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Thanksgiving/Ramadan in Hernando an exercise in Islamism not altruism -CAIR preys on the vulnerable for converts

November 14, 2006

November 13, 2006

MIM: Mohamed Abdel Eldin and local Islamists are trying to coopt the traditional American holiday of Thanksgiving and prove to Americans that they are living in the United States of Allah. (In Hernando County it seems). His Islamist propagation efforts were unintentionally aided and abetted by Publix. The United Way has a history of helping Islamist groups under the guise of multiculturalism, so this appears to be another of their liberal and misguided use of donors money to help the spread of Wahhabist Islam under the guise of a 'Ramadan/Thanksgiving', spreading the message that if all Americans would convert to Islam they could have their Al Turki and eat it too.

We wanted a nice
gesture from fellow American Muslims to show that they do love their
citizens and they do know what hunger feels like, especially during

MIM: Eldin brazenly admits that he exploited the attacks on 9/11 to launch the jihad through da'wa Thanksgiving Ramadan basket idea, and CAIR jumped on the bandwagon with Saudi funding and blessing.

Adel Eldin claims 'he never expected that American and Muslim traditions could
mesh so well'. He and the Muslim community in Hernando also gave thousands of dollars to politicians which could explain why the terror linked Islamist doctors and Hernando Board of County Commissioners and Chamber of Commerce have 'meshed so well'.

The Muslim most local politicians are familiar with is Adel Eldin, a cardiologist who gave more than $10,000 to candidates in 2002. He continues to build friendships with Republicans even as many Arab-Americans are abandoning the GOP.

Eldin says he wants to work within the system.

"Everybody is a lobbyist," he said. "I want to be a Muslim lobbyist."

MIM:Muslims like Eldin live in with the idea that it is only a question of time when infidels in Hernando and elsewhere will see the 'truth' and convert to Islam, and that it is the duty of all Muslims to convert non Muslims.

. The former head of CAIR Omar Ahmad declared that "Islam is meant to be the dominant religion in the United States".

The Thanksgiving Eldin is referring to means giving thanks to Allah, which is why he is emphasizing that the baskets for the needy are for Ramadan/Thanksgiving.

The aim is to bring them to vulnerable needy people who will be suseptible to anyone who bestows attention on them, while explaining that they should be giving thanks to the Allah and that Thanksgiving is really the same as Ramadan.

The Spring Hill cardiologist first thought to link Thanksgiving with
Ramadan when the American holiday started coinciding with the Muslim holy
season for the first time in many years - a few months after the terrorist
attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.
"We thought, how could we make that Thanksgiving really special," said
Eldin, 42, who organized Ramadan-Thanksgiving food baskets for Hernando
County's needy, a program that is now in its fourth year.

Eid Al-Fitr is the day of Thanksgiving to Allah:

Eid Al-Fitr

From Turkey to Al Turki - Thanksgiving to become Muslim American Heritage Day in the United States of Allah?

November 28, 2005

MIM: The commentators on Alt Muslim could not contain their glee at the idea of the new Islamic version of Thanksgiving. The original picture with the turkey adorned with a 'halal' certification sticker and crescent has been removed MIM has included this picture instead. For the sake of accuracy we should point out that the Muslims celebrating below are Shi'as not Sunnis, and that Hernando City Commissioner Hogan's wife's characterisation of Islam as "a frightening religion" is in the eye of the

"...Our collective identity as Muslims in this land needs to establish a positive and recognizable form that truly represents Islam and is culturally American. The emergence of American Muslim cultural norms is all we have to pass on the next generation..."

"...Islam is a universal religion for all time and the core values and principles are manifested via different nations, languages and cultural settings. If you decide to make your role as God's vicegerent on earth in the USA, then it is axiomatic to culturally progress American holidays and social customs closer to the divine teachings of Allah..."

MIM: A message to the participants in a CAIR affilitated program to feed the homeless in downtown Miami openly states their real agenda is Islamism not altruism.

"Thanks to all who met yesterday.

Here are some of the issues that were discussed and the directions we plan to take God-willing.

Elhamdllah we have been growing steadily and this project continues to have the potential to be something really powerful! Do not look at it as just some people feeding homeless, their are endless things we can incorporate and grow into. And really change Islam in America through this humble endeavor.

Just think about it..."

Message to participants in the Project Downtown/CAIR da'wa campaign"


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - CAIR Using Free Meals To Lure Homeless Into Conversion

By Beila Rabinowitz

August 7, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - - "Why did you invite a bigot to speak at your August 2nd meeting?"

Thus began the belligerent email from Samir Kakli to Florida's Broward County Young Republicans.

Kakli was referring to Reverend O'Neil Dozier, head of the Worldwide Christian Center, who had galvanized local residents into protesting the building of a mosque in their predominantly black Christian neighborhood, alleging that they "will try to convert our youth" and hoping "to make such a fuss that the Muslims pack up."

Kakli along with Altaf Ali - director of the Florida chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations - were furious at having their plan to create yet another "area for Allah" in South Florida challenged. However, their mini-jihad of personal vilification against Reverend Dozier bore fruit when Florida's clueless governor Jeb Bush forced him to resign from a state judicial selection commission.

This da'wa campaign is not limited to building mosques and Islamic centers, as CAIR's "Faith in Action" program is partnering with Kakli's "Project Downtown" creating what they are calling "altruism for Allah," designed to bring the words of the "prophet" to the homeless, hungry and downtrodden - luring them with food and recycled clothing and of course free copies of the Quran.

The spoon-fed nature of the propaganda offered to the homeless is transparent.

At a 2004 homeless feed-in organized by CAIR, Imam Rafiq Mahdi hectored the potential converts to "stand up when they hear blanket condemnation of tell people that Muslims helped to feed them," adding "we want you to know that Muslims are not your enemy...Muslims are not out to hurt you...Muslims are not out to blow you up."

That Mahdi felt the need to make the bizarre assertion that the diners were "not being fattened up for the kill" suggests exactly the opposite, if only metaphorically.

Last month CAIR received $50 million from the UAE to be used as seed money to "improve the image of Islam." Flowing directly from this Wahhabist stipend, CAIR's efforts at Muslim volunteerism is a brazen ploy to gain access to society's most vulnerable and then leveraging that opportunity into a full court press for conversion.

Additionally, Kakli and CAIR are also turning to the Miami Dade taxpayers, in the hopes of augmenting the already generous contributions of their Saudi and UAE masters.

The American Asian Advisory Board [AAAB] - part of Florida's Dade County Community Relations program and headed by Mohamed Shakir - is also being looked to as a source for funding for these same Muslim programs, so what might at first glance seem to be laudable humanitarian efforts such as feeding and clothing of the homeless are in actuality cloaks for the Muslim conversion agenda.

Shakir also sits on the board of several Florida based Islamist organizations and institutions which are linked to individuals and groups with terrorist ties and his willingness to involve the AAAB with CAIR and Kakli's projects warrants further scrutiny.

Shakir and fellow board member Asad Ishoof are also on the board of directors of the radical Islamist Nur Ul Islam Academy.

A gentleman by the name of Raed Awad also sat on this board.

Awad is the former Imam of Masjid Al Imam who fled Florida after being accused of fundraising for both the Benevolence Foundation as well as the Holyland Foundation - phony charities which channeled funds to Hamas and al-Qaeda.

Raed Awad is a rather notorious fellow as he is believed to be the Imam who converted dirty bomber wannabe Jose Padilla and then conducted fundraising efforts in his mosque to pay for Padilla's journey to Egypt where he hooked up with al-Qaeda.

The direct linking of a questionable religious institution intent upon promoting an Islamist agenda with the Miami Dade Asian American Advisory Board - a governmental institution, screams not only conflict of interest but raises important First Amendment considerations. The shadowy alliance between Shakir, Ishoof, AAAB and CAIR reads more like a conspiracy than a chance occurrence, smacking of influence peddling and abuse of power.

We strongly believe that these actions are in no way supportive of AAAB's charter, which is to "serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners, the County Administration, the community and all agencies and persons in Miami Dade County, Florida...with respect to matters pertaining to the Asian community of Miami - Dade County."

Moreover AAAB now appears to have been used as a front for radical Islamists, with the taxpayers footing the bill.

We urge that Shakir and Ishoof be removed from the AAAB pending a thorough and immediate investigation into this apparent and serious ethical breach.


MIM: A question on whether Muslims could celebrate Thanksgiving was answered by one of the scholars of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of North America who cautioned against any comraderie with 'unbelievers' (except for the purpose of converting them).

From historical evidence which denotes consensus that Jews, Christians and Magis are still living in Muslim countries: the Jews in Yemen, Christians in Najran, and Persians in Bahrain, and at the time of the Muslim Salfis (those who followed after the companions), none of them shared with them anything in their feasts, and if they did not follow the prophet`s warning, there would have been many participations in this, but fortunately, this did not happen.

Allah says: "Let not the believers take for friends or helpers unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from God: except by way of precaution, that ye may guard yourselves from them. but God cautions you (to remember) himself; for the final goal is to God", (Quran, 3: 28).


Dear Honorable Professor Dr. Salah ASl-Sawi;

In the Name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

Peace, blessings and mercy of Allah be upon you.

Would you kindly counsel us about gatherings or meetings that Muslims hold on Thanksgiving Day on last Thursday of November every year. There are different groups of people:

1- Those who come along with a turkey;

2- Those who come without a turkey on the pretext that it is a holiday, though such holiday consists of many days, and coming together could be on any other day. Some of these people are religious and others are common.

Most of people say it is a non-religious occasion, though I browsed the internet to know what is said, and I found that many Christian sites consider it as a religious occasion, and some say it goes back to Moses` Passover the Red Sea. Later, it went on whenever a great occasion happens for Christians since Christ`s time, taking evidence from Old & New Testaments. All these sites also say that it became an official day since immigrants came to America in 1621 when they suffered from shortage of food, then food came to them from where they do not expect, and therefore they made prayers and supplications on that day every year, then it stopped and came back after defeating the British in 1777, then it has become a public day recently and a certain supplication was formulated which should be mentioned before eating.

Also, is it permissible for a religious man to attend such gatherings even other foods than turkeys are served, so as nobody would be angry, or is it better to advise people in order to avoid attending it?


In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

Praise be to Allah, prayers and peace be upon His kind Messenger, his family members, companions and followers.

The basis in feasts is that they are part of Shari`ah rulings and rites, such as the Quibla (direction and orientation towards Makkah), praying, fasting, etc, and Allah has made for every nation its own rulings and ways of life, where He says: "To every people have We appointed rites and ceremonies which they must follow: let them not then dispute which thee on the matter, but do thou invite (them) to thy Lord: for thou art assuredly on the right way.", (Quran, 22:77); and says: "to each among you have we prescribed a law and an open way.", (Quran, 5:48). Allah has made it a special feature for the Muslim Ummah to celebrate the Day of Breakfast and the Day of Sacrifice every year, and Friday every week. Muslims should abide by this, as it is stated by the following evidences:

Finally, we must refer to the various ways of celebrations that non-Muslims do in their feasts: some ways are clear atheism; some are prohibited; and some are permissible if they are excluded from the corruption of imitation and distinction between this and that, which would be difficult for the common people to comprehend. Imitation, if not clearly explained by Shari`ah scholars, the common people would fall in what is prohibited, then it would be necessary to avoid approving of it altogether, though some of its elements are permissible with taking into consideration that it should be void of the intention of imitation, and that is for avoiding illusion and dressing.

It remains, after this general exposition, to have a close look into the features of such celebrations:

Thus, people of religion, especially Shari`ah oriented people, must avoid attending such occasions altogether, and they should inform other common Muslims to avoid it on the pretext of mutual sharing, because the corruption of illusion and dressing on common people is more grave than any other expected interest or benefit.

There is no problem in buying turkeys in these days; because they are available and very cheap and save them for some other time, far away from their occasion. Allah knows best.

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