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Muslim Brotherhood Threatens Proxy War With Israel

March 14, 2012

March 14, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - - An incendiary, near declaration of war against Israel has been issued by an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood entity, the "Freedom and Justice Party" and published Monday on the Ikhwan's website [source,].

The statement reads in part:

"Israel must fully realize that Egypt, whose people have bravely erupted against and toppled the tyrannical corrupt regime which provided it with constant and direct support, will not under any circumstances accept such Israeli actions and deliberate violent escalation, which put the entire region at risk and threaten international relations, stability and security. The FJP stresses that the security of the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian people inevitably impacts the national security of Egypt will stand solidly by her besieged brothers in Gaza. The party also asserts that the siege Israel has been imposing on Gaza is no longer acceptable under any justification, which requires full and permanent opening of the Rafah border crossing, just like all other border crossings linking Egypt with its neighboring Arab countries..."

Further along in the political screed, the Brotherhood declares that it will render whatever assistance - apparently including arms - it might deem necessary to support Gaza's terrorist Hamas regime, "Further, the FJP vows full support for the people of Gaza...which entails providing them with all they need to ensure that they obtain their internationally and legally recognized rights..."

The MB logic for war seems clear - it has declared that Egypt's sphere of political dominion extends beyond its borders and into Gaza and that for all practical purposes any military action taken by Israel against Gaza constitutes a direct and unacceptable threat to Egypt.

Of course the "aggression" against Gaza touted by the MB is actually a long overdue defensive operation, in direct response to the launching of over 200 missiles from Gaza targeting Israeli cities. In response, the IDF carried out a series of raids including nearly 40 airstrikes against Hamas' war making infrastructure including rocket launchers and weapons dumps.

We find it unsurprising that the MB's belligerent statement nowhere mentions the provocation by Gaza which led to the IDF response. It is also important to note that numerous sources including YNetNews [source,,7340,L-4201948,00.html] are reporting the use of human shields by the Hamas terrorists so as to increase the civilian carnage which in turn is then used to gin-up additional Muslim rage and "international condemnation," against the Jewish state, "Gaza terrorists firing rockets at Israel have been using local residents as human shields, thereby leading to civilian casualties in IDF strikes, the army charged Monday..."

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This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at