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Rice proposes pension fund for 'retired' terrorists as part of 350 million dollar aid package for radical Islamists

'Sham' El Sheikh talks continue as Arabs demand terrorists release & Imams exhort Muslim to destroy Israel 'in the name of Allah'
February 8, 2005

MIM: Radical Islamists have already seen that terrorism will be rewarded by prisoner releases,more land and millions of dollars in US Aid . In a move which as Theo van Gogh would have said "makes on blink in disbelief", US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has proposed a $100 dollar month allowance to terrorists who 'agree to lay down their arms or find a another profession'. If the US had done some 'market research they would have seenthat the Saudi (and other Arab goverments) are giving $25,000 and new houses to suicide bombers and their families. It doesnt take an accountant to figure out which 'new profession' is the most lucrative.

Rice: $100 A Month To Terrorists "on Pension"

Friday, February 4, 2005

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has proposed a $100 monthly allowance to terrorists who agree to lay down their arms and retire or find another profession.

The money would be part of a $350 million package deal announced by U.S. President George Bush this past week. The Bush administration suggested that Congress consent to send $41 million immediately for an "immediate impact in support of democratic transition." Under Congressional rules, the money would go for specific projects, and not directly to the Palestinian Administration (PA).

Rice, about to pay her first visit to the Middle East in her new position as successor to Colin Powell, wants part of the money to go directly to "retired" terrorists. Speaking between visits to European countries, she proposed a pension fund for at least 1,000 terrorists.

President Bush's offer of $350 million came after American disappointment at assistance that Arab states have offered. The American aid is to be earmarked for new and modern border crossings, road and water infrastructure, and education and health programs.


More and more terminal patients are requesting active euthanasia

AEL = Arab European League


MIM: Terrorists warn terrorist release committee that they will launch attacks at will

Israel, PA Agree to Form Terrorist-Release Committee Sunday, February 6, 2005 / 27 Shevat 5765

The sensitive issue of releasing Arab terrorists will be decided by a joint committee. PA terrorist organizations warn that a compromise on the issue will result in a renewal of attacks on Israel.

The committee is to convene after the summit in Sharm a-Sheikh on Tuesday.

Israel has informed the PA that it would agree to release 500 terrorist prisoners as soon as an agreement is reached, and 400 more three months from now. The Palestinian Authority continues to demand that Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists, and even murderers, be included in these numbers. PA negotiators say that no ceasefire can be implemented until Israel agrees to this condition.

However, it all depends on President Moshe Katzav. No prisoners can be released before completing their sentence without a presidential pardon – and Katzav informed Prime Minister Sharon on Friday that he opposes giving it to terrorists who murdered Israelis. He says, though, that he will address each case on its own merits.

Opinions within the security cabinet on the release of terrorist murderers differ widely. Labor's Chaim Ramon is in favor, and Shimon Peres feels that Israel's long-standing position against the release is "outdated." Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz and IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Yaalon lean towards favoring the release, while Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu objects to the release of murderers. Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom says that the release of any Hamas prisoners at all will "damage our explanatory efforts abroad" to have Hamas outlawed as a terrorist organization. Prime Minister Sharon is said to favor the release of terrorists with blood on their hands, but only at a later date; at present, he sides with GSS head Avi Dichter's position against releasing murderers.

Sharon dispelled rumors today that the murderers of Tourism Minister Maj.-Gen. (res.) Rehavam (Gandhi) Ze'evi would be released. "That is not on the agenda," Sharon said.

"Israel's decision and criteria are not acceptable," said today Hisham Abdel Razek, who is responsible for the prisoners issue in the Palestinian Authority. "This position will not allow Abu Mazen to succeed in declaring a ceasefire... even in Israel there are security personnel who say that the long-time prisoners [i.e., those with blood on their hands – ed.] should be released. [To say otherwise] is a racist differentiation; we're in a conflict, not on soccer field, and there were sacrifices on both sides..."

Former Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer (Labor) told Army Radio this morning, "I hope that the committee will look positively at the release of prisoners with blood on hands... First, however, public opinion must be prepared; the problem today is to look at the parents in the eyes... This is a very sensitive issue, but I believe that in the end, it will happen."

The popular struggle against the release of terrorists is being led by the Almagor Terror Victims Association, which has led similar campaigns in the past. The families of terrorist victims demand to see the list of terrorists to be released – which has not yet been compiled – and to have it publicized.

President Moshe Katzav said he would be willing to approve the release of prisoners "with blood on their hands" only for humanitarian reasons, such as old age or bad health.

Abu Mazen is said to be interested specifically in three terrorists - aged 60 and up - who were imprisoned for murder before the signing of the Oslo Accords in September 1993. A total of 237 terrorists have been imprisoned since before the signing, and all but four have "blood on their hands."


PA Television: How to Destroy Israel Tuesday, February 8, 2005 / 29 Shevat 5765

Though he reiterated his promise at today's Sharm el-Sheikh ceremony, Abu Mazen's prior commitment to halt incitement to violence and hatred on official PA TV was already violated this past Friday.

In late January, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) toured PA Television studios, instructing the director to tone down incitement and programs heaping praise upon him. Last Friday, a particularly alarming sermon was aired on PA TV outlining the planned destruction of the Jewish State.

"The Palestinian Authority, in its Arabic messages to its people, has always denied Israel's right to exist and has often presented the peace process as a tactic leading to Israel's destruction," said PMW Director Itamar Marcus. "This goal was repeated Friday, on the Palestinian Authority television, in the official sermon."

The sermon, translated by PMW, was given by senior Islamic Imam Ibrahim Mudyris. The Imam explained that the limitation of the diplomatic process is that it can only conquer up to Israel's 1967 borders. He said that at a later stage the PA will achieve its goal of bringing about the complete destruction of Israel - the "return to the 1948 borders" and the towns of "Haifa, Jaffa, Lod, Ramla, Natanyah [Al-Zuhour] and Tel Aviv [Tel Al-Rabia]."

The following is the text of the Friday sermon, broadcast on official PA television on February 4, 2005:

Imam Ibrahim Mudyris:
"We do not love any land more than the land of Palestine. Had the Jews not expelled us from it with their planes, their tanks, their weapons, their treachery around us, we would never leave you, Oh Palestine. (Quotes Muhammad, who promised he would return to Mecca as a conqueror).

"We tell you Palestine, we shall return to you, by Allah's will, We shall return to every village, every town, and every grain of earth which was quenched by the blood of our grandparents and the sweat of our fathers and mothers. We shall return, we shall return. Our willingness to return to the 1967 borders does not mean that we have given up on the land of Palestine. No!

"We ask you: Do we have the right to the 1967 borders? We have the right. Therefore, we shall realize this right with any mean it takes. We might be able to use diplomacy in order to return to the 1967 borders, but we shall not be able to use diplomacy in order to return to the 1948 borders.

"No one on this earth recognizes [our right to] the 1948 borders [before Israel's existence]. Therefore, we shall return to the 1967 borders, but it does not mean that we have given up on Jerusalem and Haifa, Jaffa, Lod, Ramla, Natanyah [Al-Zuhour] and Tel Aviv [Tel Al-Rabia]. Never.

"We shall return to every village we had been expelled from, by Allah's will. Why? All the international laws deny the Palestinians their real borders. We might agree, but in the name of Allah, our grandfathers' blood demands that we return to them [the borders]. Your father's blood was shed there, at the villages, at Ashqelon, at Ashdod, at Hirbia [a village between Gaza and Ashqelon, where Kibbutz Zikim is located today] and at others places, hundreds of villages and towns. [Their blood] demands it from us, and it shall curse anyone who will concede a grain of earth of those villages.

"Our approval to return to the 1967 borders is not a concession for our other rights. No!... this generation might not achieve this stage, but generations will come, and the land of Palestine... will demand that the Palestinians will return the way Muhammad returned there - as a conqueror."


Buying Off Sharia?
By Robert Spencer | February 10, 2005

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice seems to have learned the lessons of English history — but not, unfortunately, those of Churchill or Pitt, but of an older, less lionized figure: Aethelred the Unready.

In the year 994, Aethelred began paying off Danish raiding parties rather than fighting them. These payoffs, known as danegeld, continued sporadically until 1012. As English schoolboys used to be able to tell you before their school hours were entirely given over to multicultural studies, the money didn't keep the raiders away, but only brought more. The English came to see that paying tribute was self-defeating: it weakened them while strengthening their enemies — effectively subsidizing their own demise. It was, as Lenin would put it much later, a case of selling their enemies the rope with which they themselves would be hanged.

If Condoleeza Rice gets her way, the world will learn this lesson anew. The new Secretary of State is reportedly pursuing a proposal to raise money for danegeld, er, that is, a pension fund for jihad terrorists who promise to stop murdering people. Israel National News states that Rice "has proposed a $100 monthly allowance to terrorists who agree to lay down their arms and retire or find another profession. The money would be part of a $350 million package deal announced by U.S. President George Bush this past week. The Bush administration suggested that Congress consent to send $41 million immediately for an ‘immediate impact in support of democratic transition.'… Rice, about to pay her first visit to the Middle East in her new position as successor to Colin Powell, wants part of the money to go directly to ‘retired' terrorists. Speaking between visits to European countries, she proposed a pension fund for at least 1,000 terrorists." The International Herald Tribune also spoke of plans for "retirement benefits for members of Palestinian militias."

Such plans, of course, are yet another indication of the dangers of misapprehending the nature of the present conflict. Rice is most likely proceeding from the widespread assumption that poverty causes terrorism, and thus a little cash in the wallet of a suicide bomber will persuade him to give life a second chance. Yet this idea has been proven false again and again. Study after study has shown that terrorists are generally better educated and wealthier than their more peaceful counterparts. Even the Saudi columnist columnist Muhammad Mahfouz, writing in the Saudi Gazette, noted recently (according to the Middle East Media Research Institute), that "some youths belonging to rich families and others who are well positioned in the state's civil service hierarchy are implicated in terrorist crimes. This [means] that financial and economic factors can not be associated with" terrorism. Likewise, research scientist Scott Atran has published in the New York Times findings that showed that suicide bombers were actually most often from educated and relatively affluent backgrounds.

Rice's analysis shows no awareness of this. She seems to subscribe instead to the view of Prince Talal bin Abdul-Aziz, the brother of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd, who recently — with blithe disregard of Osama bin Laden's millions — declared: "Unemployment creates one of the cornerstones of terrorism, and the poor who cannot get food on his table resorts to other means, which are involuntary human reactions." Ah — pensions, that will solve it.

I wonder if Rice will also consider pensions for the Saudis themselves, since they have, according to a new report from Freedom House, distributed tracts in American mosques that tell Muslims to "hate" non-Muslims "for their religion" and that those who leave Islam "should be killed because [they] have denied the Koran." Will she write a check for the American Muslims who believe that, as another Saudi-distributed piece has it, "it would be lawful for Muslims to spill [the] blood and to take [the] money" of Muslim homosexuals and adulterers? Will she subsidize those American mosques that are counseling their members not to become American citizens, but merely to take wealth and knowledge from the infidel and use it for the service of the umma?

No one who is committed to the jihad ideology will be dissuaded from his dreams of Sharia by a hundred dollars a month from Uncle Sam. Such an absurd idea would never have entered the minds of Rice or anyone at State if they had really examined and understood the motives and goals of the global jihadist movement. Or at least if they had grasped that once you pay the danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane.


By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff

February 6th, 2005

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is looking for fresh alternatives to get the Palestinian Arab terrorists to stop killing Israeli Jews, including paying them to go into "retirement."

Rice arrived in Israel Sunday for talks with Israeli and PA leaders, following a brief visit to Europe and Turkey.

According to Ynet, the New York Times reported last week that during her stopover in Europe Rice would ask the EU to provide finances for a special pension fund.

That fund would then be used to pay $100 a month to any "Palestinian" terrorist who willingly laid down his arms and promised not to kill any more Jews.

According to the terms of the US-backed Road Map, the PA is obligated to "disarm" and "dismantle" all terror groups and arrest their members.

PA leader Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly refused to take these steps, and has instead brokered a temporary halt to anti-Jewish terrorist attacks, while leaving the terrorist infrastructure intact.


500 Terrorists to be Released This Week Sunday, February 13, 2005 / 4 Adar 5765

A special ministerial committee approved this morning the release of 500 terrorist prisoners over the course of the coming week. None of them succeeded in having "blood on their hands."

The release was decided upon as a gesture to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen). A common theory in Israel is that Abu Mazen did not succeed in the past in reining in terrorism because Ariel Sharon denied him the "achievement" of having freed terrorist prisoners. As Sharon said in his speech at the Sharm a-Sheikh summit last week,
"I have no intention of missing this opportunity - because we must not let the new spirit, which grants our peoples hope, pass us by and leave us empty-handed. That is why we have acted quickly and with determination, with an understanding of the needs of the Palestinian side. Over the past few days, we reached a number of understandings with our Palestinian colleagues, which will enable us to grant both peoples tranquility and security for the near future..."

In addition, Israel will allow close to 70 exiled terrorists to return to their homes in Judea and Samaria. Most of them were exiled in May 2002 after they holed themselves up in a large Bethlehem church for over a month.

The 70 include some 50 who were exiled to Gaza, as well as a dozen who were expelled to various European countries, after the church standoff. Israel said it would not arrest them upon their return to the country - though according to some reports, not all of the European exiles would be necessarily allowed to return. Another 20 or so were sent to Gaza after they committed various terrorist crimes during the course of the Oslo War. They must all sign an agreement committing themselves not to return to their terrorist ways.

Thirty of the 500 prisoners were to have been released in the coming weeks in any event, but many of them have not yet completed even two-thirds of their sentences. Justice Minister Tzippy Livny, chairperson of the special ministerial committee on the prisoner releases, acknowledged that this violates the Cabinet guidelines formulated in July 2003, but said, "We decided to release some prisoners who have not yet completed two-thirds whose crimes are relatively less serious or who have little time left to sit, rather than others who have completed two-thirds but whose crimes were very serious or who have many years left in prison."

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) said, "Even as the government decides to release terrorists, some of whom will certainly return to their murderous activities against Jews, the police ask the court to extend the detention of six Jews from Gush Katif who protested against the continued mortar shell attacks. Yes, Arik is good for the Arabs [a take-off on Chabad's famous pro-Netanyahu campaign slogan in 1996, "Bibi is good for the Jews"].

Knesset Member Sha'ul Yahalom (National Religious Party) called the decision to reprieve the Bethlehem terrorists "irresponsible." The Almagor terror victim organization said it will try to prevent the move, which it said would cause a renewal of bloodshed.

Hamas spokesmen said last night they agree to refrain from attacking Israelis as long as the IDF does not carry out any anti-terror operations.

Israel has also promised to release another 400 prisoners three months from now, if the ceasefire continues. That would leave some 6,600 terrorist prisoners still incarcerated in Israel.

Prime Minister Sharon said last week that he promised Abu Mazen that terrorists with "blood on their hands" would be included in future releases if the Gaza withdrawal passes "quietly." President Moshe Katzav has said that he would not sign pardons for murderers, except for humanitarian reasons.

The IDF is set to withdraw from Jericho, in the Jordan Valley, today or tomorrow, and transfer control of the city to the PA security services. Another four cities – Ramallah, Kalkilye, Tul Karem and Bethlehem are similarly set to be given over in the coming days or weeks.

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