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Suicidal Political Grandstanding - Team Obama Intentionally Blows Agent[s] Cover In Al-Qaeda Operation

May 15, 2012


May 15, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - - While the specific internals of the matter [an apparent high level infiltration of the Arabian Peninsula's al-Qaeda network, AQAP, by Western friendly intelligence] have [and probably will endlessly be] murky, one thing has become clear, "senior intelligence officials" anonymous of course to protect the guilty, intentionally leaked highly sensitive information to the press purely for political purpose thus placing this agent, or agents as the case may be, in extreme danger.

Those actually involved, on the ground, face a rather horrific fate if identified, or even suspected. They have variously been identified in differing media accounts as Saudis, Americans and/or possibly, Brits.

It is important to note that such a blossoming of contradictory accounts may in itself be a direct misinformation op, designed to intentionally cloud this extraordinarily serious breakdown in Western spy craft, hopefully staunching the bleeding and limiting the losses. Such lack of definition in this matter at this time is a very good thing - we do not need to know, period - we are at war.

What is troubling is not the operation itself, because penetrating al-Qaeda and other Islamist terror networks such as the Muslim Brotherhood and its American representatives [which this administration publicly pretends don't really present a threat] is not only of supreme importance so as to further disrupt their operations but it's an extraordinarily difficult, not to mention dangerous undertaking.

This is because these jihadist outfits operate on a highly elevated mafia model; not only must those allowed access to the inner core of the organizations be well known to its top level leadership, they are often chosen on the basis of kinship ties, a kind of tribal level seal of approval. By way of reference we can look to the Elashi family of Infocom and Holy Land Foundation infamy as evidence of such tactical incestuousness. [for further explication please refer to this 2006 DOJ presser,]

Close familial ties have carried a great deal of weight in such matters given the historical importance of patrimonialism throughout the Arab world.

The bottom line here is president Obama's character, or lack thereof.

In more normal times such a breach would seldom if ever occur and if it did and the leakers were identified, they would be facing charges of treason.

Below from a Fox News transcript regarding national security professional, KT MacFarland's take on the issue:

FNC Anchor, Martha Martha MacCallum: "KT you say this truly amounts to treason, this leak..."

KT McFarland: "Yeah...we need the guy on the inside, the tribal member...we have degraded our ability to gather intelligence and prosecute people in the future because of all these leaks, and for what end..I'm interested in saving American lives not getting votes in the next election." [source,]

Kt McFarland has impressive national security credentials, including posts in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan admininistrations as well as having served as an aide to Dr. Henry Kissinger.

In the best of all possible worlds [certainly a lofty thought] if found guilty, such individuals deserve to be lined up against a wall and machined gunned.

Nothing close to that unfortunately will ever happen to these American traitors who are still serving within this administration, regardless, that is the best they deserve.

The only remedy now available after this really unfathomable breach of security by people who absolutely knew the risk and still took it to advance Team Obama's reelection bid is to remove Mr. Obama in November. He is the tip of the spear in this matter.

Though seeking retribution against previous administrations is an area which should be approached only upon the most urgent of exigencies, if at a future date these traitors can be identified, they should immediately face the harshest treatment allowed under American law, perhaps they should simply disappear.

This isn't a Columbia University lounge game, the West faces an existential threat which can be laid at the feet of Islamic fanatics as sanctified by Shari'a, and the fact that this administration is unable to even comprehend that fact is the most serious reason imaginable why Obama is unfit for any political office, let alone the presidency of the United States.

The only alternative explanation for such actions by the president entail a level of Machiavellian plotting so chilling it's difficult to even imagine in a 21st century American setting.

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