenary session and entitled, "Rise of
Conservatism in its Various Forms: Strategies," the hidden UN agenda
came out in its full colors. The session consisted of a panel of five
women chaired by a feminist Hindu and included the head of the
"International Lesbian & Gay Association", a liberal Catholic, a
Nigerian feminist, and Dr. Riffat Hassan, a professor in Islamic studies
from the University of Louisville. The Hindu started by defining
conservatism in the context of fascism, and how the Vatican has come
together with Islam for the purpose of denying women s rights! She was
followed by the lesbian, who proudly opened her speech stating to loud
applause, "I am a lesbian everywhere." She said that lesbians must
strive for, "a political agenda." Her words would lay the groundwork for
the next speaker, the Catholic liberal, who attacked "patriarchy" and
encouraged women to become more "open", public, and to acquire power.
She then said that all people must strive for "perfection in all things
we do" and followed up by saying that the "biggest mistake in the
universe" is to envision an "omnipotent or perfect God," and that we
should understand the "frailty of God." She finished by calling for an
end to religious influence on politics, while condemning "homophobia."

After a brief speech by the Nigerian panelist, Dr. Riffat Hassan took
the podium. In a scathing attack on Islam, religiosity and moral values,
while explaining how since 1974 she has been engaged in developing, a
"feminist theology in the context of Islam," and struggling against
"patriarchy." Punctuating her speech with derisive remarks on everything
from men's role in Islam (and how she hopes some day to assign a role
for men!), to how "patriarchal" are Saudi and Gulf students, whom she
portrayed as being oppressive and simple. While praising Islamic history
and historical figures, she lambasted anything which implied in her
view, male dominion. This led to her launching into a point for point
criticism of everything from the belief that Eve was created from Adam's
rib, a belief she claimed was taken from the Bible, as well as her
attacking a number of the statements of the Prophet (peace be upon him)
reported in al-Bukhari and Muslim that in her view, were not only weak
in the chains of narration, but historically have been used by men to
oppress women. The largely non-Muslim audience was overjoyed with every
word she spoke, and exploded in thunderous applause at the end of her

When Muslim sisters attempted to rebut Riffat Hassan and the other
speakers, the Hindu moderator attempted at first to give preference to
secular Iranian women, before attempting to abruptly end the session.
Yet because of such a large number of veiled Muslim sisters who demanded
to be heard, a single response was allowed, by Dr. Saliha Mahmoud,
director of the Muslim Minorities Institute, UK, who harshly criticized
Dr. Hassan's presentation, commenting that the entire conference,
particularly this specific session, was a platform for a "minuscule
minority" of feminists and lesbians. At this, the lecture hall echoed in
a loud chorus of boos, drowning out Dr. Saliha s words. IANA asks Allah
to reward Dr. Saliha for her courageous stance.

Impressions from a female Muslim scholar at the NGO Forum:

IANA received these remarks from Umm Abdullah, a female Muslim scholar
at the NGO forum: The small number of Muslim women participants is quite
apparent in this gathering which has brought together women from across
the globe and from all races and religions. Nonetheless, these few
Muslim women have made a large impact in distributing Islamic books and
engaging in fruitful discussions. Many enemies of Islam are very
disturbed to see Muslim women observing Islamic dress and face veil.
They sense that these few women have caused their efforts to strive
against Islam to go to waste. Some have commented that it seems that
these veiled women are increasing in number at the conference but it is
only that Allah has made these few sisters seem many in their eyes.
Although many women (non-Muslim) encountered much hardship in journeying
long distances from their lands to China, it is quite apparent that most
of them are concerned with shopping, eating, sight-seeing, etc. This
fact is good news that the claims of their concern about women's issues
have come to an end. It has been noticed that many Christian and
irreligious women have shown a keen interest in those sisters who cover
themselves and are willing to engage in discussion and have had many of
their ideas change regarding Islam and women. It is has also been
noticed the strong enmity toward the Muslim sisters by the secular Arab

"The most important observation is that due to late response of Muslim
organizations they missed the opportunity to use to larger facilities
for their lectures."

An Interview with CNN:

Dr. Bassem Khafagi, President of the Islamic Assembly of North American
and an IANA delegate, was interviewed today by CNN. CNN asked Dr. Bassem
about IANA, its role here at the UN conference, and the success of its
mission. Dr. Bassem replied that for IANA the conference has been

IANA's Fourth Lecture:

Sister Ziyana Al-Rawahi, an IANA delegate, delivered IANA's fourth
lecture on "The Prophetic Methodology on Dealing with Women." Sister
Ziyana discussed how the message and behavior of the Prophet provides an
example for humanity in dealing with women. The talk concluded with a
question and answer session where one delegate asked as to why were
Muslim women alone responsible for guarding their chastity through the
dress covering? Sister Ziyana responded that men also are required to
lower their gaze and guard their chastity and that when a woman wears
her dress covering it is out of obedience to Allah.

A Lecture of the Status of Personal Law in Islam:

A lecture was delivered by Sister Awatif Abdul-Majid and Sister Wisal
al-Mahdi from the Sudan. The lecturers described the regulations
governing marriage and divorce in Islam. At the end of the question and
answer session, a question was raised if Muslim women can "cool off" and
wear whatever they wish in public. Sister Wisal responded that when a
Muslim woman observes Islamic dress it is out of her own free choice and
that if Islam were to ask of them to wear clothes in a certain manner
they would, and "if Islam asked them to give their lives, they would;
and if Islam asked them to give up their children, they would:" as they
are not "thinking only of these fifty or sixty years on earth but rather
are planning for the next life."

IANA would like to ask Allah to bless the various Sudani sisters at the
UN Conference who have displayed a zeal for defending Islam and calling
unto Allah. May Allah guide them to that which is successful in this
world and the next.

Letters Received:

IANA continues to receive positive responses from concerned Muslim
organizations and individuals. IANA has received letters of thanks from
the Islamic Magazine al-Furqan, The Somali Relief Network in Canada, the
female Muslim scholar Ruqayyah al-Muharib, and a letter from a young
Muslim man in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And all praise belongs to Allah

Reaction in the Islamic World:

IANA's Beijing office has been informed that the Imam of Masjid al-Haram
in Makka, Ibn Subayyil delivered last Friday's sermon on the UN 4th
World Conference on Women where he remarked that this conference is a
machination against Islam. IANA is also aware the Grand Council of
Scholars in Saudi Arabia have condemned this conference. May Allah bless
the scholars of the Muslim nation for guiding the Muslims to that which
will attain their success in this world and the hereafter.

An Appeal:

IANA would like to thank all Muslims who have supported our efforts on
this venture for Allah's sake. Yet due to the unexpected high expense of
the world-wide distribution of press releases and operating costs in
China, IANA is running close to a US $10,000 deficit. We ask all Muslims
to assist in any manner possible and not to forget us from your prayers.

For Wire Transfers:

Islamic Assembly of North America (IANA)
3588 Plymouth Road, #270
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Islamic Assembly of North America (IANA)
First of America Bank-Central
Lansing, MI 48909
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Account Number 0130039506


Islamic Assembly of North America, IANA 3588 Plymouth Rd. #270 Ann
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Days 7-8 at the NGO Forum

Thursday, September 7, 1995

IANA s Lecture #5 and #6: =-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

# Sister Ziyana Al-Rawahi delivered IANA s fifth lecture on the Role of
Women in A Muslim Family. Sister Ziyana discussed the laws of marriage
and divorce, the rights and obligations of both spouses, and the role of
motherhood. During the Question and Answer session a Muslim woman
delegate from Tanzania, who is in charge of an Islamic organization,
expressed her frustration as to the weak Muslim participation. She
commented that while Christian groups are showcasing their activities at
the NGO forum, making contacts and coordinating their efforts; Muslims
were not to be seen. She mentioned that from the perspective of an
African Muslim woman, African Muslims feel anger toward their Arab
Muslim brethren for abandoning them to Christian Missionary
organizations. And to Allah alone we voice our grief.

# Brother Idris Palmer delivered IANA s sixth lecture on Sexuality in
Islam where he explained Islam s position regarding marraige,
fornication, and homosexuality. He drew from verses of the Qur an and
hadeeth to explain the basis of Islam s stand and statistics to show how
moral decline in Western lands has increased, leading to an astronomical
rise in violent crimes, rape and adultery in spite of people s material
prosperity. He explained how the West has lost its moral framework and
needs Islam as a solution to all matters, spiritual and social, material
and moral.

Events at the NGO Forum :- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

# Betty Freidan, a feminist leader and author, along with the founder of
USA Today, held a press conference to discuss the significance of
Hilary Clinton s presence at Huairou. During the press conference, Betty
Freidan used every opportunity to warn the mesmerized press corps about
the dangers Islamic conservatism poses to women.

# Algerian women held a demonstration calling for a secular, democratic
Algerian state and attacking the Islamists. It was noticeably obvious
that no Algerian woman was observing Islamic dress and that a large
number of French woman participated in the demonstration, arguing that
they were there to defend human rights in Algeria. When one member of
IANA s delegation began to videotape this sham, one Western woman,
thinking that he was an Algerian Islamist, grabbed the IANA delegate s
ID badge in order to know what country he is from, only to be
disappointed that he was a delegate from the US. This Western woman was
surrounded by a number of Algerian women who were jeering and cursing
Islamists and in particular the FIS.

# The Muslim Women s Network in America delivered a panel session
entitled Muslim Woman in North America. This session was led by Dr.
Layla Al-Maryati, a delegate chosen by the Clinton administration to
represent the US as a liason between the US and the Muslim and Arab
worlds. No member of this panel was wearing Islamic dress although each
one claimed that she was representing the Muslim women of North America.
Suprisingly, one of the panel members boasted that she represented the
conservative trend among American Muslim women. One panel member from
California vehemently attacked the imams of North American mosques for
opposing the religion and fanaticism against Muslim women by attempting
to subdue them by every means possible in the land of freedom. This
Californian mentioned that women were not permitted in North American
mosques to freely mix with men, are forced to pray next to the
bathrooms, have no air conditioning, and are unable to hear the voice of
the imam. Sadly, this woman from California who was seen publically
smoking on the streets of Huairou is a close relative of one of the
directors of the largest mosques in California.

# This afternoon a panel was held regarding the Arab plan of action to
improve the status of women in the Arab world. This panel consisted of
delegates from Jordan, Algeria, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait, Palestine, Lybia,
Yemen and Morrocco. Each speaker used the opportunity for propaganda for
her country. When the Algerian woman came to speak, she apologized that
she will not speak in Arabic, as she cannot, because her language is
French. As usual, the discussipn witnessed a fierce argument between the
Kuwaiti and Iraqi delegates regarding the Kuwaiti POWs. Walking through
the aisles were Algerian and French women carrying placards attacking
terrorism, extremism and calling for an end to Fundamentalists. As for
the Egyptian delegate she called for women to work for a new
understanding of Islamic laws dealing with women. The only delegate
wearing Islamic dress was the delagte of Morrocco who made sure that she
voiced her anger that a Polosario delegation was present. The panel
session ended with a review of the resolutions that were previously made
calling for the passage of new laws regarding woman that do not
contradict UN resolutions. They seek to judge to false gods and they
were commanded to disbelive in them... (The Koran 4:60)

# The Muslim World League delivered a lecture on the persecution faced
by Muslim women in many parts of the world. The lecture which used
pictures and videotape greatly effected the audience who were moved to
tears by the graphic violence comitted against Muslim women due to their
religion. The lecture concluded with a number of questions, of which a
question raised by a Canadian woman who acknowledged that while Muslim
women have the right to observe Islamic dress, whenever she sees a
Muslim woman in Islamic dress she feels that she is being oppressed. One
Muslim woman audience member remarked that she was raised in a
non-religious household and only began to feel persecution due to her
faith once she began to observe Islamic dress. The lecture ended with a
remark by a European who said that when Islam is presented, she feels
that it is a beautiful religion but that she is frightened when she
looks at Muslims and sees how they do not apply the teachings of their

# A group of Iranian woman had a demonstration demanding for an end to
the attacks on Islam and that the conference should not be used as a
venue to attack the Islamic faith. A large group of Arab women voiced
their anger at this demonstration as they felt it was a symbol of Arab
and Islamic backwardness. On the other hand a large number of Western
press correspondents filmed the demonstration and interviewed the
Iranian women who expressed their opinion that Iran is the official
representative of Islam at the conference!

# A lecture was delivered regarding Muslim minorities in the West and
the problems they face. The sister who gave this lecture that the Muslim
women live in the West face severe hardships due to the difference in
religion, language and culture. This problem is compounded due to a lack
of assistance on part of Muslim governments toward Islamic minorities.
The lecturer mentioned during her talk that the Platfrom for Action was
not really intended to raise the status of women around the world but
was put together behind closed doors and that it will not be, in her
estimation, successful. The lecture ended her talk by placing some
suggestions to relieve some of the social and personal problems facing
Muslim minorities in the West. IANA delgate, Dr. Rafil Dhafir commented
that while the Muslims have demonstrated an ability to describe the
problems they face, they have not been able to present strong solutions.
Dr. Rafil expressed his hope that in the future the lecturer will
present more broader solutions for the problems faced by Muslims in the

# The official US delegation chair presented yesterday a report to the
US NGOs regarding the developments of the official UN conference. She
mentioned that more than 80% of the Platform for Action has been agreed
to and that the countries present at the conference have agreed to it,
and that the remaining 20% of the Platform is on the way to agreement.
She remarked that she expected that the conference will end with
consensus on the Platform for Action. She also remarked that among the
obstacles is that the Islamic nations have not agreed to the paragraph
regarding pre-marital sex (fornication) although African nations have
no problem with this. The US official delegation manifested its desire
to keep in contact and inform US NGOs regarding what is occuring at the
conference, although no Muslim contry was seen doing likewise.

Visit to the Islamic Association of Beijing:-

Ali Al-Timimi, IANA s delegation head, visited the Islamic Association
of Beijing were he discussed IANA s role at the UN conference and
presented copies of IANA s conference booklet on The Wisdom Behind the
Specific Islamic Laws Regarding Women by Shaykh Abdur-Rahman

Final Sisters Meeting of Muslim NGO:-

Concluding meeting was held by the Muslim NGOs at Huairou. At the
session, the sisters representing the various NGOs present summed up
their impressions of the NGO Forum. All agreed that a common theme was
the persistent attack on Islam throughout the Forum and that certain
Muslim women were the most vociferous in these attacks. Representing
IANA at this meeting was IANA delegate, Sister Ziyana Al-Rawahi.

IANA asks Allah to bless and reward all the Muslim NGOs and delegates
for defending Islam throughout the nine days of attacks. IANA hopes that
the lessons learnt from the NGO Forum are taken back by each Muslim NGO
and delegation. IANA views that among the most important lessons to be
learnt is the importance of Muslims gathering upon specific plans and
following in that the guidance found in Allah s Scripture and the sunna
of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as understood by the
earliest Muslims.

Islamic Assembly of North America, IANA

IANA's Final word (Press # 8)

By the merit of Allah (and all praise belongs to Him alone) the
delegation of the Islamic Assembly of North America (IANA) left Beijing,
the capital China, this morning for the United States of America
following the conclusion of its activities at the United Nations Fourth
World Conference for Women. These activities lasted for a period of ten

Allah blessed the IANA delegation that it achieved the majority of the
aims it set out for itself at the conference. In brief these aims were
as follows:

* To call those present at the conference to the religion of Islam.

* To refute the objections presented by the enemies of Islam regarding
rights of women in Islam.

* To be aware of the way of the criminals in plotting against and to
distant Muslims from their creed.

* To be aware of the condition of the Muslims in China and how the
Islamic Assembly of North America can assist them in religious matters.

In order to achieve these aims, Allah guided IANA to do the following:

**Preparation of a number of papers:

By Allah's grace and merit IANA prepared the following position papers
essays for the UN conference:
1. The Wisdom Behind the Islamic Laws Regarding Women by Shaykh
2. The Rights of Women in Islam by Ali Al-Timimi
3. Women's Health Issues in Islam by Dr. Rafil Dhafir
4. Family Structure in Islam by Ziyana Al-Rawahi

**Presentation and lectures:

By Allah's grace and merit, IANA gave the following lectures at the NGO
1. Women in Islam by Ali Al-Timimi
2. Women's Health Issues in Islam by Dr. Rafil Dhafir
3. An Islamic Response to the Draft Platform for Action by Ali Al-Timimi
4. The Prophet's Guidance for Dealing with Women by Ziyana Al-Rawahi
5. The Role of Women in the Muslim Family by Ziyana Al-Rawahi
6. The Effect of the Spread of Immorality on Human Society by Idris

**Attendance of NGO Events Pertaining to Islam

While at the NGO Forum, IANA was able to attend over 75 events
pertaining to Islam. These presentation were given by both Islamic
groups and secular groups calling for "women's rights."

By Allah's grace and merit, IANA was able to refute many objections
during these sessions regarding abortion, polygyny, female circumcision,
female inheritance, a Muslim woman's dress, and other issues that are
often raised in order to attack Muslim women and Islam. IANA was also
able to present the true Islamic perspective for dealing with women.
Additionally, Sister Ziyana Al-Rawahi coordinated on the behalf of IANA
with the Muslim NGOs women coordinators.

**Distribution of Conference Booklet and Papers By Allah's grace, IANA
was able to coordinate with Shaykh Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq to provide
the delegates at the UN conference with an essay regarding women in
Islam. This essay entitled "The Wisdom Behind the Islamic Laws Regarding
Women" was translated into four languages (English, Chinese, German, and
Swahili) by IANA prior to the conference. For the conference IANA
printed 13,000 copies of this essay. By Allah's grace these were all
distributed at the conference. IANA was able therefore to reach between
one-third to one-half of the conference attendees with the Islamic
message regarding women. It should be noted that this essay also has an
introduction inviting humanity to the message of Islam.

**Also, IANA was able to distribute Dr. Rafil Dhafir's paper regarding
women's heath issues in Islam.

**IANA also made available over 1,000 copies of its position of the UN
Draft Platform for Action.

**Press Releases

By Allah's grace and merit IANA released eight press releases in Arabic
and English which were widely distributed by fax and e-mail throughout
North America and the Muslim world. These press releases provided a
synopsis of IANA's activities and a window into the activities at the
NGO Forum.

These press releases were well received, as witnessed by the positive
comments received by IANA in Beijing from scholars, Islamic
organizations and ordinary Muslims throughout the world.

**Invitations By Allah's grace and merit, IANA received invitations to
visit and teach Islam in Hong Kong and Pakistan. Also other Islamic
organizations from China, the Philippines, Tanzania, Egypt, and
elsewhere requested that IANA forwards literature on regular basis to
their organizations.

**IANA's Arabic magazine dealing with women's issues, al-Muslimah, was
well received by Muslim women at the conference who requested

**Interviews By Allah's grace and merit, IANA was interviewed by media
organizations between ranging from CNN to China TV. IANA's delegates
used these interviews to present Islam to the audiences and readers and
to explain IANA's position towards the platform of action proposed by
the United Nations.

**The Muslims of China By Allah's grace and merit, IANA was able to meet
with a number of Muslim officials and ordinary Muslims. IANA also
visited two mosques in Beijing and the Muslim district of the city.
These visits allowed IANA to see first hand the condition of our Chinese
Muslim brethren.

**What's After China?

Allah willing, IANA plans to :

1.Provide as many Islamic journals, magazines, and newspapers with articles
and analyses regarding the UN Conference and the Muslim of China.
2.Provide a complete report to the scholars of the Islamic world and the
leaders of the various Islamic organizations in North America regarding the
aims of the UN conference and suggested strategies to reverse the UN agenda.
3.During IANA's annual gathering (December 1995), the delegation will
present a panel discussion regarding its trip to China.
4.Prepare a documentary video to be available for sale at the conference.
5.Make available for sale in North America (late September 1995), Shaykh
Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq's essay regarding the wisdom behind Islamic laws
regarding women.
6.Publish and sale of a book (mid October 1995) of Ali Al-Timimi's work on
Women in Islam.

**Availability of Speakers

Allah willing, IANA hopes to make available any member of the delegation
to visit Islamic centers and Muslim organizations in North America and
throughout the world to speak about the UN conference. Please contact
IANA at the address provided below after the 15th of September, 1995.

**Words of Thanks

IANA would like to take this final opportunity to ask Allah to bless and
reward Shaykh Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq for his pivotal role in
assisting IANA complete its task.

**IANA asks Allah to bless the scholars of the Muslim nation, and in
particular the Shaykh of al-Azhar, for their role in refuting the
platform for action and guiding this Islamic nation to what leads to its
success in this world and next.

**IANA asks Allah to bless and reward all the Muslim NGOs and
individuals who strived in any capacity to defend Islam and present the
true picture of the Islamic view on women.

**IANA asks Allah to bless every Muslim individual who contributed to
the success of IANA's mission by their time, money, advice and prayers.

**An Appeal IANA requests that if any Muslim organization or individual
would like to contact us regarding our China trip or any other issue to
please contact us at our US address below:

**IANA still stands in need of your financial contributions for this
project as we are currently running a 10,000 deficit.

Forward your wire transfers to the following address:
Islamic Assembly of North America (IANA)
3588 Plymouth Road, #270
Ann Arbor, MI 48105 USA

For Wire Transfers:
First of America Bank-Central, Lansing, MI 48909, USA
Routing Number 072400670 Account Number 0130039506

**Final Words

In conclusion, we have no recourse but to ask Allah, the Transcendent,
the Powerful by His Beautiful Names and Perfect Attributes that He
accepts our work and that He prevents us not from the reward of these
deeds and that He rewards everyone who assisted in this project by time,
money, or prayers and that He continues to permit IANA to effectively
serve Allah's religion side-by-side with all Islamic organizations. Wa
Assalam Alikum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh.



The Muslim Women's Conference
April 1st & 2nd, 2000, IANA is sponsoring the Muslim Women's conference at
University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA.

April 1st & 2nd, of the year 2000


The University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA.


The conference will deal with the aspects of a Woman's Life as an American
Muslimah, either as a native or an immigrant. The topics will be divided
into the following categories:

The Muslim Woman and her Lord
The Muslim Woman and her Self.
The Muslim Woman and her society.
The Muslim Woman and her family.

Topics for Discussion:

The Muslim Woman and Her Lord Speakers in this category will highlight such
areas as Fundamentals of Belief as they are incorporated into everyday
living situations n America.
The Muslim Woman and Her Self Speakers in this category will highlight such
areas as nutrition, personal care/grooming, personal enricment/education,
and fashion.
The Muslim Woman and Her Society Speakers in this category will highlight
such areas as dealing with Islamic issues like hijab in the workplace or in
the school, dealing with non-Muslims, dawa'a etc...
Other topics that can be included in this area is the experience of growing
up in the U.S as a Muslimah. Another topic is to talk about the Muslim women
throughout history. A special presentation by CAIR might be included in this
area to talk about the Muslim women's rights.
The Muslim Woman and Her Family Speakers in this category will highlight
such areas as raising a family in a non-Muslim society.

Expected Speakers:

Ali Tamimi
Ali Tamimi's wife
Tajuddin Shuaib
CAIR speaker: Dr. Rasha Al-Desooqui
Fareed Abdullah
Farida Om Abdullah
Jamal Zarabozo
Jasem Al-Mutawwa
Mamduh Mohd Deen
Muhammad Adly
Salim Morgan
Sister Naziha
Sister Nusaibah Al-Mutawwa
Sister Rahma
Sister Shariffa Carlo Al Andalusia
Sister Thahirah
Yasser Ibrahim Fazaqa



Local Speakers: These speakers will be notables from the local Muslim
community who will participate in panel discussions on the various topics.
Visiting Speakers: We hope to invite either two or three nationally-known
speakers or one large speaker, like the Khateeb of Aqsa or a known scholar

>from Overseas.

Fashion Show:

Islamic Fashion: We have enlisted the assistance of a professional Fashion
Show expert to put together a show that will highlight Islamic Fashion.
Indoor Fashion: The same expert will also include items for indoor use from
local merchants

Babysitting is going to be provided during the conference.

Nasheed Contest:
Young girls from around town will be given a chance to compete with Islamic
nasheed. Prizes: $500, $250 and $100.

Participants will be served lunch and dinner from a local Islamic restaurant
that will be chosen by lowest bid.

Local Muslim Merchants will be invited to set-up tables in a bazaar


MIM: McAuliffe is a convert to Islam who had this to say about the conference.

Ali Tamimi
>Ali Tamimi's wife

I love it. A conference for women, but a female speaker doesn't even
have her own name, nor an identity apart from her husband's.

Can anyone say "irony"?

Jeremiah McAuliffe

MIM: A Fatwa from Tamimi, who hoped to 'see America destroyed', suggests Muslim men find women abroad to marry and save them from their misery - presumably by bringing them to the US

Advice Regarding Marrying Non-Muslims

: By Ali Al-Timimi

: ______________________________­______________________________­_____

: I need a fatwa regarding making the marriage contract in a church or
: in a civil court.So the question is: If a muslim is getting married
: with a Christian woman, is it permissible in Islam to make the
: marriage contract in a church or a civil court?

: As for regarding, marrying a Christian woman, one must understand that
: Allah has permitted for us the "muhsanaat" among them. This means that
: the woman _must_ be chaste. As for those Christian women who have had
: sex outside of marriage; it is impermissible to marry them. As most
: American woman, these days, have sex before marriage, a "muhsanah"
: from the Christians is a rarity!


The court will not give not do this if the woman is muslim?

: I have one final word of advice regarding the dangers and
: appropriateness of marrying a Christian woman. (1) If the marriage
: ends in divorce; the court will almost always and without exception
: give custody of the children to the woman; (2) if the husband tries to
: leave the US with the children and a court order issues a warrant for
: his arrest for kidnapping; the Dept. of Justice will send FBI officers
: to arrest the husband and bring back the children, even if he is
: overseas. In fact, there are special mercenaries for hire that for a
: fee will kidnap the children and bring them back to the US. This has
: happened in Jordan and Iraq. I even know first hand of an incident
: where a British Muslim (a pure white Englishman with a big red beard)
: who was arrested in Medina by Saudi authorities due to the pressure of
: the British government to return his Muslim daughter back to her
: Christian drug abusing wife and her boyfriend and to place him in jail
: for kidnapping his Muslim daughter to Saudi Arabia; (3) many Muslims
: today are weak in faith and suffer from feelings of inadequacy (due to
: this lack of faith) in front of Westerners (and in particular white
: Americans); as a result, it is often that the Christian wife who will
: control their lives. I know of many cases of Muslims who have married
: these Christian women and due to the enviornment have ended up in a
: case of "virtual" apostasy; (4) how appropriate is it to marry a
: Christian woman given that there are many Muslim woman who lack
: husbands? These are not only American sisters, converts and immigrant
: children who have grown up in this country and who need strong Muslim
: men to learn Islam from them and take care of them; but what about the
: tens of million of Muslim women from Muslim countries who due to war
: and displacement live very poor lives and are looking for a Muslim man
: to teach them and rescue them from their misery. If the youth of Islam
: remain with only one wife or marry Christians, who will shelter our
: sisters from Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq, Kashmir, Philipines, etc.! That is
: some advice from the heart that I felt must be brought forward. My
: apologies if these words are out of place.

: Ali Al-Timimi

: Muhammad Manwar Ali (Abu Muntasir) e-mail: [email protected]
: ISS/ISEC/SSI/NAI61, Service Creation Interfacing & Verification
: British Telecom labs. Tel: +44 1473 646783
: Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP5 7RE UK Fax: +44 1473 231285
: (52 deg 4 min N 1 deg 17.4 min E)
Hassan Alam


MIM: You can call me Al:

Ali Al Timimi's fatwa in which he write of "Muslim having feeling of inadequacy in front of white Americans" and warns Muslim men that "a Christian woman will control their life" is a far cry from this computer question which he posed in his student persona.

Hello everyone!

I am attempting to investigate fuzzy approaches to gene expression
data mining.

I'm looking for any pointers to publicly available software (or
alternatively how-to references if I need to construct my own
software) for fuzzy query langauge or database implementations.

Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.




Ali Al-Timimi
Graduate Student
Center for Biomedical Genomics and Informatics
10900 University Boulevard, MSN 4E3
George Mason University

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