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Iraqi with wire magnet anal "stress reducer" who caused flight diversion in Philly will be deported on illegal weapons charges

March 18, 2007

MIM: Putting the Pyscho into analysis:

It appears that besides acute anger management problems caused by the existence of Jews and non Muslims some in the Muslim world are victims of ARS [ Anal Retentive Syndrome] which should have Westerners scurrying to find a way to ease this potentially deadly affliction.

Apparently Muslims were so busy inventing everything on the planet while waging jihad at the same time that they never got around to discovering pyschoanalysis or valium. One sociopathic Iraqi with an illegal weapon and domestic abuse charge to his name found a a novel way to release stress, using a magnet and wire combination in his rectum.

This as yet unpatented device set off the airport metal detectors.According to one news account he told screeners that the stone was from "another planet" Reports indicate that it could have been Uranus.

Another intriquing question is if he is related to Iraqi president Noori Al Maliki with whom he shares the same surname.

If so, this could prove even more awkward then those pesky attacks which always seem to take place by the forces of his ally Moqtadar Al Sadr whenever he assures the U.S. government he is cracking down on "insurgents".

The good news for Al Maliki is this:

"The activity, although strange, does not constitute a federal offense," FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said.

The 143 passengers whose travel plans were disrupted and were forced to leave their carry on baggage behind for screening when their plane was diverted after Al Maliki's luggage was discovered to be on board their flight will surely be relieved to know that.


Iraqi Immigrant To Be Deported After Plane Scare

(AP) PHILADELPHIA An Iraqi immigrant who prompted a security scare when he was found to have a suspicious device lodged in his body now faces deportation after immigration agents discovered two violent convictions in his past.

Immigration agents reviewing Fadhel Al-Maliki's case said they've found he had been convicted of domestic violence and possession of an illegal weapon, which violates the terms of his status as a permanent U.S. resident.

Al-Maliki triggered the alert during a screening at Los Angeles International Airport for a flight to Philadelphia. The F.B.I. said he told screeners about the device he was carrying, which he said he used to fight stress.

Officials said the device, which was in his rectum, had a wire and what may have been a magnet.

The find led to the diversion of a Philadelphia-bound jet carrying his checked luggage to Las Vegas.


Iraqi stopped at LAX in bizarre incident had priors
Man who had metal hidden in his body has domestic violence and weapon convictions. He could get deported.By Doug Irving

An Iraqi national stopped last week at Los Angeles International Airport with a metal object hidden inside his body now faces deportation after immigration agents discovered two violent convictions in his past.

Fadhel Al-Maliki, 35, is being held at a Terminal Island detention center on immigration offenses related to his prior arrests for domestic violence and a weapons violation. His case will go before an immigration judge, who could order him sent back to Iraq.

Al-Maliki drew a full bomb-squad response last week when he tried to pass through security at LAX with two objects in his rectum. He later told investigators he was using the objects to fight stress; they were described as a polished stone and a magnet or piece of metal covered in a puttylike substance and wrapped in a napkin.

The FBI found no reason to think Al-Maliki posed a threat, and no evidence of any links to terrorism. The agency turned him over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement because his green card documents had expired.

"The activity, although strange, does not constitute a federal offense," FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said.

But immigration agents reviewing Al-Maliki's case found that he had been convicted in the past for domestic violence and for possession of an illegal weapon, said Lori Haley, a spokeswoman for the immigration agency. Those convictions violate the terms of his status as a permanent U.S. resident and make him subject to deportation, she said.

She had no further details about those earlier convictions, such as when or where they happened. Police in Atlantic City, N.J., where Al-Maliki lives, said they have no record of arresting him; his name also does not appear in a register of New Jersey state prison inmates.

But a newspaper account from 2003 indicates that a man named Fadhel Al-Maliki was arrested near a train station in Atlantic City after he was spotted hiding in some bushes. He was carrying a 9-inch knife, according to the report, and transit police booked him on charges of trespassing and possessing a weapon.

An immigration judge will decide whether Al-Maliki should be deported, and to where. Deportees are usually returned to their countries of origin, but the situation in Iraq might make it difficult to get Al-Maliki the travel documents he needs. He could be sent to another country because of that, Haley said.

The judge also could order Al-Maliki to undergo a mental examination.

Haley did not know when the deportation proceedings would begin. "Sometimes, they take a little time," she said.

Al-Maliki came to the United States in the mid-1990s and had lived in Atlantic City as a permanent U.S. resident. He was returning to Philadelphia on March 6 after a one-day visit in Los Angeles when he was stopped at LAX.

A security screener had pulled him aside for extra screening, and noticed that the metal-detector wand kept going off as it passed his midsection. Al-Maliki immediately acknowledged that he had objects inside his body that would set off the metal detector, federal agents said.

The Los Angeles Police Department's bomb squad responded but declared the objects nonthreatening. Nonetheless, the US Airways flight that Al-Maliki had planned to take was diverted to Las Vegas after it took off, and its 143 passengers were rescreened as a precaution.

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