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Mumbai Attacks, Once Again The Finger Points To Pakistan's ISI

November 28, 2008

Mumbai Attacks, Once Again The Finger Points To Pakistan's ISI


November 28, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - - Though responsibility for this week's terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India has been claimed by a previously unknown group, the Deccan/Indian Mujahideen, many experts detect the hand of Pakistan's terror riddled state security group, the ISI [Inter Services Intelligence] as the power behind the carnage.

There are long standing allegations that Pakistan has promulgated a campaign of terror against India for years, with the religious unrest in Kashmir serving as a key source of tension between the two countries.

As noted in a 2006 PipeLineNews story, Musharraf's Pakistan Express Going Off The Rails - India Charges ISI With Collusion In Mumbai Bombing

"In the space of less than a week Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has taken a huge public relations hit, facing allegations that he is soft on terror and either unwilling or unable to stop Pakistanis who are involved in supporting, planning and carrying out terrorist activities….On Thursday a British Defense Ministry report was leaked which claimed that Pakistan's intelligence agency [ISI] is aiding both the Taliban and al-Qaeda and suggested that it be disbanded…On Saturday Indian security officials revealed the most ominous aspect of this story, stating that Pakistan's ISI was responsible for the planning of the July 11 Mumbai commuter train terror bombing which killed over 200 and injured upwards of 700 people.

As the Times UK is reporting in its Sunday edition:

"We have solved the July 11 bombings case. The whole attack was planned by Pakistan's ISI and carried out by Lashkar-e-Toiba and their operatives in India," AN Roy, Mumbai's police chief, told a packed news conference."

The sophistication of the attacks and their choice of soft targets associated with Westerners indicates a degree of planning and coordination not commonly found in independent terror cells and the Deccan/Indian Mujahideen seems a concocted dodge to shield the terror masterminds from responsibility in this attack.

Even though investigations into the matter have just begun, evidence appears to indicate that the terrorists originated in Pakistan, travelling from the port of Karachi by boat to Mumbai and some eyewitnesses to the calamity report that terrorists with Pakistani surnames mentioned the unrest in Kashmir - an Indian, Pakistani flashpoint - as a motivating factor in the attacks.

So great is Indian suspicion that Pakistan has taken the unprecedented step of dispatching recently appointed ISI chief, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha to India to defuse the rapidly mounting tensions.

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