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House Of Reps Queries FBI Over Details Of Its Overdue Rejection Of CAIR

February 4, 2009

House Of Reps Queries FBI Over Details Of Its Overdue Rejection Of CAIR

February 4, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - - Virginia GOP Representative Frank Wolf is demanding answers from the FBI, asking them to provide information pertaining to the law enforcement organization's near clandestine rejection of any further ties with the Hamas friendly Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR], an unindicted co-conspirator in the recently and successfully concluded prosecution of Hamas terror funder, the Holy Land Foundation.

The FBI's long-term relationship with the terror friendly CAIR has been a point of constant concern among counter-terrorism researchers, mindful of the groups Islamist ideology, its support of Hamas and its key role in the Muslim Brotherhood's domestic stealth jihad.

Mr. Wolf voiced similar concerns to FOX News, "I've talked to CAIR people in the past. It was on a very casual basis - that's what caught my eye when I saw the FOX News report, because I think they're very active up here on Capitol Hill. I think it's something that we really have to look into." [source,]

Click here to view Mr. Wolf's letter to the FBI

As noted by PipeLineNews last week [see, FBI Rejects CAIR - Will No Longer Meet With Hamas Mouthpiece,]:

It was the FBI after all, which wire tapped the above referenced 1994 "Philadelphia meeting," a Hamas strategy session for all intents and purposes, and as a result had full knowledge of the degree to which CAIR and the Palestinian terrorist organization were linked and yet entered into these touchy-feely relationships with the group notwithstanding that in-depth understanding.

In the ensuing period of time, acting in full accord with the plan of internal subversion laid out by the Muslim Brotherhood [see, On the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America] to be used against the West, CAIR was allowed to use it relationship with the FBI as a means of establishing faux credibility and legitimacy which allowed it to work its way into other groups, buoyed by DOJ's imprimatur.

We believe that the FBI's [mirrored by other law enforcement organizations] poor judgment in the past regarding this matter has materially and negatively affected national security, as has its apparent current policy of backing out of these relationships with the terror friendly CAIR in secret and completely without fanfare.

From a certain perspective this is understandable; it certainly is embarrassing to have the nation' s top cops breaking bread with the enemy for so long, however it's another thing entirely to now attempt to paper over that mistake. What needs to happen here is that the FBI must - in a very public way - explain why CAIR is a tainted organization and undeserving of official recognition at any level."

We urge the FBI to make clear the reasoning behind its much appreciated but belated rejection of CAIR's brand of Islamism as soon as possible; as detailed in the above referenced article, "Until that happens, this sad saga is a long way from over."

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