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Gaza Peace Flotilla - Cruisin' For A Bruisin'

June 2, 2010

Dr. David Lazerson

Miami Fl.

In light of the recent Hamas "Peace" Flotilla disaster, it's time for some real honesty here. With Israel and the IDF, it's simply not as easy as it used to be to harass and kill Jews. In the good ol' days, any proud card-carrying anti-Semite could round them up, lock ‘em away in ghettos, take away their civil rights, and use as many for target practice without too much international outcry. It's all so complicated now since Israel was established and they took todefending the human dignity and rights of Jews across the planet. Israel fights back - and they fight fiercely, for it's G-d given right to live, play, eat & breathe without fear. Such chutzpah!

The Arab and Muslim bloc at the UN has called for swift condemnation, blaming of course, Israel for the swift downward turn of events that led to the death of nine flotilla participants as well as many more injured. The injured, by the way, include several Israeli soldiers, two in serious condition. Most of those killed were Turkish citizens and Turkey has been leading the anti-Israel bandwagon, promising not only verbal condemnations but even some sort of reprisals.

But let's set the record straight here, folks. First of all, this supposed "peace" endeavor consisted of sending in several boats to Gaza for what they called "humanitarian assistance." It's rather interesting to note that the entire fleet was bringing in 15 tons of goodies. What's the big fuss here? On a weekly basis Israel sends in close to 20 tons of true humanitarian aid to Gaza. Yes, you read that correctly. Not monthly. Weekly. This consists of food, building materials, medical supplies, etc. Israel offered this "peace" fleet the opportunity to dock in Ashdod where the contents of each ship could be checked.

Why bother with such a nuisance, you ask? Well let's just say that with Hamas running the show in Gaza, they're not exactly the best of neighbors. They still don't recognize Israel's right to exist and they advocate violence, murder and terror. For several years they are still holding Gilad Shalit, assuming he's still alive, and in violation of international law – not to mention human decency, have refused even Red Cross visits to this kidnapped soldier.

Israel would be downright stupid or suicidal to let these Hamas sponsored ships free access in Gaza. Hamas and all the participants on these vessels stubbornly refused Israel's offer to bring the ships to Ashdod for proper checking. In other words, their main objective was clearly not helping out the Gazan population, but rather to force a direct confrontation with Israel. Until Hamas changes it attitude and behaviors, Israel has little choice but to enforce a blockade, just as they must enforce the security checkpoints along Israeli roads. Let's remember that it was a mere two years ago that Israel gave Gaza to the Arabs for the sake of peace. But there's no pleasing these characters. Gaza was used as a launching pad to strike closer into the interior of Israel. Since the so-called Palestinians took over in Gaza, they showed little interest in self-government and building up an independent, thriving country. It was much easier to keep it business as usual and keep hating and shooting at Israel. Since they took control over Gaza more than 10,000 rockets have been fired into Israel.

As far as Turkey goes, that former friend of the US and Israel has begun a rather quick downward slide into partnership with Iran and its own brand of Muslim fanaticism.

Their participation in this flotilla was not about humanitarian aid but to publicly show Israel "in your face!" So far Israel has discovered all sorts of wonderful "humanitarian" aid on board the ships, including large fighting knives, metal clubs, and let's not forget the item that every Gazan desperately needs; bullet proof vests! The idiots on board the "peace" flotilla were clearly cruisin' for a bruisin'! In very clear footage taken from the overhead helicopters, the Israel soldiers were brutally attacked as soon as they boarded the vessel. Or I should say try to board the vessel. Many of the soldiers were attacked while still on their rappelling lines. Groups of the Gaza "peaceniks" attacked them with pipes, clubs, knives, and some gunshots. The Israel soldiers were carefully instructed not to fire live ammo unless their lives were endangered. So, rather surprisingly, they fired paint balls at first to try to disperse the violent thugs. When this didn't work they had little choice but to shoot to kill to defend their lives. One has to wonder, of course, how Turkey, or any other country for that matter, would react if the shoe was on the opposite foot. If, for example, boats were attempting to bring in supplies to a neighboring country that wanted to wipe you off the map.

The rallying banner for most of the anti-Israel media hype throughout the world has been "Free Gaza." Indeed. Gazans will lead much healthier, productive, and positive lives when they become free… from Hamas. Until that happens, Israel must do whatever it takes to defend itself and its citizens. The anti-Israeli sentiments fanned by the media, only serves to strengthen Hamas and other fanatic elements of Islam, who hold Gaza and much of the Arab world hostage.

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