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London police surrender to Islamists - Part II

October 6, 2006

London Police Surrender To The Islamists, Part II

By Beila Rabinowitz & William A. Mayer

October 5, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - - In a September 30 piece London Police Surrender To The Islamists we noted with alarm the London Metropolitan Police Department's headlong rush into a multicultural experiment which has resulted in placing armed Muslims of questionable loyalty on the force.

Unfortunately this effort is already yielding exactly what we had predicted, a policing strategy subservient to the Islamist sub current operative and in ascension within the UK [specifically the decision to submit plans for future terror raids to a Muslim review board] and a force therefore which contains elements who are uncommitted to Western values.

It is not surprising in the least that a member of the Metropolitan Police's Diplomatic Protection Group, Alexander Omar Basha, has now refused to serve on the unit currently guarding London's Israeli Embassy.

Basha is reported to have made his decision based upon his Islamist sympathies, as a protest:

"against the objected to the Israeli bombing campaign against Hizbullah in south Lebanon that caused the deaths of over a 1,000 Muslims." - Muslim police officer excused Israel guard duty, Telegraph UK, October 5, 2006

It is also noted that Basha had participated in "anti-war" demonstrations.

What we see here is a slice of Europe's future if the current atmosphere of moral relativism is not diminished - a police force infiltrated by Islamists, supporters of Hezbollah, harboring religiously based hatred towards the society they live in, armed by the state with Heckler & Koch MP5s and with full authority to use them.

Attempting to defuse the controversy over such a serious breach in security, Dal Babu, spokesman for London's Muslim police union, the Association of Muslim Police intimated that Basha had a right to be perturbed over Israeli action in the Lebanese conflict because it impacted members of his family who are Lebanese:

"This is an issue around the welfare of a particular officer..."

However a former commander of the Flying Squad - John O'Connor - had an entirely different take on the matter, calling the Basha affair:

"the beginning of the end for British policing...The Metropolitan Police are setting a precedent they will come to bitterly regret. Top brass granted his wish, as they were probably frightened of being accused of racism. But what they've done is an insult to the Jewish community."

This is far more serious than an insult to a religious community.

It represents a growing and unchecked threat to the UK's non-Muslim population as well as constituting a process that ultimately will destroy public order and possibly result in police officers finding themselves under physical attack from their "brothers" within the force.

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