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A vote for Chaka Fattah helps cop killer Abu Mumia Jamal -Mayoral candidate tied to Islamist Arab backers and black nationalist movement

November 19, 2006

MIM:Mayor candidate Chaka Fattah has used his congressional position to help free cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal. A vote for him as mayor means he will use his position to advocate for Mumia. At a September 6th 'Town Hall Meeting' in Philly to 'free Mumia' the French politicians and officials of the Paris suburb of St.Denis were honored by his supporters in the United States for naming a street after him. The representative of the 59th Ward Peter Wirs are suing the municipality of Paris-St.Denis which imposes a penalty on anyone who "publicly glorifies the perpetrator of a crime". The Islamist left alliance has come out in full force with the ironically named French communist newspaper L'Humanite calling the lawsuit "a provocation" and supporters are said to be planning to burn Wirs in effigy.

Chaka Fattah's support for Mumia is not surprising. His family runs a gang member 'halfway house' called The House of Umoja' whose rehabilitation techniques are based on the teachings of Maulana Karenga a convicted felon. Fattah's mother, Queen Mother Falaka Fattah was one of the founders of the Black Nationalist/Black Power movement and participated in a meeting in Philly together with jailed cop killer H Rap Brown aka Jamal Al Amin.

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November 19, 2006

Then at 6:30 join us for a work oriented town meeting to strengthen the international struggle for Mumia and all political prisoners.


The Delegation from France includes: Patrick Braouezec, Representative of the French National Assembly, Julia Wright, ICFFMAJ spokesperson in France and daughter of acclaimed author Richard Wright and Rafael Barontini, Coordinator of the Mumia Committe of Saint-Denis. Speakers will include the above as well as Death Row exonoree Harold Wilson,
Attorney Michael Coard, Tonya McCleary and others.


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  • 59th Republican Ward Sues The French For Honoring Mumia Abu-Jamal By: William Mulgrew, The Evening Bulletin 11/16/2006

    The 59th Republican Ward Executive Committee of Philadelphia, representing the Germantown area, retained a French attorney and filed criminal charges against the French cities of Paris and Saint-Denis last Thursday in connection to the case of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Paris awarded Abu-Jamal honorary citizenship in 2001 and Saint-Denis, a suburb near Paris, named a street after him this year.
    Ward Chairman Peter Wirs allege that these actions violate Article 28, Section 2 of the French Penal Code, which impose a five year imprisonment and fine of 45,000 to anyone who publicly "have glorified the perpetration of a crime" such as murder.
    "All the other politicians were talking the talk, but not getting anything done. I'm from the old school. I'm gonna walk the walk and get this resolved," Wirs said
    Last May, Pennsylvania Reps. Michael Fitzpatrick and Allyson Schwartz introduced resolutions in the U.S. House of Representatives condemning Saint-Denis. Sen. Rick Santorum introduced the same resolution in the Senate. Both resolutions were referred to committee, but no further action has occurred.
    "Resolutions aren't worth the paper they're written on. Filling a lawsuit - now that gets everyone's attention," Wirs said.
    The French Communist Party denounced the 59th Republican Ward Executive Committee in their newspaper, L'Humanite, calling the lawsuit a "provocation" that would not dissuade the socialist elected officials of Saint-Denis or cause them to "change their mind since they are defending the values of democracy, the struggle against the death penalty and are willing to act so that there is no more political prisoners in the USA."
    "This is just a fundraising gimmick for them. They keep telling supporters that he's gonna die at any moment. He's not even on death row," Wirs added, noting District Judge William Yohn's 2001 decision overturning Abu-Jamal's death sentence, but not his conviction.
    Wirs said French journalists gave him unconfirmed reports that the French Communist Party intends to burn him in effigy at an upcoming rally.
    Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted for shooting police office Daniel Faulkner on Dec. 9, 1981 at a traffic stop at 12th and Locust streets in Philadelphia.
    Wirs said that after 25 years, justice is required to be served and the Faulkner family deserves closure.

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    For Immediate Release
    Thursday, October 13, 1999


    WASHINGTON, DC -- Justice can only be served through a new trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal, concluded Congressmen Chaka Fattah and John Conyers, speaking on behalf of the entire 38 Member Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). Congressman Fattah, a Philadelphia Democrat, has been closely monitoring the Abu-Jamal case for almost two decades and has concluded that a new trial is necessary in order to carry out Abu-Jamal's constitutional right to due process. Congressman Conyers, the leading Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, agrees.

    Even as Governor Tom Ridge (R-PA) signs Mumia Abu-Jamal's death warrant, there are still many issues that have not been resolved. Abu-Jamal, an African-American journalist from Philadelphia known for his reporting of police brutality during the 1970's and 80's, was sentenced to death in 1982, for the murder of a white police officer. Testimony of eyewitnesses was suppressed, a witness was bribed to testify against Abu-Jamal, ballistics evidence did not match the circumstances of the case, there is no physical evidence linking Abu-Jamal to the crime, and tests which could have been done to prove his guilt or innocence were not ordered. At the trial, Abu-Jamal, a powerful orator, was denied the right to represent himself and even denied the right to confront his accuser. The judge used his insistence on his right to represent himself as an excuse to remove him from the trial. No audio transmission of the trial was provided, therefore, Abu-Jamal was unable to hear most of the prosecution's case.

    There are many reasons for the CBC's reservations in the Abu-Jamal case. Even if he were guilty, there should be a more solid assurance of fact before he is put to death. If he is innocent, putting him to death on the basis of the current evidence makes the government guilty of the very thing for which it is accusing Abu-Jamal.

    "The only thing we know for sure is that he has not been given due process and that alone is enough for a new trial," said Congressman Fattah.


    Briefing Paper Mumia Abu-Jamal

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    Who Is Calling for Justice for Jamal Numerous statements and full-page adds have appeared on the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal. Among those who have questioned his conviction or publicly opposed his execution are: African National Congress Amnesty International Maya Angelou Ed Asner Julian Bond Reverend Dr. Joan Campbell Rep. John Conyers, Jr. Angela Davis Ossie Davis Rep. Ron Dellums Jacques Derrida E.L. Doctorow The European Parliament Rep. Chaka Fatah Mike Farrell Henry Louis Gates Stephen Jay Gould Bishop Thomas Gumbleton State Rep. Vincent Hughes Int'l. Parliament of Writers Rev. Jesse Jackson Coretta Scott King Barbara Kingsolver Jonathan Kozol Rep. Cynthia McKinney Danielle Mitterrand Toni Morrison National Black Police Association National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty National Lawyers Guild Helen Prejean, C.S.J. Rep. Charles Rangel Salman Rushdie Susan Sarandon Rev. Al Sharpton Gloria Steinem Wole Soyinka Archbishop Desmond Tutu Alice Walker John Edgar Wideman Elie Wiesel Howard Zinn

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