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Hezbollah Drug Ring Busted On Curacao, FInancial Home Of Nazi Collaborator And Obama Funder George Soros

April 30, 2009

Hezbollah Drug Ring Busted On Curacao, Financial Home Of Nazi Collaborator And Obama Funder George Soros


April 30, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - - Law enforcement officials on the island of Curacao have arrested 17 members of a suspected drug ring which has ties to the Lebanese based, Iranian backed proxy army, Hezbollah.

Four Lebanese were among the detainees.

About the groups associations, local prosecutor Ludmila Vicento stated, "We have been able to establish that this group has relations with international criminal organizations that have connections with the Hezbollah." [source,]

Curacao, the largest island in the Dutch Antilles has long been identified as the drug money laundering capital of the world. It also happens to be the headquarters of leftist/Obama financier George Soros' financial empire.

Soros, who collaborated with the Nazis in Hungary during World War II, is the premier funder behind America's hard left as the founder of the Open Society Institute.

He has reportedly contributed $5 billion to a blinding array of leftist groups, members of which are actively involved with the Obama administration.

According to Discover the Networks, Soros' reach is substantial, being responsible for funding the following groups.

"Soros and his foundations have had a hand in funding such noteworthy leftist organizations as the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy; the Tides Foundation; the Tides Center; the National Organization for Women; Feminist Majority; the American Civil Liberties Union; People for the American Way; Alliance for Justice; NARAL Pro-Choice America; America Coming Together; the Center for American Progress; Campaign for America's Future; Amnesty International; the Sentencing Project; the Center for Community Change; the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense and Educational Fund; Human Rights Watch; the Prison Moratorium Project; the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement; the National Lawyers Guild; the Center for Constitutional Rights; the Coalition for an International Criminal Court; The American Prospect;; Planned Parenthood; the Nation Institute; the Brennan Center for Justice; the Ms. Foundation for Women; the National Security Archive Fund; the Pacifica Foundation; Physicians for Human Rights; the Proteus Fund; the Public Citizen Foundation; the Urban Institute; the American Friends Service Committee; Catholics for a Free Choice; Human Rights First; the Independent Media Institute; MADRE; the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund; the Immigrant Legal Resource Center; the National Immigration Law Center; the National Immigration Forum; the National Council of La Raza; the American Immigration Law Foundation; the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee; and the Peace and Security Funders Group." [source,]

Soros has an unparalleled and long history of financial criminality.

For example in 1992 he intentionally destabilized the Bank of England and in 2002 he was convicted of insider trading by a French appeals court and was required to pay 2.2 million Euros in compensation.

"Billionaire investor George Soros was found guilty of insider trading by a French appeals court, upholding a 2002 conviction in a case that he's been fighting for 16 years...The court today confirmed an earlier order asking Soros to pay back his 2.2 million Euros ($2.9 million) in gains." [source,]

In March 2009, Soros was hit by a "record fine," because of his manipulation of the Hungarian financial market, "Hungary's financial supervisory watchdog announced Friday it had slapped a 1.6-million-euro fine on an investment fund founded by US billionaire George Soros, for manipulating the market. The PSzAF said it had fined Soros Fund Management LLC for transactions on the Budapest stock exchange on October 9 that led to a "significant loss in value" of Hungarian OTP bank stocks." [source,]

On October 7, 2008 a RICO, organized crime lawsuit was filed against Soros and others by New York attorney David H. Relkin, Esq., alleging that, "The RICO conspiracy and unlawful predicate acts of the defendants were to invest in, operate, and acquire control of various entities involved in continuing fraudulent transactions and surreptitious and conspiratorial alliances and agreements involving numerous parties whereby the Enterprise, assisted in part by conspirators, through unlawful means, including but not limited to Money Laundering, Bankruptcy Fraud, and Bid Rigging, acquired Conseco's prime assets, including Conseco Finance and the General Motors Building in New York City, and thereafter attempted to conceal their illicit activities." [source,]

Relkin is acting on behalf of Leslie Dick Worldwide [LDW], which is attempting to invalidate the 2003 title transfer of New York's GM building.

Leslie Dick Worldwide maintains that, "1) George Soros and the other defendants manipulated and rigged the bidding process so that Harry Macklowe would receive the GM Building, as a front for George Soros, the real owner of the building. 2) George Soros, Fortress Investment Group and others effectively took possession of Conseco Finance after providing Debtor in Possession Financing (DIP) to Conseco at the time Conseco filed for Bankruptcy in December 2002. 3) George Soros and his partners and front men took control of the then two major assets of Conseco, Inc. through the acquisition and control of Conseco Finance and the General Motors Building." [source,]

Additionally LDW maintains that, "It appears that defendants Harry Macklowe and George Soros would like to prevent Leslie Dick Worldwide from exercising their legal right of appeal. Recent news articles report that Harry Macklowe is trying to sell the GM Building, which is in default of a $900 and a $500 million equity loan by Fortress Investment Group (the same Soros partner and affiliate which acquired Conseco Finance)."

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