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CAIR Sex,Drugs and Profanity - Affad Shaikh of CAIR LA reveals his true self

March 7, 2009

CAIR Sex, Drugs and Profanity
By Joe Kaufman | Wednesday, March 04, 2009

CAIR-California's Affad Shaikh is a rebel Islamist. While he performs the normal extremist activities, like obsess over Israel, rail against American troops, and defend militant Islamic groups overseas, he also does many things that could be considered unbecoming of a CAIR leader, at least by CAIR's disjointed standards of conduct. Yet the group still keeps him on board. Could it be that CAIR has warmed to Shaikh's offensive disposition?

Affad Shaikh is the Civil Rights Coordinator of CAIR-Los Angeles, the main office of CAIR-California, one of the main offices of CAIR itself. Although, he has another role as well, which seems to take up more of his time, and that is as an internet blogger.

Since October 2005, Shaikh has posted his almost daily thoughts on a weblog he runs called This American Muslim and another blog he contributes to named Muslamics. When he was stopped with others at the US-Mexico border, suspected of plotting to murder President Bush , he blogged about it. When he wanted to express his anger about what he thought was the Pope's "extremism," he blogged about it. And when he felt the need to tell his fellow Muslims that they should end their full participation in interfaith gatherings with Jews, calling the gatherings a "façade," he blogged about that too.

These postings, of course, are little more than typical behavior for radical Muslims. Yet some of Shaikh's more recent writings can be seen as even too risqué for his jihadi colleagues.

The Muslim Sex Shop

On October 24, 2008, Shaikh wrote of his fondness of a blog which goes by the name Muslim Sex Shop. On his own blog, he stated, "Here I was cooking Macaroni [sic] Bashamel, for a friend, who wanted to get some of my good grubbing, when low and behold someone out in the cyber world sent over a link to the ‘Muslim Sex Shop.' This American Muslim highly recommends that you visit it."

When viewing Muslim Sex Shop, which Shaikh described as " a fascinating find ," he suggests to "keep an open mind." This is sound advice, when one considers the outrageous and perverted nature of the site. In the Sex Shop's ‘Muslim Jurists on Female Masturbation and Dildos. Who Knew?' a discussion is presented about how women are allowed to place certain foreign objects in their private areas. According to the site, these objects include tiny cucumbers, squash, and leather devices shaped like penises.

In its ‘Lustrous Companions,' about a Muslima's best friend's sex-starved aunt Maryam, the first paragraph of the piece begins with the line, "Do we get d**k in heaven?" Soon after, the story quotes the aunt, who is married, as saying to the narrator, regarding a young guy they had just met, "I'd f**k him in a Muslim minute."

Legalizing Prostitution and Drugs

On February 3, 2009, Shaikh discussed the possibility of legalizing prostitution and pot. He wrote, "Thinking creatively might for some mean legalizing some sin taxes – like Nevada, our brothel oriented neighbor – and even things like marijuana. If it works lets take a look at it seriously…"

Later, Shaikh described legalizing pot as a " GREAT idea " and wrote, "[I]t might be a worthwhile venture to explore legalization of marijuana." He said that he based the "notion from the facts gleaned from" a pro-legalization propaganda video. The video, entitled ‘The Shocking Truth!' instead of discussing the ill effects of drug use, sought to blame Presidents Nixon and Reagan for fighting the ‘drug war.'

Additionally, Shaikh lauded an article from a group called Campus Progress, which criticized gold medal Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps, who recently had a photo of himself smoking pot published in a British tabloid. The piece, which Shaikh characterized as a "decent editorial," didn't criticize Phelps for doing the drug; it criticized him for apologizing for doing it. The author said that, instead of the apology, he should have stated that he "enjoyed" the pot.

The "Crap Tasting" Cola

On February 8, 2009, Shaikh blogged about his experiences with certain popular beverages. He began his post stating, "When I was in college I got addicted to cola." This revelation is interesting, given the fact that he is in favor of legalizing drugs. He later confessed that "the addiction got to the point where cola would have no [sic] affect on me."

Shaikh then talked about his elation at his discovery (not literally) of the energy drink Red Bull. He wrote, "I then found the world of energy drinks! It was Red Bull all the way baby. The taste took time to get used [sic] too, but the kick was immediate."

However, he soon found a version of Red Bull – the new Red Bull Simply Cola mix – that didn't sit well with him. In fact, he hated it so much that he blasted the drink with a profanity-laden outburst. He wrote, " That crap tastes like crap … I think mixing cola and Red Bull yourself is a much better tasting concoction [sic] then the crap they are selling."

Affad Shaikh is undeniably a crude and colorful character. On the one hand, his terror-related associations make him a danger to society and at one time possibly the U.S. President himself. On the other, his profane nature makes him a threat to his own organization and how that organization is viewed by the public.

Given CAIR's goals of replacing the Constitution with the Quran and distancing America from her friends and allies abroad, the group needs to keep the public's trust and maintain positive PR. That is at least the case until CAIR is successful in achieving its goals. For now, though, Affad Shaikh has found himself unrestrained, as he continues to show another side of CAIR's image.

On his blog, Shaikh writes, "I don't know about a ‘moral mission.' I am more of the sort that believes in ‘morally being upright' and setting an example…" Question: What example is Shaikh setting? It must be one that only he could understand.

Joe Kaufman is the Chairman of Americans Against Hate, the founder of CAIR Watch, and the spokesman for Terror-Free Oil Initiative.

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