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Administration Mum On Iran's Public Meddling In Afghan Affairs

May 10, 2012

May 10, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - - In an announcement published today by Iran's state controlled PressTV, the country's Islamic theocracy made clear in a very public manner that it finds Afghanistan's recently cobbled together strategic pact with the U.S. is unacceptable.

To impress upon Afghan officials the seriousness with which the Mullah's terrorist regime views this development, "Iran's Foreign Ministry has summoned Afghanistan's charge d'affaires in Tehran, Shah Mardanqol, to protest the recent Afghan media hype against the Iranian embassy in Kabul. The Afghan official was summoned to the ministry on Thursday to receive Iran's protest, IRNA reported.... " [source,]

The main area of contention, from Iran's point of view is the possible very-long term American military presence remaining in Afghanistan after Team Obama's scheduled summer pullout of the main body of U.S. forces.

By their complete silence on the matter administration officials are acquiescing to the increasingly bellicose tone coming out of Tehran regarding its hegemonic intentions for the entire region. Having written off U.S. strategic efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan as failed enterprises, Team Obama has thus materially strengthened Tehran's diplomatic hand at the worst possible time.

It's no wonder that with the U.S. now engaging the Taliban enemy in "peace" talks and its failure to even strongly criticize Iran's assertiveness, that American stature in the region has been seriously degraded. Such actions affirm the opinion that the U.S. under this regime is not-only an unreliable ally, but is acting directly against the interests of those whom it claims to be aiding, all with an eye towards the president's bid for a second term in November.

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