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Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference Tries to Islamize Ten Commandments

November 23, 2010

November 23 2010- Militant Islam Monitor-The upcoming Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference, an extremist event held yearly in Toronto Canada, is attempting to Islamize the Ten Commandments. The conference will be held from December 24th to 26th and the theme is "Rules for the Road of Life –Reviving the 10 Commandments for the Modern World". The event program lists it's goals as follows:

" The conference will endeavor to 1) demonstrate the Islamic cognates of each of the ten commandments; 2)show to what extent the civilization that defines itself as Judeo-Christian has abandoned or held on to those commandments; and 3) lay out a "road map" as to how Muslims can lead a revival of these commandments as the operative moral basis for checking the ravages of secularism gone mad."[source,]

Muslims have often appropriated fundamental aspects of other religions and attempted to Islamize them. One example is claiming that the sacrifice of Abraham of his son Isaac was really that of his son Ishmael. They also propagate the myth of the Abrahamic faiths claiming that Judaism, Christianity and Islam have the same root and by extrapolation implying that conversion to Islam entails recognizing that Islam is the ultimate manifestation of both and therefore the one true religion.

The Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference taking of the Ten Commandments as it's basis is an exercise in spiritual Islamist triumphalism.

This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at