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Brit MP Sadiq Khan Ministers To Terror Suspect Babar Ahmad

October 13, 2009

Brit MP Sadiq Khan Ministers To Terror Suspect Babar Ahmad


October 13, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - - Sadiq Khan, the UK Minister of Transportation is currently traveling to Luxembourg to discuss new methods of screening for liquid explosives, a seemingly laudable activity given the creativeness displayed by the UK's indigenous terror community.

However minister Khan, also an MP from the Labour Party, is not your ordinary governmental official.

He is a friend, a lifelong friend actually, of Babar Ahmad who is currently in jail, fighting a U.S. request for extradition for his role in running terrorist websites and soliciting for jihad in Afghanistan and Chechnya.

Since the suspect's 2004 arrest he has done "constituent work," on behalf of Ahmad, even visiting him while in prison, where his conversations with the accused terrorist were bugged by state security, causing a high-dudgeon kerfuffle among the country's lefty press.

Media treatment of the matter by the Brits has been predictable, rather than express outrage and concern that the Transportation Minister was cavorting with a possible terrorist the British media concentrated on the questionable legality of the bugging.


In summary, Babar AHMAD, between 1998 and August 2004,1 with others and by himself, solicited and invited, through U.S.-based and operated websites and related electronic mail, or email, communications within and without the United States, persons in the United States and elsewhere to give or otherwise make available money and other property, including military items, intending that such support should be used in furtherance of acts of terrorism in Chechnya and Afghanistan. The acts of terrorism specifically involved violence against persons, including murder, and violence against property in those countries to achieve political, religious, and ideological ends by influencing governments or intimidating the public there. The criminal complaint alleges, among other things, that AHMAD provided assistance to, solicited support for, and coordinated with Chechnyan mujahideen and Taliban fighters battling U.S. troops in Afghanistan."

This case typifies the quandry that extreme multicultural societies find themselves in, their devotion to moral relativism is so all-encompassing that it drives them to ignore obvious societal threats - such as those posed by a Muslim MP who is overly friendly and solicitous of an extremely suspicious Muslim terror suspect - rather than taking the risk of being characterized as Islamophobic.

This mindset is key to practitioners of the stealth jihad, who have attempted [successfully in many cases] to criminalize the West's efforts to defend itself against the threat posed by Islamic fanaticism.

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