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Congressman Andre Carson At Terrorist Linked ICNA Event: U.S. Schools Should Be Modelled On "Our Madrassas"

July 9, 2012

Congressman Andre Carson addressed a conference of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) a group linked to Al Qaeda, Hamas and Jamaat-e-Islami.

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ICNA is a virulently anti-American and anti Semitic organisation.

According to Discover the Networks:

"The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) was founded in 1971 as a "non-ethnic, non-sectarian, open-to-all, independent" grassroots organization. Its goal is "to seek the pleasure of Allah … through the … establishment of the Islamic system of life as spelled out in the Qur'an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad." Toward this end, ICNA endeavors to: "invite mankind to submit to the Creator by using all means of communications"; ..."

Terrorism analyst Steven Emerson claims that ICNA has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the ideological forebear of all radical Islamic movements -- including Hamas and al-Qaeda. Documents show that Hamas officials have participated in previous ICNA events. "The ICNA's hatred of the Jews is so fierce," writes Emerson, "that it taunted them with a repetition of what Hitler did to them." In his book American Jihad, Emerson expounds: "The ICNA openly supports militant Islamic fundamentalist organizations, praises terror attacks, issues incendiary attacks on western values and policies, and supports the imposition of Sharia [Islamic law]."

At the ICNA conference Congressman Carson told the gathering that Islamic education should be the model for American schools. He also stated that Muslims should be upset about U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan and that Muslims were "under attack" and that Muslims could not be stopped.

Carson revealed his Islamist agenda and his own presidential aspirations when he proclaimed that:

"Our very lifestyle as proscribed in the Koran is a form of da'wa". How many of you would love to sit on a jury that has to decide a case about a police officier who was accused of spying on Muslims?" "We must groom...the first Muslim president". Can you imagine a sister... in the White House with a hijab on?" I am thankful and honored that you would have me at ICNA...I am so happy to be among Muslims". It's time for us to create the next generation of leaders".

"America will never tap into educational innovation and ingenuity without looking at the model that we have in our madrassas, where innovation is encouraged, where the foundation is the Koran, and that model we are pushing in our schools meets the needs of our students," he said. "Most of us are visual learners. Some of us are auditory learners, learn by hearing. Many of us are kinetic learners, learn by doing, touching, feeling. I have found, as my wife is a (public school) principal, and we have a five-year-old daughter, Salima, that we need an educational model that is current, that meets the needs of our students. America must understand that she needs Muslims."

Andre Carson is one of two Muslim Congressman. The other is Keith Ellison, who has also been a frequent speaker at radical Islamist conferences and events. He was mentioned by Carson in the ICNA video.

MIM: In 2008 ICNA congratulated Carson on his election to Congress.

03 14 08

Second Muslim Elected to U.S. Congress

—FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—JAMAICA, New York (March 12, 2008) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) congratulates Andre Carson who was elected to Indiana's 7th congressional district on the Democratic ticket. He will replace his late grandmother, US Rep. Julia Carson.

Carson, who converted to Islam more than a decade ago, will be the second Muslim in Congress. He won yesterday's special election with 54 percent of the vote. He must now win both a May primary election and the November general election to serve a full term in Congress.

"We congratulate Representative Carson on his victory and also congratulate the people of Indiana's 7th district. We pray that his election to the Congress will benefit not only his constituents, but will help promote the positive role of Muslims in American public service".


Press Contact: Naeem Baig
Vice President for Public Affairs
Islamic Circle of North America
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